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Beat the Frizz- Choosing a Great Hair-Smoothing Product

Updated on February 7, 2011
A bevy of hair-care products? Does this stuff actually work?
A bevy of hair-care products? Does this stuff actually work?

Humidity: A Girl's Hair's Worst Enemy

Sum-sum-summertime or anytime the humidity level is off the charts, I can look like Rosanne Rosannadanna if I don't use the right hair product. And my (mostly) straight, like-clockwork colored hair can't tolerate blow drying or flat-ironing every day. I know, I know, part of the problem is the salon color every 5 weeks, but I hate grey roots–they make me lose sleep at night and run around with my hair on fire–well not literally, but almost. What do you do to prevent the dreaded frizzies? if I had those long lovely ringlets, straight wouldn't be a problem but fried and frizzy makes me look like a homeless woman. Curly is one thing, frizz is another.

There are many straightening and sleeking and shiny-fying products out there on the market: deep conditioners, anti-frizz gels and sprays, straightening serums, vitamins, even! But which ones actually work? And price points range from the good ol' Suave less-than-five-bucks versions to professional-grade Fekkai deluxe products, to even more expensive ones.

If you happen to have one of those old bonnet and tube style 50s or 60s hairdryers that still works? Well, Missy, you're golden. You can just slap on any old anti-frizz deep conditioner, put the bonnet on, set it on high, and wait 20 minutes. Just don't wait until you feel your ears burning. Seriously, I had one from my grandmother and it worked like a charm until it died one day. but if you've got one, any house-brand, knock off, or Suave conditioner will do the trick, really!

Barring that, you just need to find a good product. And heat and a plastic cap for 20 minutes covering your little hair-damaged head will help the effect of any anti-frizz leave-in conditioner you'd like to use. This will be the first step on the road to the sleek look you'd like to have.

Flat irons amd blow dryers work well of course, and if your hair isn't too oily and you can afford it, some girls go to a professional once or twice a week for a blow-out and flat ironing and don't wash their hair in between appointments. And sleep on satin pillowcases or something. If i did that I'd go around looking like the Wild Woman of Zanzibar most of the week, but hey, more power to 'em. If you're even more wealthy, there's that crazy straightening process invented in Japan, but hey, I gotta make rent.

But let's move on to the products that help...

A newer one on the market is Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Blow Dry Perfector which only lasts 7 days, but works quite well to straighten and make your hair shine, and look like a professional blow-out. Since my hair is pretty straight, I'm not sure what it would do for really curly locks, but for me it was a winner. It smells bad (ack! flashbacks of my mom's Toni home permanents) and it's a 2 step-20 minute, process, but not more frizzies! i got mine at Walgreen's.

Bed Head's Treat Me Right (named after a Pat Benatar song? Wicked awesome!) is sold in salons and even broke-down drugstores, but it works. Sometimes the drugstore versions are kinda iffy. Do the 20-minute plastic cap thing and you hair will be be-you-ti-ful! Concentrate on the ends.. or well where ever your coif is most damaged.

There are several Pantene masks and conditioners that fight frizz and I think it's a matter of personal taste really on these. I'm big on the scent of a product, so the sniff test for me is key. Anyway one of my favorites is the Time Renewal Replenishing Mask. It can be used weekly, or even daily if you use it sparignly on the ends.

Frederic Fekkai has a new absolutely awesome line called Silky Straight Ironless with a selection of products which when used together will blow (dry) your mind. Your hair will never be the same. Available in select Sephora and Neiman Marcus stores, coming soon to more.

Fantastic Sam's has some nice straightening, no frizz, color protecting shampoos and conditioners, Their Leave-in Color Protection Spray is especially good for frizzies–but don't get a haircut there! Buy your stuff and run! Llike the wind.

Also available there and other salons and Sally Beauty Products is CHI Silk Infusion. Its pricey but a li'l dab'll do ya.

Hopefully your stylist has already told you this. but to prolong color and prevent damaged ends, don't wash you hair before getting it colored and wait 72 (or at least 48) hours before washing your hair after getting it colored. Same goes for the DIY versions–permanent color or not.

These products worked for me and i hope they do for you too!


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    • profile image

      Punk Glam Queen 7 years ago

      Wow I have one if those fab old 60s bonnet dryers just languishing in my bathroom cupboard! I'm definitely going to try this tomorrow. I bet it will even help to keep my Vampire Red Manic Panic colour (unfotunately I started greying at the tender age of 16, so I'm almost completely white now and not ready to let it show!) from fading so quickly too. What a fabulous suggestion for getting rid of those pesky frizzies! I had pin straight hair until I had my daughter then became a statistic/ victim of changed hair texture. I've since spent what seems like thousands of dollars trying to fight the unending battle of the frizz. Now I have not only new hope for a frizz free mane, but that old dryer will finally get good use rather than just look pretty in it's violet flowered glory! Thanks so much for this tip, I hope it does the trick!