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Baracuta Harrington Jackets

Updated on November 8, 2010


Baracuta is famous for the G9 jacket. The G9 jacket become very popular after Elvis Presley wears it in his TV show. It is a simple jacket that looks very much like a sweater. It has long sleeves and suitable for casual wear. You can wear the G9 jacket during a rainy weather to protect yourself from cold. The G9 jacket is known widely as the Harrington jacket after Rodney Harrington wears it. It replicates the vintage sweaters that are worn in the 1970s. It looks high class and stylish as well. If you are looking for a vintage jacket, Baracuta jacket will suits you. Baracuta clothing is simple and usually don't contain graphics. It is plain and simple. The shirts always have one color.

Baracuta jacket is made from high quality materials such as Teflon fabric protector. The Teflon fabric protector is a breathable material. It allows the air to enter into the jacket and dry the sweat. It prevents you from feeling hot when you are sweating. Teflon fabric protector is windproof and rainproof. Therefore, your jacket will be protected from the entrance of water. All Baracuta jackets are made from cotton.

There are many types of Baracuta jackets including slim fit, vintage fit, jersey jackets and etc. The slim fit jacket is designed to fit your body tightly. It is suitable for people that don't like tow wear baggy sweater. The slim fit jacket has button cuffs. If you want the sleeve to be tighter, you can button up the cuffs. The waist adjuster will automatically adjust itself to the width of the waist. You can choose from either black or caramel slim fit jacket. The Baracuta vintage jacket has a vintage style. Some vintage jackets have hood while others don't have. The important features of the Baracuta jacket are the concertina zip fuller. The vintage jacket also has elastic cuff and waistband.

Origins of Baracuta Jackets

Baracuta was originally invented by the founders. Several people are involved in the designs of the clothing collection of Baracuta. The founders joined effort with John and Isaac Miller to produce the first Harrington jacket. The Harrington jacket was released into the store during the 1937. It is the first jacket that is introduced to the market. As soon as it was released into the market, it was very well received. It became increasingly popular among the young people. Because of its huge popularity, other clothing manufacturers started to have ideas about making their own versions of Harrington jackets. As a result, there are many different types of Harrington jackets produced by different clothing manufacturers. The Baracuta G9 jacket is still available at the store today. The G9 jacket sold at the modern stores has the same measurement as the original G9 jacket. The materials used in making the original Baracuta G9 jacket are also used to make the modern Baracuta G9 jacket.

Baracuta jacket must be washed regularly. It is best that you wash it after wearing it. It is washing machine friendly but you must set it to medium wash. It is important that you set the washing machine to medium wash otherwise the fabric will become damaged. You cannot dry clean the Baracuta clothes, unless it states so in the fabric tag. It is advised that you don’t use bleach on the clothing because it will cause the color to fade. Before you wash or iron the clothes, you should refer to the fabric tag. The fabric tag contains information on what temperature to set on the iron.

Baracuta is Proper Vintage!

Being older than you, Baracuta jackets are crammed full of history and drop culture everywhere they go. Other Vintage clothing gets embarrased and goes home in a strop when there's a Baracuta Jacket knocking about.

Types of Baracuta Clothing

It's not all just G9 Harrington Jackets!

Besides the jacket, Baracuta also produce other types of apparels including shirts, polo shirts, footwear, knitwear, trousers and etc. Baracuta shirts feature the original Fraser Tartan trimming. On the pocket of the Baracuta shirt, there is logo embroidery. The buttons of the polo shirts are replicas of the mother of pearl buttons. Some Baracuta shirts have gold patch on the back of the collar.

Baracuta polo shirts are made from 100% cotton wools. The flat knit collar is one of the prominent features of the Baracuta polo shirts. The upper left of the Baracuta polo shirts feature the embroidery of the Baracuta logo. The check piping can be seen at the back of the collar. Baracuta polo shirts are available in several colors including navy, Persian blue, dark navy, orange, cyan blue, red, white, black, grey, and etc. Baracuta offers both short sleeve and long sleeve polo shirts.

Baracuta knitwears are made from Merino wool. It features the embroidered baracuta logo. It has a contrast inner neck tipping. The buttons of the knitwears are Baracuta branded buttons.

Baracuta clothing is available in different sizes including small, medium, large and extra large. If you are at the local store, you can test wear the clothes to see if it fits you. If you are shopping online, you should reference the size chart so that you know which size of clothing to choose.

Most of the Baracuta clothes are made in China. However, it also produces clothes that are made in England. Some of the Baracuta made in England product include women slim fit jacket, slim fit Harrington jacket and the original Harrington jacket. Because the Harrington jackets are made in England, they have higher qualities and are more expensive. The Harrington jacket features red check pattern. There are two side buttoned pockets that gives you the ability to store your frequently used items. Women Harrington jackets tend to be smaller size than the men Harrington jackets. The Baracuta logo patch is stitch in the interior of the jacket.

Where to Buy Baracuta G9 Jackets

Or any other Baracuta Jacket or Clothing

Baracuta clothing can be purchased at the local fashion boutique. When you are at the local store, you can test wear the shirt to see if it fits you. If you like loose shirt, you can choose bigger size shirt. However, the size of the shirt should not be too large otherwise it will be baggy. You must purchase Baracuta clothes from the authorized retailers. If the retailer is not authorized to carry the Baracuta clothing line, you should stay away from them. This is because there is a high possibility that the clothing sold by the company is not authentic and made from inferior quality materials. You should also avoid yard sale and garden sale because they always sell cheap goods. To verify the authenticity of the jacket, you can check the tag. There is a license number on the tag. If the shirt doesn’t have tag, you should not buy it. Baracuta clothing costs in between $60 - $200.


Customers are encouraged to visit the online stores to buy the Baracuta clothes because they will have more selections. The local fashion boutique stores will carry a small selection of clothing. The online store offers larger inventories so you have more choices to choose from. When you have more choices, you will be able to save time and money. You can read reviews to find out other customers’ experiences on the Baracuta clothes. By reading the reviews, you will know about the pros and cons of the product. The online store from which you buy the Baracuta clothes must be reputable and have many years of experiences. In this way, you will be able to make a wise decision when shopping for the Baracuta clothes. Many online stores offer free shipping on Baracuta clothing. Some online stores will charge shipping fee. If you need discount, you should use the coupon code

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