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Beauty Secret of Angelina Jolie's Radiant Skin

Updated on April 16, 2011

A beautiful and glowing skin is the envy of everybody. A woman who is not so pretty but has clear and radiant skin would look very much attractive compared to the one who is naturally pretty but is not well-groomed. One of the requirements of a powerful personality is an attractive and clear complexion. However, a beautiful skin needs more than just a pretty face. In order to maintain that youthful glow, one has to work for it. reports that Angelina Jolie is now truly hooked with the aromatic range of  Yon-Ka's Advanced Optimizer Crème Serum which she religiously uses every morning and slathering her beautiful and perfect body with Huile Corps and La Baume Body. Yon-Ka promises to safeguard the skin against the ill-effects of aging and helps diminish wrinkles. It gives your skin that many years younger look.

The Chicago Tribune also reports that Angelina's secret to her luminous complexion is the painful procedure of derma rolling beauty technique. This is a do-it-yourself treatment which uses a hand-held device covered with needles. This technique was pioneered by a South African plastic surgeon.

Women would want to know how Angelina Jolie can bring back her beautiful body so fast after every pregnancy. In some women, it would take years before "baby fats" are totally lost. In an article in about Angelina, it shared that she gives credit to yoga and Pilates for helping her lose the baby weight she gained when she was pregnant with her kids.

These are just some of her beauty secrets that would surely give us tips on how we too can achieve that glowing skin and beautiful body. She is lucky to have beautiful genes though but we can also improve how we look and our total appearance by working for it too.

Beauty queens did not arrive to the body they have now overnight, they were able to achieve that perfect and ravishing body after regular visits to the gym or a daily sports activity, daily cleansing and skin pampering, proper care for their hair and many more. If we have the right discipline and patience, a sexy body and radiant skin will always be possible.

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