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Beach Towels For Kids

Updated on September 10, 2014

Awesome Beach Towels For Kids

Funny and cute beach towels for kids were uncommon when I young during the 70's. We would take the 2 hour ride down to the beach every weekend and the most colorful towels you could get were either one color, or had simple stripe patterns. The simplicity in design was perhaps due to the difficulty in weaving and printing.

Things have changed bigtime since then though and kids going to the beach have a fantastic range of choices from cartoon beach towels, to movie stars, to animals and even space!

Going to the beach or hitting the pool is a healthy and fun experience for kids of all ages. It is easy to make it even more so with all the designed beach towels that you can get your kids.

Hooded towels are great fun to wear. There are 2 types of hooded towels, the poncho type which is big enough to cover back and front, and the open hooded bathing robe type. Both types of hooded beach towels for kids come in all kinds of prints and designs - some even have 3d objects attached.

The kid to the right is wearing the 27X54 inch Pirate Hooded Kids Towel

Bath Robes for Babies and Toddlers

It is important to protect the smallest kids from the sun. Babies can often take a lot of sun and seem none the worse for it, but the skin risks being damaged. Years of early exposure to sun may have implications later in life.

A hooded bath robe is a great way to keep your baby safe and warm. Even if covered up, don't let your smallest ones stay too long in the sun.

Baby shark bath robe

Baby Aspen "Let the Fin Begin" Blue Terry Shark Robe, Blue, 0-9 months
Baby Aspen "Let the Fin Begin" Blue Terry Shark Robe, Blue, 0-9 months

Wrap you baby up in this fully covering bath robe while at the beach or the pool. made of 100% cotton and ultra cute baby shark design.


Cotton Beach Towels with Calm Designs

Large 40 x 70 inch towel
Large 40 x 70 inch towel

When I was a kid all we got were stripes and woven designs. Nowadays a lot of the design work on beach towels is image printed. Personally, I find many of the modern image towels to be a bit too busy. Going to the beach should be all about fun but also relaxation.

The 40 x 70 blue is the Northpoint Plush Velour

I like the calm and relaxed colors and patterns of these cotton towels which are perfectly suitable for kids too. Ask your child what they prefer.

Minnie Mouse towel

Disney Love Minnie Beach Towel
Disney Love Minnie Beach Towel

I like this Minnie Mouse design a lot better than Hello Kitty.


Cartoon Beach Towels for Kids

One thing to keep in mind when buying printed beach towels is that the design is often the main selling point.

Many of these towels are made from quite thin material with lots of synthetics that will cover and shield from sun and wind but are less good at drying your child.

Most of these are pretty cheap considering the Disney brand royalty that must be included in the price. As with other printed towels, these are mainly for the fun and the design.

If you want good drying qualities you ought to look at the somewhat more expensive natural material towels.

What's Your Kids Favorite Beach Towel?

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