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Bath and Body Works Mens Products

Updated on July 23, 2013

Find Bath & Body Works Mens Products

Womens products are not the only ones discontinued on a regular basis, Mens lines are also discontinued. We offer the largest Selection of Bath and Body Works Mens Products that have been discontinued. Woodland, Glacier Bay, Cool Springs, Mountain Frost at Products such as Daily Refresher, Shower Gel, Face Conditioner, Cologne, Shave Gel and White Elixir Lotion, White Elixir Wash.

We also now carry the Oak and Citron scents that were discontinued and have a large following.

Sandalwood Rose Essence Spray
Sandalwood Rose Essence Spray

Can't Find your Discontinued Mens Product?

Our store offers a wide variety of discontinued Mens Products that are not widely available elsewhere. We carry Woodland Refresher, Cologne, Shower Gel, Face Conditioner and Shave Gel. Glacier Bay Shower Gel, Face Conditioner and Shave Gel, Mountain Frost Cologne, Shower Gel, Face Conditioner and Shower Gel. Cool Springs Cologne, Shave Gel and Shower Gel, and C.O. Bigleow White Elixir Lotion and Shower Gel. Other popular unisex scents are also available. Sandalwood Rose Lotion, Sandalwood Rose Essence Spray, Scrub and Shower Gel as well as Bergamot Coriander Lotion and Shower Gel have always been very popular with men. Other discontinued popular mens scents include Blackberry Amber Lotion, Shower Gel and Splash.

Twilight Woods
Twilight Woods

Popular Mens Scents

Scents Made Especially for Men:

Glacier Bay

Cool Spring


Mountain Frost

C.O Bigelow White Elixir

C.O Bigelow Green Elixir

C.O Bigelow Black Elixir

C.O Bigelow Red Elixir

C.O Bigelow Blue Elixir

C.O Bigelow Bay Rum

C.O Bigelow Ginger Mentha

Unisex Scents:

Blackberry Amber

Orange Sapphire

Brown Sugar and Fig

Sensual Amber

Twilight Woods

Vanilla Noir

Green Clover and Aloe

Green Tea and Cucumber

Deep Aqua

Mango Mandarin

Fresh Linen

Dark Kiss

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Featuring Hard to Find Products since 2001

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