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Batik Kaftan Crafts Shop

Updated on January 4, 2015

Batik Kaftan Crafts Online Store

Our online store specialises in Malaysian batik and handicrafts. The Malaysian batik is unique in which it is all mostly handrawn and therefore each design is unique on its own. In this regard, batik pieces may look similar but never the same. Our products are sourced from the main states producing quality batik products which is Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang which is known as the Eastern States of Peninsular Malaysia.

Our star product would be the batik kaftan as it is accepted globally compared to the other type of Malaysian batik products. However, we also strived to showcase other Malaysian handicrafts from time to time. This would include batik materials that would be superb as quilting material, batik and songket coin purses, batik bedspread for a tropical feeling, natural dye pandanus bags, Malaysian copper products as well as keris.

The Malaysian hand drawn batiks are handrawn mostly by stay at home moms taking commission to supplement their household incomes. Batik block design are usually done by men mostly elderly as the young generations do not care for the hot and unglamorous environments. While batik is still consider a thriving industries as there are demands from both Malaysian locals and overseas, the copper industries as well as weaving industry faced uncertain future as the handicrafts makers consist mostly of the elderly.

We hope you will enjoy a peak into these Malaysian handicrafts heritage.


Malaysian Batik Kaftan

The Malaysian batik kaftan is basically loose dress designed to generate cool floaty feel in the hot and humid tropical wheather. Usually armless, there are also design of batik kaftan with quarter or full sleeves. The usual length is usually ankle length but others are also available to cater to those wanting a more modern below knee or waist level kaftans. Malaysian batik kaftan is also fondly nicknamed by the locals, the "Baju Kelawar" loosely translated into Bat Dress as the dress has loose arm opening akin to the bat wings.

The Malaysian batik kaftan is mostly hand drawn using tjanting either on both side of the dress or only on the front side. The motive for the batik would usually be flora as well as abstract design. There are also many design available from the single drawn and dye (still multicolour) to the more complex one with multiple dyeing process. This is why its important for the first few washes of the kaftans, to ensure it is separated from the other washload to ensure excess dye is eliminated.

Fuji or better known viscose rayon are used as the material as it is more cooling and confortable as well as more affordable, compared the more expansive silk ones.

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BatikKaftanCrafts Gallery

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Always love this one, beautiful color and exquisite batik flowers.Sweetest pink.Purple power.Green ferns.Purple and multicolour butterflies.Pink and purple orchids.Boho bali red.Bluesy.Bold boho bali.Psychedelic baby.Green and orange star-bursts.Love this bold abstract flower design.Red and pink starbursts.Another bold flora design.Abstract batik in fun orange.Blue pink frangipangi.Stripey green.Brown purple with tropical forest flowers.Goldline sweet pink.Multicolor hibiscus.
Always love this one, beautiful color and exquisite batik flowers.
Always love this one, beautiful color and exquisite batik flowers. | Source
Sweetest pink.
Sweetest pink. | Source
Purple power.
Purple power. | Source
Green ferns.
Green ferns. | Source
Purple and multicolour butterflies.
Purple and multicolour butterflies. | Source
Pink and purple orchids.
Pink and purple orchids. | Source
Boho bali red.
Boho bali red. | Source
Bluesy. | Source
Bold boho bali.
Bold boho bali. | Source
Psychedelic baby.
Psychedelic baby. | Source
Green and orange star-bursts.
Green and orange star-bursts. | Source
Love this bold abstract flower design.
Love this bold abstract flower design. | Source
Red and pink starbursts.
Red and pink starbursts. | Source
Another bold flora design.
Another bold flora design. | Source
Abstract batik in fun orange.
Abstract batik in fun orange. | Source
Blue pink frangipangi.
Blue pink frangipangi. | Source
Stripey green.
Stripey green. | Source
Brown purple with tropical forest flowers.
Brown purple with tropical forest flowers. | Source
Goldline sweet pink.
Goldline sweet pink. | Source
Multicolor hibiscus.
Multicolor hibiscus. | Source

Our Pledge to You

* You will be spoilt with our range of batik products and heritage Malaysian handicrafts

* All batik item is returnable with full money back guarantee should you are unsatisfied with the purchase

* We offer FREESHIP on all item which will give you great saving

* Enjoy 100% Safe and Secure Online Transaction via our Paypal Verified

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Our Shipping Policy

FREESHIPPING of all batik kaftans to all destination worldwide within 2 working day after confirming payment and other verifications if applicable.

Orders will be posted via our Pos Malaysia, the National Registered Airmail. Depending on the location, time of arrival may take from 7 to 21 days. We will provide delivery tracking number as proof as well for tracking purposes.

Our products are non taxable items. However, should the custom imposed any charges, the buyer need to settle the charges.

Customer satisfaction is utmost important.We accept return if you are not satisfied with your purchase provided all items be returned to us with its original packaging unremoved .Refund will be issued within 2 working days after we receive the returned items minus postage and handling charges. However, no refund would be issued if the item is damaged or loss in transit.

Batik Kaftan Care Instruction

Due to the dye used, please wash separately from other garments for the first wash. Use cold water.

To preserve the batik colours, hang the kaftan under shades to dry.

Gentle machine wash is possible but hand wash (especially if silk and creepe) is recommended.

New Look of Kaftans

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Any way of getting hand drawn silk batik for Men shirt (Need abt 3meter in length) White colour with maroon design and Maroon colour with black design