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Bank Clothing Line: Fresh Clothes Styles Online

Updated on December 11, 2011

Bank Clothing: Fresh to Death

BANK Clothing is a student-run clothing line founded in Boston, MA. The concept behind BANK Clothing’s products is to deliver high quality clothing (everything is printed on American Apparel) that blends hip-hop and indie rock styles in a new way. This super trendy line is growing in popularity and will soon be more readily available. Until then--your best bet is to shop online.

Like the scene but tired of band tees? BANK Clothing offers people an alternative to the overused scene styles by making clothing that is unique, and fresh, but will still gain you some street cred. Make a name with one of BANK Clothing's dope hoodies or tees. This line is pretty exclusive so you can feel confident being the first one to be rocking these so so hot styles.

Currently you can find BANK Clothing at select Hot Topic and Zumiez stores. The line is constantly being refined and new styles are being added all the time. Keep your eyes peeled for the tightest new creation BANK Clothing comes up with. BANK Clothing is getting it poppin' off!

Bank Clothing Fashion Tee
Bank Clothing Fashion Tee | Source

Peep BANK Clothing Hoodies


BANK Clothing designs the tightest tees and hoodies for guys and girls. They also sell fun and original accessories such as rings, necklaces, and Bank Shutter Shades (Kanye Glasses). We can only guess what else they will bring into their line as it expands. Home accessories, prints, mittens? One thing is for sure, whatever it may be, it will be of high quality that is carefully planned out.

This line is what's up and will be making a much louder appearance in locations near you very soon. Boston is a hotspot for urban apparel--take a tip from a city that knows fashion like no where else.

If You Like BANK Clothing

Shop online for BANK Clothing at their online BANK Clothes shop by clicking here.

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