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Bear Slippers

Updated on October 13, 2014

Bear Slippers For You Or As A Gift.

If you are looking for bear slippers there is a lovely selection here. Some Image Credit Bear Kids Animal Slippers

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Why Bear Slippers?

I love bears. I think they are amazing animals. Of course like many children I grew up with a teddy bear and adored it. It was such a well loved teddy bear it ended up partially bald! I still have it today:)

When we went on an amazing trip to Canada the one thing i was so hoping we would see was bears. I was warned that we may well not see any and for several days in the Rockies we did not. however we were driving along one day and wow right there on the side of the road was a Mom and three baby brown bears. We were so excited! We had to remember all the safety things we were taught about bears though so we stayed safely inside and at a distance respecting their wildness. My heart was beating so fast and it was just beautiful to see the three babies feeding and playing.

I won't see any wild bears where I live so I treasure that memory and anyway that is why I like bear slippers - to remind me of those magnificent creatures.

Bear Slippers For Men And Women

Grizzley Bear Slippers!! - Furry clawed bear slippers

Medium Brown Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers
Medium Brown Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers

Furry bear slippers. Comes in sizes for children and adults. It has fake vinyl claws which are fun for a bear slipper!


Furry Grizzley Slippers

How great are these bear slippers!

Keep your feet nice and warm, even when its snowing outside. Very furry and fun even in a brown bear colour. Claws add the final touch to the whole bear theme, except that these won't hurt you as they are fake soft vinyl claws!

These bear slippers have Polyurethane padding and non slip soles so should be safer when padding around your den.

Men, women and kids can wear these slippers as they are available in sizes

  • Kids sizes 7 to 13 Medium
  • Womens 5 to 9.5
  • Mens 6 to 9

Grizzly Bear Paw Slipper - Medium Brown colour of bear slipper

Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers for Women and Men Medium
Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers for Women and Men Medium

Fuzzy furry beary slippers! Lots of fun! On a practical note these have non slip soles for you .


Bear Paws For Slippers!

If you like your animal slippers furry, hairy and with attitude these may be for you !

In a bear -like colour of brown these fuzzy paw slippers will be great for wandering around your home and keeping warm in while adding a bit of fun. Five toe claws add to the general animal feel!

Non Skid soles for safety.

They come in sizes:-

Medium to fit a women's shoe size 7 to 9

Large to fits a men's shoe size 9 to 12

Brown Bear Cubs-Wild And Adorable

Wishpets Pink Fuzzy Bear Paw Animal Slippers - Medium sized slippers

Wishpets Stuffed Animal - Soft Plush Toy for Kids - Pink Furry Tiger Slippers
Wishpets Stuffed Animal - Soft Plush Toy for Kids - Pink Furry Tiger Slippers

If you like you r slippers pink, furry and a little bit different these are great! With cute black "claws" they are undeniably cute!


Pink Bear Slippers

If you are looking for a pair of bear slippers but do not want a brown pair how about these lovely quite cute Pink bear slippers!

Now I have never seen a pink bear but you can certainly wear pink bear slippers.

I like the contrasting black claws just to give it a little bit of an edge too.

Some Types Of Bears






Red Panda


Teddy !

Cute Baby Bear Slippers

ACORN Tex Easy Brown Bear Slipper For Children - Bear Slippers (12-18 Months M US Infant)

Fun Bear Booties Slippers

The little bear slippers are pull on booties so easy to put on. They have textured uppers and a soft terry lining.

There is a comfort cushion insole as well to comfort your childs foot.

The soles are in faux suede with an essential non slip tread feature.

You can machine wash these oh so cute bear slippers for the little ones.

Children will love the feeling of these and the fact they get to pretend to be bears! They also come in a white colour for if you prefer Polar bears!

A fun slipper that children will love

Bear Slippers For Children

Polar Bear And Cubs Emerging From Their Den

Polar Bear Slippers For Men And Women - Fun novelty bear slipper

Fuzzy Polar Bear Paw Slippers for Men and Women Medium
Fuzzy Polar Bear Paw Slippers for Men and Women Medium

Cool fun and warm for your feet! Gorgeous novelty bear slippers in white polar bear for you . Add a bit of fun to your slippers!


White Polar Bear Slippers

If you prefer Polar Bears, or you just like a white slipper, you will enjoy these bar slippers.

You can look very cool padding around in these in your home, yet everyone knows you have a real fun side to you !

Nice and snuggly these slippers have a faux fur upper with five nice claws

Sizing is:-

Medium for a women's shoe size 7-9
Large for a men's shoe size 9-12

Facts About Bears

Bears are fascination animals and it is interesting to learn a little more about them.

Panda Bear Slippers

These are very cute and if you like pandas these may be for you . Also a lovely gift idea for anyone who likes panda bears.

Nice and soft made of faux fur, these slippers also have a polyurethane foam padding and textured soles for better comfort.

Men, women or children can wear these as sizing is

  • Small for Children 6months to 4 years
  • Medium for Kids shoe sizes 7-13
  • Women's shoe sizes 5-9.5
  • Men's shoe sizes 6-9.

Grizzley Bear facts



Average life span in the wild is 25 years old


5 to 8 ft (1.5 to 2.5 m)


800 lbs (363 kg)

Chicago Bears Slippers

OK Had To Include The Chicago bears !! - Chicago bear slipper

I know not really Bear Slippers but if you are looking for Chicago bear Slippers here you go !

Chicago Bears official Logo Plush Slippers

The Chicago bears!

So if you are a Chicago bears fan you will love these slippers!

Keep warm while watching your favourite team on TV. These have the oficial team colours and embroidered logos and are officially licensed.

You can surface wash these only but they are stain resistant.

Super soft and with a skid resistant sole for your comfort.

Thank you For Your Visit

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Bear Slippers. Maybe you found something you liked or that you thought might be a good pressie.

Do feel free to leave a comment. I do appreciate your visit and read all comments prior to publishing.

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© 2011 RaintreeAnnie

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      These are cute. Reminds me of the bear slippers my daughter had when she was little. :)

    • nightbear lm profile image

      nightbear lm 5 years ago

      Wonderful page! Very cute I could see these cute bear slippers on mine and Jim's feet!