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Finding My Best Colors to Wear

Updated on January 23, 2012

My Best Autumn Color Palette

Do you know your best colors?

As a certified color analyst who specializes in seasonal color analysis for women of color, I am usually the one looking at someone's skin and hair and eyes to identify the color palette that will work best for them. Generally, I work within a 12-season model, but often find that women don't quite fit squarely into just one season.

Best Colors to Wear

So I have considered expanding my system to include 20 seasons, and at first, thought that that would work MUCH better. But the more seasons you create, the smaller the palettes for those seasons.

However, there is another, more individualized way to go about discovering your best colors, and that is to find the colors in your own body and put together a personalized color palette. I have done this, myself, with my own colors because I wanted to compare them to the autumn color palettes I was using already.

My Best Autumn Color Palette

I am definitely an autumn, and not a soft one, either. But I have, at times, considered both warm autumn and deep autumn, not sure which fit best. My approach is to identify the dominant characteristic, so it became a question of whether I was more warm than deep or more deep than warm.

I believe I have settled on warm autumn leaning deep in the 12-season model. But within my new expanded system, I had been thinking that clear autumn would work best. As a person who is both warm and deep but needs to make sure that their deep colors are also clear, I thought I might fit the clear category better than the deep one.

So I decided to find my colors and see how they compared to the traditional warm autumn color palette, the deep autumn color palette and my clear autumn concept. Though I have settled on warm autumn bridging deep and have decided that 12 season color analysis is really enough, it was FASCINATING to identify those colors and create a personalized palette!

What's Your Most Dominant Color?

When I examined my hair, skin and eyes, I found colors that surprised me. Some I liked, some not so much (mauve, anyone?). What are the colors you might find?

If you had to pick just one color that you would expect to find in your hair, your skin and your eyes, what would it be?

See results

How to Find Your Best Colors to Wear

Got a Camera?

The first thing I did was to take lots of pictures!! ...

(1) Use the macro setting on your camera.

(2) Take the pictures in natural daylight.

(3) Hold the camera steady until after you hear the click.

(4) Take pictures of your eyes, your hair, the inside of your wrist and your face without makeup.

The next thing I did was ask myself the following questions...

(1) What are the colors I see most quickly and easily? Do I know their color names?

(2) What is the lightest color I see in my eyes?

(3) What is the darkest color I see in my eyes?

(4) What color is the ring around my eye?

(5) What is the lightest color I see in my hair?

(6) What is the darkest color I see in my hair?

(7) What color are my veins?

(8) What color is my skin? How many different colors can I identify in my skin?

(9) Are these colors light, dark, bright, soft, warm or cool?

(10) Which color palette fits most of the colors I have found?

Note: I answered some of these questions with resources I found online, some with books, etc.

Color Your Style by David Zyla

Color Your Style: How to Wear Your True Colors
Color Your Style: How to Wear Your True Colors

This book provides a great way to begin to identify your own coloring. Using the book, which targets eight essence colors, I was able to identify over 30 colors, which made it easy to confirm my season as an autumn.

What's helpful is that he suggests colors for each of the 8 essence colors he wants you to find, and they include warm colors and cool ones. After you have identified several colors, he helps you figure out which of the four is your primary season.


Other Resources for Identifying Your Best Colors to Wear

My Best Autumn Color Palette

Putting It All Together

Fancy names for the (mostly) autumn colors in my coloring...

The browns: brown, reddish brown, dark grayish reddish brown, grayish brown, light grayish brown, dark grayish amber

The olives: dark olive, very deep olive, dark grayish olive, grayish olive

The yellows: very dark gamboge, dark grayish gamboge

The vermilions (red-orange): dark gray vermilion, grayish vermilion, moderate vermilion, dark vermilion, very dark vermilion

The grays: yellowish gray, dark gray, dark apple greenish gray, very dark gray, reddish gray, dark crimsonish gray, dark ceriseish gray, dark vermilionish gray, light brownish gray

The reds: moderate rose, moderate red, moderate amaranth, dark scarlet

The tangelos (orange): moderate tangelo, dark tangelo, very dark tangelo, grayish tangelo, dark grayish tangelo, tangeloish black

Other (less fancy) color names in my coloring...

Purples: soft violet, purple, eggplant

Reds: brick red, burgundy

Warm pinks: apricots

Neutrals: ivory, pewter, oatmeal, medium grey, charcoal

Greens: very dark olive green, bright dark teal

Browns: apple cider, dark chocolate, espresso

Recommended colors to add to my autumn color palette...

Blues: sky blue, bluebell, cornflower blue

Reds: true red, orange red

Warm pinks: light apricot, apricot, clear salmon

Yellows: primrose, light gold

Oranges: amber, tangerine, terracotta

Greens: light moss, apple green, verbena

Whites: cream, ivory

Clear Autumn Color Palette...

When I look at the traditional color palettes to see where all these colors have landed, they're in light spring, warm spring, warm autumn and deep autumn for the most part. But all of them (except for true and clear red) can be found in this palette for clear autumn found in the book, Uniquely You...

I created my own clear autumn color palette using Polyvore...

Thanks so much for coming by to visit!

If you try this experiment, yourself, let me know how it goes. And once you've identified some of the colors in your hair, skin and eyes, my free seasonal color analysis quiz might help you find your season.

Have a fun color journey!


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    • profile image

      Casandra 2 years ago


      I'm trying to identify my third Zyla base color, but I'm confused and blocked...!! This is the thing: my hair is naturally dark chocolate-ebony brown, any noticeable (at least for me) highlights!!! :/ Which criteria do you use to identify that color? The shine's against natural light "color"?

      I've been looking on the mirror with soft natural light... But I'm gonna try the picture method you suggest in the post... Probably I'll see more clearly the subtle coloring there!

      Thanks for your work!

    • IntuitiveHealer profile image

      IntuitiveHealer 4 years ago

      @misha-tetro: Hi Michelle! Thanks!! Actually, the programs I have used have either changed or been discontinued or I realized weren't color accurate. Or something. LOL! But there are some out there that generate color based on the color number and I used one of those recently. I think it was called colorcombos?

    • profile image

      misha-tetro 4 years ago

      Hi! I love that you did your colors! I know my season but I really want to nail down my colors. So I took the photos and am pulling the colors out. I was wondering if you used a program to lay out the color chart and if so which one?

      Thanks for the page!