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The Ultimate Guide to Bathrobes

Updated on June 19, 2009

Bath Robes Are Available in A Multitude of Different Fabrics

Bath robes are generally indoor garments worn for many purposes but probably the main reason people enjoy them is the sense of comfort and warmth they offer from the moment you slip them on. Bathrobes today are available in a multitude of materials and since everyone generally has a preference, it is fairly easy to find the material that is right for you. Each type of material has its own pluses and also drawbacks. What most people are looking for in bath robes is comfort and a feeling of being their body being pampered with the practicality of being absorbent.

Bath Robes Are Available in Many Different Types of Material

For personal use, no one but the person who wears a robe can define what luxury and comfort will mean to them. There are many different materials used for bathrobes because there are so many different types of preferences that buyers have. What you look for in selecting a bathrobe may not be what someone else would look for.

In recent years, there has been an expanded selection available with regards to the various type of material you can choose from to meet the preferences of the buyer. Below is an overview of the most common types of materials that are on the market today.

Waffle weaved cotton: These bathrobes have a very nice feel to them and of course, are very absorbent. They generally have a checkered or diamond pattern to them. Often, they are used in the spa and hotel industries but also have a market in personal robes and are usually reasonably priced. Since they are 100% cotton, it is best to find a pre-shrunk robe to avoid problems. They are often fairly lightweight and good for moderate to cool climates.

Velour: These are considered a more luxurious bath robes and you can find velour robes in cotton or poly and they are good if you prefer a softer feel

Cotton/Terry: Cotton/terry bathrobes are considered the first choice the majority of buyers. They are very absorbent and also tend to be fairly soft. This is a very practical robe to buy but shrinkage may be an issue so look for a cotton-terry robe that has been pre-shrunk.

Silk (or satin): These robes areextremely luxurious but not very absorbent. They are quite comfortable but normally not chosen for their ability to absorb moisture.

Cashmere: There is nothing like the feel of cashmere. These bathrobes offer a warmth that is comforting and snug. Cashmere robes are lightweight but also have insulating properties. Cashmere must be dry-cleaned.

Microfiber: Microfibers, thanks to technology, are finer than silk or hair. It is very lightweight and breathable. It can also be brushed into a suede feel that is very luxurious. Microfiber bath robes are good for all seasons and all occasions and they are very absorbent.

Chenille: Although chenille robes have always been popular, the invention of micro-chenille fabric has made them even more-so. A chenille robe is lightweight. High end and low end chenille tends to look the same so be sure to feel the fabric before you purchase.

Besides the fabric, you will also want to consider the overall design of the robe. There are bath robes with and without collars as well as cuffs. Some robes have pockets and some do not. The length of the desired robe should also be considered, especially when buying for someone else.

There are a lot of choices out there but it you take a little time to consider what type of robe will suit you best, you’ll generally make the right choice.

Bath Robes are for Both Men and Women!

A Microfiber Bathrobe for Women
A Microfiber Bathrobe for Women
A Terry Bath Robe for Men
A Terry Bath Robe for Men
Bath Robes for Kids
Bath Robes for Kids

Everyone Has a Preference!

What Bathrobe Fabric Do You Prefer?

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    • profile image

      Linda 4 years ago

      Is it acceptable to wear a fleece bathrobe in your own house in front of your soninlaw if you need to step out of your bedroom for something and you aren't dressed yet? For instance, I had to get something in the kitchen and wasn't ready to put on my dress while getting ready to go to a wedding?

    • profile image

      Linda Kollier 5 years ago

      See the bathrobe and robe differences, cotton terry cloth, cotton terry velour, actually velour bathrobe also terry cloth, just shaved terry, and fleece bathrobe to keep you warm. and light weight waffle bathrobes for spa and hotel.

      Terry and terry velour bathrobes:

      Waffle Bathrobes:

      Fleece Robes:

      and Kids Bathrobes:

      Kids bathrobes also has choises as terry, terry velour, waffle and fleece robes

    • profile image

      Ali 6 years ago

      Why do bathrobes have pockets?

    • profile image

      bath_robes 8 years ago from USA

      Really nice article on bathrobes.