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18-inch Laptop Bags and Cases

Updated on December 12, 2018

Buying a large 18" Laptop Bag

When I first started looking into for an 18-inch laptop bag, I quickly realized that choices for good large laptop bags is limited. The problem is two-fold, not only is there a limited range, but sometimes the laptop compartment size is not always accurate.

With the research fresh in my head, I felt it would be good to share some of the top rated large laptop bags available to the online shopper.

I will be concentrating mostly on 18-inch laptop bags, 18.4 inch laptop bags, and even some larger ones. I have also tried to group them into styles, you will find that most are unisex, but there are still a few 18-inch laptop bags for both women and men.

In the selection below we have the best 18-inch laptop cases available. Not only can you fit a large laptop into any of these bags, but each bag also looks good and are practical and easy to use.

Finding a laptop bag to fit large laptops

While looking for an 18-inch laptop case, I realized that I needed to look for a bag that was specially made for the size of laptop I had. It was essential to find a bag that had a laptop section that was well padded, could hold it snugly so that it was not moving around but was still large enough so that it was easy to put the laptop into and take out. Another consideration was the space I might need for all the other things I would need to carry with me. So I needed to find a bag that had enough space not only for the laptop but all the extra stuff which compromised my other gear, some accessories as well as books, and files.

To get the best laptop bag, I found myself concentrating not only on 18" laptop bags but also at 18.4" laptop bags. The 18.4 inch bags tended to have space that was not just for the laptop.

The whole experience brought home how challenging it can be to find bags of this size. Since so few people own laptops with over 17-inch screens, the demand for such large laptop bags is small, resulting in limited choices.

Apart from the style, you need to take into consideration the material and construction. Any laptop this big will weigh a lot more than more modest sized models. The bag needs to be sturdy enough to carry the weight of the laptop without the threat of breaking or snapping apart at the handles. It also needs to be lightweight so as not to add any unnecessary weight to your luggage.

Regarding bag style, you can choose from some styles. There are totes, briefcases, backpacks or roller bags, rollers. Backpacks are probably the easiest to carry as they cause the least strain on your body, but they might not look as smart as a briefcase or even a tote bag for ladies.

Laptop bags for 18 inch laptop or smaller?

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Best Selling 18 inch Laptop Case

A smart, lightweight and stylish laptop briefcase

Case Logic PNC-218 18-Inch Laptop Case (Black)
Case Logic PNC-218 18-Inch Laptop Case (Black)

The Case Logic PNC-218 is one of the most popular laptop bags for 18-inch laptops. This is a pretty basic briefcase style laptop case, but what makes it convenient is that is is so lightweight. Now when you consider how heavy such a laptop is this is an important point to take into consideration, definitely not something you can ignore.

This bag is quite narrow and trim; it is made only to carry the bare minimum. There is just enough space for your computer, and a few necessary accessories. It is perfect for those who want a dedicated laptop bag and will have another bag for any other stuff they need to take along. If you need to schlep more things with you a lot of the time and you don't want to carry more than one bag, you should look at some of the bigger bags available later in this article.

While this laptop case fits 18-inch laptops, from the reviewers it is also popular with people who have 17/17.3 inch laptops. Of course, a 17-inch laptop takes less space, making more room for everything else you might want to carry.

What to look for in a Large Laptop Bag

Finding a good laptop bag for 18-inch laptops and over

Because extra large laptops can weigh much more than average size laptops, you need to take extra care in choosing the most suitable bag for your needs. Some of the most important features to look for include the following:

  • Lightweight: you don't want to have to deal with the extra weight of a heavy bag.
  • Sturdy: since 18-inch laptops don't come in light, you need a bag that will not fall apart after a few uses.
  • Fits your laptop's dimensions: While all the examples on this page are suitable for 18-inch laptop screens, it might be worth taking the measurements of your laptop to make sure it will fit for sure. If the dimensions are borderline, it might be a good idea to go for the next size to be sure it fits.
  • Has enough space to carry essentials: Ideally you should have a convenient and easily accessible place for most of the laptop accessories you carry with you on a regular basis. You might prefer to keep most of them in a separate bag, but you will probably find it more convenient to have at least some always stored in the same bag as your laptop.

