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How to Groom you beard for Summer

Updated on October 27, 2016


Now, we all know that beard grooming in the summer needs to take an entirely different approach because of the rise in temperatures. Grooming your beard in the summertime need not involve cutting off the entire beard.

When summer comes, I get asked numerous questions in connection to my beard. “why do you keep your beard when it is so hot?” to other snide remarks like” I would never dream of growing a beard in the summer. I get too hot.” The amazing thing is few people will hardly dream of shaving their hair in the summer. So why should you shave your beard?

You can turn the tables on the people that think that facial hair needs to go during the summer by being” hot” in your beard during summertime. Remember summer means girls will be all out looking their best. You should too, and a beard could get you some attention, the right kind of the fairer sex.

To pull it off successfully, though, you need to up your game in the beard grooming game. Here are some few tips to effective beard grooming during the summer.

Wash More Often

Due to the increase in temperatures, you will perspire more which translates into more wetness and stickiness. You should remember that the heat will make you sweat and as a result, some not so pleasant smells may begin to emanate from your beard. Your beard may, in turn, irritate the skin when it is hot and damp. Wash your facial mane with a sulphate free shampoo that will not dry out your skin.

The washing will take care of any debris and grime that could build up in your mane causing itchiness and eventually inflammation. The washing should take care of the sweating. Be sure to finish with a good conditioner.

You will be assured of making it through the hot summer months if your beard grooming has the right foundation.


Facial hair is rougher than the hair on the head, and so you should see to it that it is properly moisturized. No one wants a dry, bristly and rough beard. To make sure that never happens to you, be sure to moisturize once you finish off with the washing. You are certain that the right oil or hydrating lotion will work wonders for you leaving your beard refreshed and relaxed.

Also, it will tame frizz, reduce itching and soften your beard. Your significant other will thank you and so will your beard.

Use Sunscreen

During the summer, we stock up on sunscreen because we understand that we need to protect our skin from the searing rays of the sun. We however often fail to protect the hair on our heads as well as the face. The sun’s rays are responsible for breaking down of the hair’s cuticle resulting in dryness and faded hair color. The damage is exacerbated further by the surf as we cannot stay away from the water during summer.

Since it is impossible to stay indoors while the elements are calling us to the outdoors during summertime, we recommend the use of specially formulated hair sunscreen that will protect your facial and head hair.

A sunscreen helps to protect beard from direct strong rays
A sunscreen helps to protect beard from direct strong rays

Keep Hydrated

Our bodies mainly consist of water and need water to maintain the functions of all essential organs. Summer is the time when dehydration runs high due to elevated temperatures. This can spell doom for our hair and beards leaving them vulnerable to breakage. Aim to take eight glasses of water daily.

Staying hydrated is essential to conditioning your facial hair and overall beard grooming.

Taking care of your beard in the Summer

Wash beard often
Removes debris and dirt
Refreshes and relaxes beard
Use a hair sunscreen
Protects beard from damage
Drink enough water
Keeps beard soft and strong
Long and black beard
Long and black beard


Your beard can help you battle the summer heat. It gives protection from the sun, and once in awhile you can wet it and celebrate the cooling effect it gives your face before drying it dries off.

However, if you cannot handle the itch, trim it by 1-2 inches so that you can still show off your manly stubble. This allows your face to get access to more fresh air, make the beard easier to clean and maintain and will permit you to quickly regrow it once the season begins to cool down.

More Tips to Help You Your Beard Grooming In the Summer As You Cool In the Pool or At the Beach

  • During the summer everyone takes to water like ducks. That does exclude menfolk. To protect your beard and enhance your beard grooming skills, ensure that you rinse it after swimming at the beach. The mix of salty seawater and sun can spell disaster for your beard by drying it out.

  • Rinse off the sea water and remember to shampoo and conditioner during the night to preserve your mane.

    • Before you go swimming at the beach or in the pool, soak your beard in fresh water. Your mane absorbs water just as a sponge would. When you get into the pool or sea water, your beard absorbs salt and chlorine which causes damage. Soaking your facial mane in fresh water will keep the chlorine and salt at bay minimizing damage and improving your beard grooming.

    • After a swim or a shower as part of your beard grooming, you may want to blow-dry you facial mane to dry it. Set the blow-dryer to medium or low heat to keep your facial hair from getting damaged by the heat. A better way to dry your facial hair is to let it naturally dry out in the summer breeze.

    • Use a ball cap or hat. While your beard may protect the skin underneath from the harmful UV rays of the sun, wearing a cap could give your beard an extra layer of protection provided by the brim of the cap.

    • Your constant escapades into the pool or ocean will cause your beard to be stripped of its naturally occurring sebum oil that helps by sealing in moisture. To battle this situation, use a leave in beard conditioner to conserve optimum moisture levels.

    • Apply some beard oil on your beard before going for that coveted swim. The oil will act as a protective barrier round your hair cuticles and keep the water out.


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The beginning of summer need not mark the end of your beard; you only need to up your beard grooming. With the help of the above tips, I hope you will grow your dream beard irrespective of the season.


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