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LV (Louis Vuitton) Damier Azur speedy 30 review

Updated on January 1, 2012

For all handbag lovers, Louis Vuitton is a familiar brand that is known for their great quality. Within Louis Vuitton brand, there is a particular type of handbag called the speedy that is known as their classic design. Many get the speedy as their first handbag from Louis Vuitton. This bag will often last for years and remain in fashion forever. This hub is a review about the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur speedy 30.

Unlike trendy handbags that designers release at the start of every season, the speedy Damier Azur 30 is never out of date. You can choose to wear this handbag whenever it's hot or with light colored clothing. Your Damier Azur 30 will be appropriate because it is always in style. Lots of other girls will give envious looks to your speedy.

Who should get this handbag? Due to the light colors, it is more suitable for women that are younger. It can be used by all women under the age of 40. However, older women (>40) should stay away from this particular color. The Azur comes in three different sizes, 25, 30 and 35 cm. The Azur 25 is very small and suitable for a petite woman. The Azur 30 is the most versatile and tend to flatter most body types. The 35 is huge and should be carried by a very tall woman (>5'10''). Overall, handbags should be proportional to the person carrying it.

What seasons / outfits go with this handbag? The Damier Azur speedy 30 is really a spring / summer handbag due to its light colors. This bag is fabulous with all light colored outfits. You can wear a causal short sleeve tee, a pair of khaki colored shorts and complete the outfit with a pair of leather sandals. When you add this handbag to the outfit, you will look causal yet put together.

When the Azur gets dirty and old... Due to the light colors of the bag and handles, it is possible to get the Azur dirty. The bag itself can be cleaned with a baby wipe. However, the light Louis Vuitton handles will get dark over time. When you first purchase the Azur speedy 30, the handles are nude. With some use, it will darken to a honey brown color. That is still very cute on the Azur but some people are not okay with the darkened leather. Sometimes, the patina is not even on the handles with the top the handle being much darker than the rest. This can happen easily with the oils on your hand. If you have a problem with the dark handles, you should not get any Louis Vuitton handbags with the light leather trims. Other women think it is gorgeous and show that your Louis Vuitton handbag is being loved. It really depends on personal preference.

If you are seeking recognition, the LV speedy Azur 30 is known by almost all handbag lovers. Those that are not familiar with brands and Louis Vuitton will not immediately recognize this bag. When you want to make a flashy entrance, the monogram print is the best.

Is the speedy Azur 30 big enough for me? This handbag is big, it will fit a lot of stuff. You can easily pack all your essentials plus more. I wouldn't recommend the speedy 35 because it is just way too big. For petite girls, even the 30cm might be too big. Due to its light colors, it will appear even bigger than it actually is. I recommend that all women under 5'3'' to stick with the Azur 25 instead.

Will the dye on my pants transfer? I have heard about this problem from many people that owns the LV Azur speedy. My friend didn't have this problem so far and I would recommend keeping this handbag away from dark jeans. Furthermore, this handbag looks best with light colored clothing anyway. I would not take the risk and let it near any dark dyes.


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    • profile image

      fabiana saccarola 4 years ago

      speedy 40 lv

    • profile image

      Kittyoshea 4 years ago

      Count me in as agreeing with Kat and Maddie, reviewer sounds like an ignorant brat

    • profile image

      maddie720 4 years ago

      Dittos here...I am 55 and also rock my Azur!!

    • profile image

      Kat 4 years ago

      nice review however I am highly insulted about the statement saying women older than 40 shod not carry this bag. I am 50 and rock my bag thank you I am sharp fashionable and a lover of many designers. I'm wondering why u made this statement??