18 inch Laptop Bag Reviews

18" laptop bags come in a wide variety of styles, quality, and even color. Below are some of the best, most durable and reliable bags you can find online.

Many 18-inch laptop bags are also popular with owners of 17-inch laptops. The advantage of using these bags for say a 17-inch laptop is that you end up with more space for carrying any other paraphernalia you might need to take along.

Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack with Gaming Console Sleeve

The Everki Beacon manages to be both stylish and rugged at the same time. This much more the type of backpack that even though it is casual enough to be used in more informal settings such as in college or at a gaming event, it would still look professional enough in a more professional situation.

The design makes it so easy to carry around without getting it feeling too heavy. Not only it super comfortable, but it is also one of the most reliable backpacks able to come through even in harsh weather conditions.

Some of the helpful features include the ultra-soft padded laptop compartment as well as a dedicated gaming console. Inside are loads of pockets in different sizes, you are sure to find one that will fit all of your gear and accessories in one of these pockets, making it easy to keep this bag super organized.

The inside lining of the pockets is made from a super soft contrasting warm orange fabric, designed to keep your gadgets safe and scratch free.

Overall this is one awesome backpack, able to handle a giant laptop and still have all your traveling gadgets close at hand in the same bag.

Slappa Kampus 18 Inch Backpack for Laptop

A casual looking, lightweight laptop backpack for 18 inch laptops

The Slappa Kampus 18-Inch Backpack for Laptop is spacious, designed to carry both large gaming and everyday laptops. To that goal, Slappa created a very lightweight bag, that is strong and just seems to expand to fit more than just a few extra accessories.

Fits most 18-inch laptops as well as a good amount of the technical gear.

Slappa Kampus 18-Inch Backpack for Laptop - Khaki (SL-BP-KAM1803)

A lot of thoughts went into the design, so this is a bag that is both comfortable to carry and organize. The many pockets inside and outside make it easy to organize all your stuff without taking everything out. The padded laptop compartment will keep your laptop safe and secure.

While this bag fits, most 18-inch laptops, it also seems to be a popular choice for the 17-inch laptop crowd as well.

Case Logic VNC-218 18-Inch Laptop Case

Great basic laptop bag for large 18 inch laptop computers

The Case Logic 18 inch laptop cases are the cheapest of this selection but are great value for the money, it's rare to see so much effort put into making of laptop bags around $30.

Fits laptops up to 18 inches


  • Fits up to 18-Inch laptops
  • Smart Organization panel provides a place for all your electronics, gadgets and accessories
  • Speed Pocket - A quick access, secure place to put valuables (watch, keys, cell phone etc.) prior to passing through airport security
  • Adjustable divider in laptop case accommodates a variety of laptop sizes
  • Luggage strap securely attaches case to most rolling luggage

Good Quality Laptop Bag for Large Laptops

Targus 18 inch laptop bag - CPT401DUS

Targus Blacktop Deluxe Case with Dome Protection Designed to Protect up to 17 Inch Laptops CPT401DUS (Black with Grey Accents)

Though the manufacturers state, this bag fits laptops up to a 17-inches, it is easy to see from the dimensions and the comments by reviewers that it easily fits many 18-inch laptops.

Looks like this a good bag, able to combine that elusive combo of being a Laptop case that has loads of extra room without being too bulky!

Currently at an over 30% discount

18 inch Laptop Sleeves

An 18-inch laptop sleeve is great when you don't need a full-blown 18-inch laptop case with all its extra pockets for accessories and other things you might need to carry around.

A sleeve is the minimal protection you should have a notebook that you carry around with you, even if you mostly keep it at home or in the office.

