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The Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Machine Reviews

Updated on September 5, 2014

At home laser hair removal reviews: two laser hair machines that really work!

Being a woman is never easy, but being a fair-skinned woman with a mountain of dark hair all over her body is a nightmare. For women like us, shaving leaves hair coarser and darker than it was before. Epilating works well if you can stand the pain, but it never really eliminates the problem completely. In the end, the option many woman turn to is laser hair removal.

Up until recently, laser hair removal was performed in specialised beauty salons. Treatments could easily cost up to $500 per session. It was, and still is, a privilege limited to women with not only an excess of hair, but an excess of cash as well.

This is why in home laser hair removal is such an exciting prospect. With an at home laser hair removal machine, you can eliminate those nasty hairs when you want and as often as you want without the inconvenience of heading to the salon every month for a session. What is more, you only pay once for a product that will last for years to come.

In this article, you will find two of the best at home laser hair removal machines on the market today. If you meet the requirements for laser hair removal, you will undoubtedly find either of these machines a dream to use, for both their convenience and effectiveness.

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Personal Laser Hair Removal Machines vs. Spa Machines - The difference between these two types of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal performed in a beauty salon, and that performed at home are similar in that they both use pulsed light technology to eliminate hair. While the solution is not permanent in either case, it is by far the most effective and long-lasted method of mass hair removal, with results ranging from 50-90% less hair depending on the person and section of the body being treated. In this section, you will find the primary differences between the two methods as reported by those who have undergone both.

  1. Personal laser hair removal machines are portable and can be used at your convenience. Spa machines can only be accessed when you visit the spa for an appointment.
  2. The general consensus is that in home laser hair removal machines cause less pain than spa machines.
  3. In home laser hair removal machines cost far less than treatments at the spa. The machine itself will cost you around $300 plus around $40 for every replacement cartridge you buy, while a spa treatment will easily cost upwards of $400 per treatment.
  4. To use a spa laser machine, you are required to prep your body for the treatment 10 days beforehand with special (and very expensive) creams. With an at home laser hair removal machine, all you have to do is shave and exfoliate before your treatment.

Flash&Go Permanent Hair Removal Device - The best at home laser hair removal machine on the market

Cheap laser hair removal has never been more effective than the Flash&Go Permanent Hair Removal Device from Sephora, the best permanent hair removal solution on the market in my humble opinion.

This machine uses Home Pulsed Light technology to safely eliminate unwanted hair with long-term results. If used correctly, a person with light-coloured skin and dark hair should see at least a 60% reduction in hair within 6 weeks. To remain hairless, all that is required is a session every two weeks. It can be used not only on the legs, but on any part of your body that has hair, from your underarms to your bikini line to your upper lip.

To get the most out of the Flash&Go, make sure to exfoliate your legs often, and to use the device a day after shaving. Do not use the device if you are tanned as the light will be attracted to the melanin in your skin.

As an owner of this device, I can say that it is far less painful than the traditional laser hair treatment you receive in beauty spas. Some people who have bought this product suggest wearing sunglasses as the light emitted from the laser can be quite intense, but I have found that closing your eyes is sufficient.

Silk'n Flash&Go and FaceFX on FOX TV - A brief review of the Silk'n Flash&Go hair removal machine

About halfway through this video, you will find a brief review of the Flash&Go hair removal machine from Sephora.

Does laser hair removal really work?

Wondering if laser hair removal works? Here is your answer!

Having undergone laser hair removal myself, I can confirm that it works, but as with any other hair removal method, it cannot be considered a permanent solution. Sadly, permanent solutions to excessive hairiness simply do not exist.

This said, I can confirm that during my two year-long experience with laser hair removal, I noticed a 60% decrease in the amount of hair on my upper legs, and a 70% decrease on my lower legs. The results would generally last a good two months. Now that nearly two years have passed since my last treatment, 20% of the hair has grown back, but it is much finer, lighter and easier to manage.

With the above-mentioned Flash&Go, I am now able to keep the remaining hair under control with a quick touch-up session every two to three weeks.

Silk'n SensEpil All-Over Hair Removal Handheld Device - Another of the best laser hair removal at home machines

I've never used the Silk'n SensEpil Hair Removal Device, but it is made by the same company that makes the Flash&Go and it has received favourable reviews, so I believe it deserves a place here among the best laser hair removal machines.

Like the Flash&Go, the SensEpil uses Home Pulsed Light Technology to safely remove unwanted hair from any part of your body. As with any device, the results will vary from person to person, but the average woman with light skin and dark hair can expect a 50% average reduction in hair after seven sessions. One customer said that after a year of usage, only 10% of her arm hair is left.

To experience the most comfort possible, be sure to exfoliate often and use body creams to soften the skin on the area you want to treat. Try to use the product a day after shaving, and not when the hair has been left to grow.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

How high is your pain threshold?

The short answer to this question is that, yes, laser hair removal does hurt. However, everyone has a different pain threshold. I, for instance, have a very low tolerance for pain, but I found laser hair removal bearable. In fact, it is far less painful than waxing or epilating.

If I were to describe the pain, it is much like a tiny elastic band being launched against your skin, or a burning match touching you for an instant. Like waxing and epilating, the pain does not last. The pain is more intense in areas of your body with large quantities of dark and thick hair. I personally found the ankles, the back of my knees, and the bikini line the most painful, whereas I hardly felt any pain along the top of my lower leg.

More Laser Hair Removal Machines on Amazon

The following laser hair removal devices have not received the shining reviews the above two models have received, but they are worth a look nonetheless.

Laser Hair Removal Machines on eBay - Cheap laser hair removal machines online

It is a well-known fact that in home laser hair removal machines tend to be very expensive. This is why eBay is such a useful resource. You can find discounts on laser hair removal machines, as well as machines that aren't easily found in stores. Be sure to check out eBay before making your final decision!

Will you take the leap and try in home laser hair removal? - Thank you for paying us a visit!

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    • profile image

      Bobski606 4 years ago

      I've been thinking about getting laser therapy but I could never afford the prices. I'm assuming that will have exactly the same products it's just I'm in the UK. Great lens though, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    • profile image

      High Profile Tech 2 years ago

      I appreciate this article and the amount of time you have spent to put it together. All i could say is the at home remedies for hair removal such as smaller devices such as this cost as much as a full course of professional ipl hair removal treatment with a machine such as the InteliBrite IPL.

      I would advise all those who view a small at home IPL machine to check the competitive costing for full treatments at good salons, at the end of the day you would purchase this for value for money over treatment results.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 23 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Thanks for the info and mention of these products. I'd love to find an excellent home laser. I'll surely research your suggestions and find as many reviews as I can.

      The salons and laser treatment centers are becoming more and more expensive to the point of ridiculous. It would serve them right for consumers to find a superb replacement for home use!

      These Beauty vendors (All of them) need to stop robbing customers blind.

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