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Bag Balm for Humans

Updated on July 14, 2010

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Bag Balm is an ointment which was orignall developed back in 1899 to soothe the cow’s udders after they were milked. Although it was meant to be used for animals, people have found many uses for it over time. The most common use of Bag Balm for humans is when their skin is chapped or irritated. You can just about find it for sale anywhere including in many drugstores online and offline. Other uses for it include lubrication of squeaky mechanical parts, diaper rashes, sun burns, and bed sores.

Since the product is supposed to be used for animals, you’d expect to find it in the pets section of many stores, but many online retailers sell it in the beauty department. It is quite similar to Vaseline but it is thicker and won’t fall off as easily. There are literally so many uses for Bag Balm for humans that it would be hard to list them all. When people burn their skin, they apply the Bag Balm and it gives a soothing feel. Women have also used it as a moisturizer. Over the more than 100 years that it has been used, few people have complained about the uses of the product.

Bag Balm for humans still come in the same green that was used back in the early 20th century. Not much as changed since that time. You can go online and buy a 10 ounce can for less than 10 dollars. This is a great product to keep around your house for anytime you insure yourself or just need something to be lubed. Bag Balm for humans can be a real life saver. Be sure you review the seller before you throw down some money for a can. The seller should be reputable with few complaints. No point in wasting money and not getting what you paid for.

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