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Baby Backpacks with Harness

Updated on February 15, 2013

I Once Was Very Against Using A Child Harness with a Leash

When I first saw the baby backpack with harness or as I like to say child leash I really was a little distraught over it. To me it was like someone was walking their kid like a dog. But when my little boy became very mobile I looked into ways to keep him safer when out walking my other boys to school or in the shopping mall. He did not like to be in the stroller or hold my hand all the time, I was about to give up and just stay home all the time for fear of him getting hurt.

My child's Doctor recommended for me to use a child harness with a backpack. She expressed to me that since he already likes backpacks to get one that has a child's harness with a leash on it. I guess I was worried about the idea of putting my child on a leash, although the Doctor referred to it as in some instances as important as a child's car seat. She said if your in a car you would have him in a car seat, so if your in a busy area and he does not want to be in a stroller or hold hands put him on the child safety leash. Reluctantly, I tried it and thankfully my youngest son thought it was the greatest thing. With a little practice it was just what was needed.

Featured image: Puppy Backpack Harness

Using Baby Backpacks with Harness Safely
Using Baby Backpacks with Harness Safely

Use Baby Backpacks With A Harness Safely

I no longer cringe at the child harnesses but I do not see them as something to put your child in and let them go.

It is meant to be a extra safety precaution not just so you can let them walk with you without paying attention.

It gave him a little freedom of walking a few steps away from me like he liked but did not let him go to far. So overall my mind was ultimately changed.

Child Safety Harness Puppy Backpack - Baby Backpacks With Harness

My son loved his doggie backpack. He thought I was walking the dog and he was giving it a ride on the bag. As he was about to get a little to old for it, he gave me the dog and he kept a hold of the "leash"(around age 4). This method did not work so much for safety but did give him a more visual guidance on just how far he should be from me when walking in a store.

Child Safety Harness Monkey - Baby Backpacks With Harness

Animal Plant Baby Backpack with Safety Harness, Monkey
Animal Plant Baby Backpack with Safety Harness, Monkey

Chunky monkey with attitude. Not the regular monkey baby backpack you may see all the time. This little monkey is cuddly and comfy to wear. Backpack is easy to wash and made to hold up to even the most active toddler.


Big Boy Toddler Backpack With Harness - Toddler Backpack Harness

My son preferred the dog, but there are so many other cute backpacks out there with a harness that would also be great for toddlers that need that just do not want to hold hands while walking. I really like the Eddie Bauer Backpack Harness that looks like a baby hiking bag. My son probably would of liked it because it would of looked like something the "big boys" had.

Child Safety Harness Lion Backpack - Baby and Toddler Backpack Harness

Extra plush animal planet child harness backpacks get my vote when looking for a bag with extra strength and lots of room for a child's treasured thing. Below is the the lion child's backpack harness. Also available is a child's animal safety harness in a White Tiger, elephant, giraffe, bear, leopard, monkey and pink pig.

Child Safety Harness Frog Backpack - Small Baby Backpacks With Harness

This is a smaller baby backpack with harness compared to the ones above. If you rather just a have a bag that is big enough for a small snack and a small toy this would be a great option. The frog s adorable and machine washable, this can also be small enogh to carrry around in a purse to keep in case you need it later.

What Other Moms Think About Child Harnesses and Child Safety Leashes

I really enjoyed these videos of the women talking about their experience with child safety harness and why they used them. As a mother with a child that wonders a lot like the moms in the videos below I agree with a lot of what they say.

What Do You Think?

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    • Thomo85 profile image

      Thomo85 5 years ago

      I wouldn't hesitate to use one of these, I see them as a safety tether.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      You need to do whatever it takes to keep your child safe nowadays. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks! Too many children are lost and taken by strangers. I think these backpacks are terrific!