Laptop sleeves are designed to protect your computer from dust, pet hair, etc. and additionally also from scratching and minor bumps that may occur. At the same time, a sleeve adds very little bulk, so it is excellent additional protection if you decide to use a bag not specially made to carry laptops.

Case Logic ENS-17 18-Inch Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

Most 18" laptop sleeves are not used alone, so may not have a carrying handle. At its the core, it consists of a padded sleeve that protects your laptop from dust, pet hair, etc. It also guards against scratches from other stuff that comes in contact with it when you carry it in a larger bag or case without a laptop sleeve.

Laptop sleeves should be bought close to your laptop size for the best protection, you want as snug fit as possible.

Laptop Bag Styles : Messenger bags, backpacks, rolling bags or briefcases

Which style would you get?

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18 inch Laptop Bags for Men

Includes 18.4 inch Men's Laptop Bags

I am not sure I would call any of these styles totally just for men, to me they look more unisex than anything else. They have nice clean, simple styling and construction, more functional looking than some of the other choices.

The ones here though do look the most masculine of what I have found at these sizes.

18 inch Laptop Bags for Women

Includes 18.4 inch Women's Laptop Bags

As you can see, most 18" laptop bags are very basic, functional and unisex, with not much choice for women. In fact so far there only seems to be one style made especially for women by Clark & Mayfield, luckily it has a lovely design and comes if various fashionable colors.

This style comes in both a carry tote/briefcase style and a wheeled version. While the style is lovely, it has not been at the expense of practical and functional features.

Clark & Mayfield Marquam 18.4" Laptop Tote, Red

Leather 18 inch Laptop Bags

No real leather options, so a faux leather sleeve is shown

There do not seem to be any 18-inch leather laptop sleeves most available ones are made from faux leather. Leather weighs quite a lot, so it is no surprise that it is not often used. In general, there are very few large 18-inch leather laptops bags or cases.

There is though a 19-inch soft leather sleeve for those who like the look and feel of leather, this might even be a bonus if you would like to carry accessories together with your laptop.

Claire Chase Jumbo Executive Computer Briefcase

While this bag says it fits laptops up to 17 inches, it seems that the laptop compartment is large enough for most 18-inch laptops too. If the height of your laptop at its highest point is less than 1.7 inches, then it should fit.

This smart looking briefcase bag is made of 100% quality leather. This bag has a dedicated laptop compartment that fits nearly all 17-inch and some 18-inch laptops. It also has enough extra space for use as an overnight bag.

A bit on the heavy side, but it is well made and has a sturdy strap that will carry any weight.

18 inch Rolling Bag or Case

Or the lack thereof

Sometimes you get surprised that something you thought would be common is rare or in this case almost non-existent.

In the end, after an extensive search there were only 2 rolling laptop bags, the 18-inch rolling laptop tote above, and the 20-inch laptop rolling bag reviewed below.

Hp 20" Roller Case for Notebook/Laptop - Discontinued

Hp 20" Roller Case for Notebook/Laptop (KD853PA)
Hp 20" Roller Case for Notebook/Laptop (KD853PA)

No Longer Available

This laptop bag is the biggest laptop bag we found. This one accommodates many large laptops with screen measurements of up to 20 inches. To make it easier to lug such a big laptops, HP made sure that this was rolling laptop bag.

Of course, it is sturdily built, and the wheels run smoothly. And even better, this bag is not just a wheeled laptop bag; it also converts into a backpack for those times when you do not have a smooth surface to wheel it around on.

This case has enough capacity to not only carry a laptops and accessories, but even has space for you to bring all your office essentials as well as an overnight change of clothing. So it is more of a laptop cum overnight bag about the size of a small suitcase.

While I think there is quite a good selection of both 18-inch and 18.4 inch laptop bags, finding 19-inch bags, and cases or even one more 20-inch laptop bag has been nigh on impossible.

So if you have any suggestions please add them in the comments.

What do you think about this collection of 18 inch cases and bags?

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