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Batman Dark Knight Rings

Updated on June 11, 2014

The inner geek in me rejoices when I see cool things like this stainless steel batman ring. It is so nerdy, but for a big "superhero" and Batman/Dark Knight fan, this simple and even understated ring is pretty darn cool.

Ages ago, when young fans of their comic book heroes wanted to be like their favorite superheroes they would get some sort of fancy "decoder" rings. These were usually cheap, mass produced crap (to not mince words). But they were still something that the kids enjoyed, because they were a way to get close to their favorite comic book stars and heroes.

Now this ring is not a cruddy knockoff. It is made of black anodized stainless steel. This thing is pretty tough and built to last. But it is still something that all the fans, both the young ones, and the ones who have a little bit more "vintage" (like me) can enjoy.

The Story of the Batman Character

The Caped Crusader has spent the last few years in the limelight. There was a series of movies during the 80's, which I personally thought were pretty good, but during the same time there was also a story arc in the comic book, where the batman was tougher, darker and a lot more serious than the big screen counterpart. This is the Dark Knight that I have loved.

When they made the first of the new movies in 2001, though not precisely based on the comic book stories, this is the same basic idea. A tough and tortured hero. Someone battling as much with his own inner demons as with the enemies. This is a great hero and one that can be respected, even though the series of movies has come to an end.

At least an end for now, Batman will be back in an upcoming franchise collection of the Justice league with Ben Affleck playing the Caped Crusader.

This Bat-Ring could make a great gift idea for comic book fans

Now I am not likely to think that I am the caped crusader myself and that this ring is a symbol of that like a kid might. I am not THAT touched. But I do enjoy the way this ring is classy, yet it is still a bit understated. It is a good looking ring with the black color, even if it were not associated with Batman.

This is the type of ring that few people would think about getting for themselves, but could possibly make a great gift. If you know someone who is a huge batman fan, either young or old, this nifty ring could be just the thing for them.

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