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Best Cycling Shorts for Men

Updated on June 26, 2012

The Best Cycling Shorts

When you are trying to find the best cycling shorts for men it helps to know exactly what you want to look for in the perfect pair. There are a number of things that you will find with many shorts, but the top quality shorts are going to give you something extra. When it comes to cycling shorts, never settle for anything that is less than the best, and with the wide selection that you will find, you never have to.

For those that are cycling competitively, cycling shorts that reduce wind resistance while increasing aerodynamic efficiency are a must. These shorts do not only make the ride smoother, but they also reduce the weight of the rider's cloths which can also act to improve comfort and improve the times that you deliver. Some shorts just look nice are not going to offer this benefit, but on this page your will only find top of the line shorts that deliver top of the line results.

Additionally, the best cycling shorts are going to deliver your comfort, they will draw sweat away from the riders skins which can help prevent rashes and chafing while also helping to cool the rider off through evaporation. Many note that the shorts seem a little bit tight at first but this is because they will help prevent muscle fatigue, which is an important part of comfort.

FAQ on Cycling Shorts

What do I wear under cycling shorts?

Nothing, cycling shorts are meant to be worn alone without an undergarments, you will find that true cycling shorts are not the tights that you may see used as street wear or for gymnastics. Cycling shorts cost a little more because they are made out of several layers of fabric and designs to be concealing and comfortable.

Why are they so tight?

The best cycling shorts are meant to be tight, on a long or fast ride, the compression of the legs acts a preventative measure for muscle fatigue. Put simply, the tighter shorts mean you can ride longer, which is a good thing!

How Much do I spend?

This varies a lot, a good pair should cost at least $50, but you will find that some shorts in the lower range of the price are thinner and REQUIRE outerwear over them. If this is what you want you can spend less, but the better the shorts the higher the cost.

Other Top Styles and Shorts

These are just some other popular styles that are getting great ratings from other riders!

best cycling shorts
best cycling shorts

Best Cycling Shorts - Bibs

Another popular option for cyclist is to get cycling shorts that are known as bib, you can see the style below, but they are meant to be worn with a cycling jersey. The reason that many people use this kind is that they are much more "supportive" for men and they hug where necessary without being too tight. They sometimes run a little more expensive, but most people would rather pay extra and know that they have the support that they need.

Bibs go over the shoulders, much like overalls, and do not require as many seems which can lead to a reduction in chafing and moisture that builds up. Additionally because they stretch across the entire body, they are generally more "mobile" and move with the entire body in a way that standard shorts don't.

How to Wear Cycling Shorts

Do you Wear Cycling Shorts?

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    • cyclingtopics profile image

      cyclingtopics 5 years ago

      Great lens! I too like bib shorts a lot! I like the ones you posted the photo of on here too. I may have to look into getting those!