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How to Weave the Basic Cornrow Braid on Your Own Hair

Updated on June 19, 2013
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I am an African Woman and almost always have my hair in weaves and braids. I am an enthusiast and write about it.

The foundation of most braids and weaves hairstyles is the cornrow weave. Cornrows are part of most cultures in the world especially in Africa.

People have used it for millenia to as a low cost way to keep their hair in shape. Cornrows cost you almost nothing to make especially if you do them yourself. Once you know how to braid three strands of hair or cords or ropes or shoelaces or anything, it a simple step forward to braid your own hair to the scalp.

A lot of variety is available with cornrows. You can create flowing or zigzag patterns that crisscross and create a style all its own. Many famous celebrities incorporate cornrows into their hairstyles.

Cornrows Pictures

Various Cornrow Hairstyles
Various Cornrow Hairstyles | Source

What you need for the Cornrow Style

The most important impediment to braiding your own hair is that you can't see what you are doing. To avoid this arrange two or more mirrors so you have a 360 degree view of your own head.

You will also need combs, brushes and hair bands. At least one of the combs should have a sharp edge so you can carve out neat hair sections.

Keep hair oils and conditioners handy so you can moisturize as you braid. Cornrows expose the scalp and may cause the hair to dry out.

There are special oils for cornrows available at most shops or on Amazon.

Cornrows on Your Hair

To do the Basic Cornrow on your own hair, you need to be proficient in doing the cornrow. Practice on a friend, only attempt DIY cornrows when the work you produce on another person can be worn proudly in public.

These pictures are of complex cornrows. They are meant to inspire you. I advise you start with the basic cornrows as shown in the video.

Once you can part your own hair in a reasonably neat sections go ahead and try the hairstyle.

Tips to Cornrow Braid your own Hair

  • Start simple with a basic all back braid.
  • Use a comfortable high stool or seat and position your mirrors.
  • Divide the hair into sections and secure with hair bands to prevent hair getting in our way.
  • Oil or moisturize the scalp each time you carve out a new section.
  • Keep the hair sections moderate in size.
  • If the hair sections are too large ( less than ten for your whole head), the cornrows may not be neat as you will have too much hair to deal with in each plait.
  • If the cornrows are too many, you may get tired and sloppy before you finish braiding your whole head.
  • Finish braiding a section before loosening another.
  • Start with the hair closest to your ears.
  • If you notice that a line is wobbly or not well defined, stop and redo. It is difficult to resize braids once you have finished the whole head.

Cornrows DIY

These tips are to help you learn how to do the basic cornrow on your own hair.

If you have further suggestion or experiences with braiding your own hair, please share it below.


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