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Beautiful Bob Mackie Fashions-Discount Bob Mackie Clothing, Dresses and Wearable Art!-

Updated on August 29, 2017

Beautiful Bob Mackie Shirts, Pants, Tunic and More at a Discount!!!

Do you love wearing Bob Mackie Clothes? Many women, young and mature love wearing Bob Mackie clothing. He has been a staple in the designer women's clothes segment of the industry for decades and he's still going strong today. Anyone who has ever worn Bob Mackie fashions usually stick to his clothing line or something similar like perahps Susan Graver or Dennis Basso's clothing line. Bob Mackie is one of my favorite designers and his clothes are always well put together. Bob Mackie is a designer to the stars and until recently getting his clothes for the everyday woman was economically difficult since his clothing line, even though artistically designed and professionally manufactured, was also very expensive. Thanks to the home shopping channels like QVC, designers are able to sell at a greater quantity due to the power of television and the ability to reach more people. Because of this, designers like Bob Mackie can bring his clothes to the masses of lower and middle income class income society at an affordable price. Ok, so this is great, but imagine being able to get Bob Mackie clothing at an even greater discount, like silk shirt and pants with a designer label for under $20.

Bob Mackie's Printed Bias Silk Chiffon $11

Bob Mackie's Printed Bias Silk Chiffon $11
Bob Mackie's Printed Bias Silk Chiffon $11

Bob Mackie Silk Shirts (Under $25)


Text with BIG Picture

Bob Mackie's signatures designs, usually available on QVC can be purchased on Ebay for up to 50 percent or more off the retail price and that includes the price that you may have seen it on QVC. This is because these eBay retailers get overstocks and closeout items that they are able to sell to us consumers at a considerable discount. So, if you like Bob Mackie clothing, you can easily get them at a discount on eBay. Some retailers will offer you free shipping, this is the best because then you are only paying for the item, and not shipping costs. Look for a retailer who offers both a money back guarantee (at least 7 days) and free shipping. Getting genuine Bob Mackie wearable art is satisfaction enough, but when you are getting at a considerable discount, with free shipping, it's like your birthday each time you shop. Be forewarned though, it is very easy to get addicted to shopping online everyday, especially when you are getting free shipping on great, quality clothes and when the retailer updates the clothing daily.

This beautiful "bell sleeve, silk shirt" is one of my favorites. The eBay price is only $21.25 which is more than I usually pay for my Bob Mackie clothes, but this shirt is worth it. It is 100 percent silk and is designed in Bob Mackie's signature "wearable art" design. This one is that of a flower design. This classy shirt looks great with pants or a skirt. It doesn't cover the butt, if you want coverage, you can always wear it with a loose flowing skirt. It is just a beautiful design.

Bob Mackie Silk Pull-on Regular Pants

Finding this cute little shop of eBay to me was just like finding an exclusive coffee shop or a great little tucked away place that nobody knows about that serves really great food. Only Bob Mackie clothing fans could really appreciate being able to find Bob Mackie clothing at such a great discount. This is why I made this lens, to share this find with other Bob Mackie fashion fans! You will appreciate it and go back to it just as much as I did. I still buy Bob Mackie clothing from QVC, but I also have this little shop bookmarked and I buy from it regularly.

These pants is another great example of a beautiful piece of clothing that I picked up. When I bought them, these SILK Bob Makie pants were only about $12. These pants are absolutely beautiful. I feel like I'm a rich woman whenever I wear them. They glide right on, no belts, no buckle, just a full elastic waist band and they are fully lined. Beautiful. I usually get the wide-legged pants from Bob's Collection but I decided to try these straight legged pants just because they were silk and I'm so glad I did. Since I don't like wearing short shirts with pants, I usually wear one of the silk tunics or shirts that cover the bum and the front, also from the Bob Mackie line.

V-neck Silk Tunic Size

I splurged (spent over $20) to get this beautiful silk tunic for $22 at the same little hide-away shop on eBay. I often wear this silk beauty with the white silk pants pictured above. The only drawback to my new Bob Mackie collection is that most of the clothing is of such expensive material that you either have to dry clean them or hand wash and line dry them. But to me, that's ok because I'm getting great designer clothes that usually costs hundreds of dollars usually for under $20. So hand washing and line drying is not a problem. Anyway, getting back to the silk tunic. I love this tunic because it gives you a lot of coverage front and back. I'm not that big but I like to keep my business well covered so I like a longer shirt or tunic length top. What's great about it, is that the Mackie clothing line has a lot of those.

Bob Mackie Brown Silk Blouse

This silk blouse is another treasure by Bob Mackie. It goes great with his brown silk pants. This blouse has a button down front and 3/4 sleeve. It is long enough to give you some coverage in the front and the back, although it is not a tunic length. Did I mention this was 100 percent silk?

Bob Mackie Silk Meadowlands Printed Big Shirt

Bob Mackie Boat Neck Peacock Plume Printed Caftan

Bob Mackie Boat Neck Peacock Plume Printed Caftan
Bob Mackie Boat Neck Peacock Plume Printed Caftan

Bob Mackie Butterflies Print Sleeveless Dress (Under $20)

Bob Mackie Butterflies Print Sleeveless Dress (Under $20)
Bob Mackie Butterflies Print Sleeveless Dress (Under $20)

Bob Mackie Fleur De Lis Printed Boat Neck Dress

Bob Mackie Fleur De Lis Printed Boat Neck Dress
Bob Mackie Fleur De Lis Printed Boat Neck Dress

Bob Mackie Fragrances

Bob Mackie is not only a fantastic clothing designer, he also make perfume and fragrances for women. These are some of the nice scents that wear Bob Mackie's name.

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