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Find the Perfect Bridal Flip Flops

Updated on September 19, 2014

White, cream, satin or sparkly, wedding flip flops for the bride are easy to find

Whether you'll wed in a tropical destination or just want something comfy to slip on for your reception, bridal flip flops are the way to go. Platform or wedge bridal flip flops provide a bit of height to offset a long gown, while traditional whisper-thin flats offer a barely there look. There's even foot jewelry for a true back-to-nature vibe.

Even if you'll wed on a chilly day, as I did with October nuptials, these slip-ons are perfect for pre- or post-ceremony lounging--or morning-after basking in the newlywed glow.

Laid-back brides, schedule your pedicure and have a look at these cute wedding flip flops, with prices as un-stuffy as the shoes themselves.

Will they be wearable after the wedding? Doubtful, unless you choose a streamlined pair sans floral, beading or rhinestone embellishment. And what's the fun in that? Consider these a precious souvenir, and (if they survive the big day in decent shape) put them in a wedding shadowbox instead.

(photo: Clever Cupcakes cc ~ cropped for size and shape)

This design pairs satiny rosettes with a gentle wedge for some height. In white, black and ivory.

By this same label: The Sparkle is another pretty wedge, but in a silvery shade. And it's easy to say "I do" to the Touch-Ups Macy, a beaded number flop in cream or white that offers a slight platform for height.

I'm so glad that youth-fashion queen Betsey Johnson has broken into the bridal footwear market. These rhinestone beauties offer boatloads of sparkle, plus an iconic "Tiffany blue" hued sole that just may count for your something blue.

Important tip!

You know how in late spring, that first truly warm day comes along and you decide to throw on some flip flops, only to find that the strap irritates the daylights out of that tender area between your toes? Don't let that be your wedding day! Wear flip flops around the house for a few days before your nuptials to get your tootsies used to the idea.

You can't go wrong with rhinestone flip flops for a laid-back wedding look. Cushioned straps are there to up the comfort level on the pair shown above.

In white & ivory

Think that wedding dress you worked so hard to find and afford deserves non-synthetic footwear? The straps on the beauties shown below are actually suede. Love their multi-metallic sparkle, too. In white & dark neutrals.

Toe the line...

Want your tootsies in top shape for the big day? Check out these wedding pedicure tips.

If you want a flip flop that literally says "bride," the shoe shown below is for you. In white with blue embroidered lettering.

Also from Nomad, check out the Sugarland, a tallish (3" wedge) but comfy bridal flip flop with plenty of bling.

The Nina shoe label is known for glam special-occasion footwear that won't break the bank. One of my most-complimented-ever shoes is a purple, pointed-toe satin pump from this brand that has helped up surprisingly well through several seasons of holiday parties.

Past bridal flip flops from this company include the rosette-bedecked Hella and Hilaria styles, the Risdy with its ultrafeminine bow and just a touch of rhinestone, and the very blingy Berkley. Or there's this pair, the Margery with a sweet mesh flower front and center.

Need "something blue"? Feet may be one of the easier places to stash the good-luck color. These super affordable satiny flip flops from a wedding-wear heavy hitter come in three azure shades, along with other pretty colors for the bride who wants to be a bit different....or her bridesmaids!

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Want to go really bare?

Boho sex appeal abounds in this "foot necklace" that takes the flipflop one step further! I did say book a pedicure, right?? You've got to love the way your feet look to go with this approach :)

How bad for your feet?

How hard are flip flops on your feet? Experts say they're fine in moderation; just don't hike trails or hit the gym in them. Shouldn't be a problem at your wedding, right?

Comments ~ Have you found the perfect pair?

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