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Bagging the Perfect Clutch For Fall

Updated on October 24, 2012

Women all over the world swore by the handbag for long. It was handy, practical and perfectly complemented an outfit. And then the clutch purse came into prominence in the fashion world, and the woman of today was given a choice between the best and the even better.

So how does one carry a clutch? And when is a handbag more useful? Let us give you a brief roundup of the utilities of the two.

When to use a Clutches

A clutch is more appropriate for the evening. Be it an outing with the girls, a date night with your hot boyfriend, or your bestie's birthday party, the perfect outfit can be truly complemented with the perfect clutch. It gives a great, classy and formal look to add just the right amount of oomph to your look.

Clutch Bag Designs

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And when to use a Handbag

Handbags are known for their practicality and ease of use. Sling it on your shoulder and you've got two free hands – not an advantage that clutches can boast of. Because of this, handbags are more appropriate for daily use as you go to the office, shop for groceries at the super store or just go out for some shopping. With the huge-sized handbags in these days, you can fit in an entire world inside!

Most Stylish Clutch Bag

Watch out for the Right Styles

For both clutches and handbags, there are many different varieties. There is the sophisticated clutch with minimal design and simple use of cuts and decent colours. These can be carried to formal meetings with clients or for formal events too. Then there are clutches with diamantes and sequins adding the bling factor to them. These are more playful and can be carried at various events such as to a wedding in the family or to jazz up a simple outfit on a date night.

Similarly, there is also a huge variety of handbags on the spectrum. There are the formal, leather ones that shout of sophistication. The Speedy range is one of them. Then there are those that are embroidered or adorned to give a funkier look. Select the appropriate one according to the place and event you are going to.

A Clutch in your Handbag

It’s a great idea to pop in a clutch purse in your handbag to just grab and go when in a rush. Keep the basic essentials such your phone, basic make up, and some cash in it for instant ease. But beware, choose a neutral color for this clutch that can work with various outfits. Alternately, you can change the clutch according to your outfit every day.

So oomph up your look with the right accessory, be it a clutch or a handbag!

Variations in Clutch Bags

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