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Bee Nail Designs, Tips and Tutorials

Updated on February 26, 2016

Bee Nail Art

We all seem to love bees since the time we were little children, especially the bumblebee, which we would fascinatingly watch as they fluttered from flower to flower gathering the nectar to bring back to the hive.

That has always been an inspiration for artists, and is one that is attractive to ladies wanting to have a whimsical nail look, which using a bee as the subject matter readily affords.

One major reason the bee is a highly desired design, besides looking very cute, is in how easy it is to make, depending upon the chosen design.

The body of the bee is simple to emulate, as are the wings, making for a fast and easy job if you're the type that wants things done in a hurry.

And if you're more patient, there are a lot of more intricate designs to choose from if you want to make a statement with your nail art.

Bee Nail Art Designs

Among the more popular bee designs are those those with a dotted line going across from one nail to another, finishing off with the bee being presented on the chosen nail.

The other is the use of traditional yellow and black colors in the bee design, many times in very creative ways.

Even for those wanting a different color for their foundation, the incorporation of some black and yellow into the design - usually with a bee - is always used.

Black lines on a yellow base are probably the most used bee design, and for good reason - it looks fantastic.

As for seasonal aspects of the bee design, usually spring and summer are the associated seasons, although if using the nails in conjunction with a Halloween costume or other costume event, you can use it with a cute costume to complement the look.

Yellow and Black Bee Nail Lines

This is an example of the popular nail art using yellow and black lines to represent the bee.

As you can see it works wonderfully, and you can add all sorts of little touches to it once you have the lines it place. That would also work with any base, although yellow usually works best, as you can build out any bee design you want from there.


Flying Bee Nail Art Designs

Next we have a couple of examples of the compelling flying bee look for the nails.

With the top photo is shows you can have a great set of nails showcasing a bee even if you decide on an unusual color like the blue base used there. Notice how the flying line of the bee is closely followed from nail to nail to give the appearance of the direction it took on its travels.

You can see the bee nail art with the blue foundation in a video tutorial below.

The bottom set of nails goes with traditional bee yellow, and uses a similar design to give the appearance of the path the bee took on its journey. The exception is the decision to have the bee portrayed in the middle of the journey by placing it next to the pinkie finger.

Also going with the black and yellow striped look was a nice differentiator, creating a unique design using familiar elements.


Bee Nail Art Video Tutorials

Below are several video tutorials showing how to create different bee themes for your nails.

You'll see how easy it is to accomplish, and how adding a few little things over the background makes a better looking look for your nails.

Bumble Bee Nails

Bee Nails

Tutorial: Cute Bee Nail Art

Nails with Flying Bees on White Base

This is a different look using a white base as the foundation to build the bee design from. It actually helps it stand out nicely.

Using the deeper orange on the one nail with the black stripes was also a good one. After all, when it comes to nail art designs, we definitely don't want to be almost a carbon copy of someone else in a social situation, so little things like this help to set us apart from others.

Also choosing to have a different bee flying on each nail works very well.

Below the photo you can see a video of how to do this exact design.


Tutorial: Flying Bumble Bee Nails

Bee Designs on Yellow Base

I like the unique way these bee nails were made. While very simple, they convey a nice message; one that is light and winsome.

As for the design, the decision to have the middle two fingers have a yellow base with black tips was a good one, as the offer a way to write a message, as this woman did. It could also be used for any other element or image you may want on a little larger nail surface.

It's also interesting to see the use of white as the dominant color covering the rest of the base colors. The bee on the index finger is really cute and well done. I especially like that little flowers sticking up above its antennae.


Bee Nail Art

Bees are great subject matter for nail art, as you can see from the designs above. You can choose a wide variety of base colors to showcase your nails, without taking away from the design itself.

There are so many things you can do with these cute little critters, and they are great for the spring and summer, or for a cute costume for special events.

Whatever the purpose and reason, bees are something that should be considered for our nails, as they're cute, compelling and fun to make.


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    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 4 years ago from India

      Great hub!!!

      it took bee nail art to another level, I wonder we can create bee nail art with different colors as well as deisgns.

      Thanks for sharing :)