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Training Trainers To Train in the Beauty Industry

Updated on March 23, 2013

My latest ClipperGuy Says... Book is now available


I am Ivan Zoot. I have spend over two decades teaching, training and presenting in the professional beauty industry. I am excited to share my latest book... ClipperGuy Says... Share!

This is my training trainers to train book. I am excited to share this book with you to help you take your training and presentation career to the next level, the level after that, and beyond.

Read on and learn more about me and this newest book and my entire ClipperGuy Says book collection.

ClipperGuy Says... Share!

ClipperGuy Says... Share! is my education and presentation handbook. This addition to my clipperGuy Says series has been written specifically for cosmetology and barber school educators, trainers and beauty industry platform educators. Aspiring educators and demonstrators will love this book, too. No matter your level of experience in sharing and presenting material and ideas, this book will raise your game, expand your reach and explode your impact.

I have gathered the golden nuggets of presentation and demonstration wisdom collected from over two decades as a highly sought after presenter in the beauty business. I have accumulated my experiences from hundreds of trade show appearances and thousands of school classes and sales meetings. Learn these ideas. Master these concepts. You will rise to the top of the game in education and presentation just like me.

ClipperGuy Says... Share!

My newest title in my ClipperGuy Says...books series

ClipperGuy Says... Share!

ClipperGuy Says... Share!
ClipperGuy Says... Share!

Here is the video commercial for my ClipperGuy Says... Share! book. - Featuring me (and the book)

I love ClipperGuy says... Books. They are loaded with info I can use to make money!


How much experience do you have as a beauty industry educator, demonstrator or presenter?

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