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Best Electric Shaver For Men in 2013

Updated on July 24, 2013

Why Men Should Buy A Good Quality Electric Razor?

In North by North West, some guy may have been able to get away by using a tiny womenâs razor to get a clean shave, but men these days want to shave with whatâs more on the cutting edge. Fancy electric shavers guarantee style, comfort and convenience, letting you shave without the hassle of dealing with lather and water.

As compared to regular razors, electric razors provide better solutions, especially for sensitive skins (say good-bye to red spots and cuts). Thatâs not it! The real kick off is that, with this type of razor, thereâs no worrying about being near a sink when you can travel with it, or if you like a mid-day touch-up at work. Check out the reviews of best electric shavers in 2013 below and buy the one which suits you the most.

Why Not Wet Shave?

Many men prefer electric shave over a wet shave usually because it is time-saving, mess free and considerably less likely to end in a bloodbath.

Braun Series 7 - 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System

Very similar to Braun 760 cc, with an added quick clean feature and somewhat different battery display, the Braun 790 cc comes with an electric razor itself, one month supply of the Braun clean and renew liquid, a travelling case, cleaning brush, manual of instructions, an electrical cord and of course the charging base & cleaning station.

The average sized Braun 790 cc has a nice high-tech design, fits really well in the hand. Braun's Pulsonic technology can be found at the head of the razor, which makes shaving much easier, providing 10,000 micro vibrations per minute and allowing you to get a very close shave and preventing tugging or pulling. A very sleek feature of this shaver lets the head of the shaver to pivot back and forth (good for shaving around the neck and chin area). It does come with a pop-up trimmer, which could be helpful in trimming down your moustache for example. On the bottom, you can see a display for the battery and hygiene level.

Most men would be a big fan of Braun 790 cc's clean and renew system, which is pretty handy; every time you finish the shave, install the clean and renew into the base station (which is pretty easy), put your shaver in the base, it's going to clean it, sterilize it, charge it and you're ready for your next shave.

In case you're travelling, and you don't have the base station on you or if you don't want to conserve the clean and renew liquid, you can clip off the foil (at the top of the shaver), use the brush to remove any hair that's in there and clip it on again. Otherwise you can put the shaver under running water, and let dry afterwards - that'd work too. The electrical cord can be used directly with the shaver; you don't have to travel with base station all the time.

Panasonic ES8243A Men's 4-Blade (Arc 4) Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver with Nanotech Blades

This turbo 4-blade (actually 4-outer and 2-inner blades), is a very powerful shaver which will shave your thickest of hair too with its ultra-fast 13000 rpm speed. It's made for all skin types with its four blade arc technology and 32% expanded surface, which allows you to capture more shaving area.

It comes with an electric razor itself (enclosed in a fancy travelling case), head cover, an instruction manual and a charger (fully charges in an hour and you can do a 5 min charge for a quick shave).

This shaver features a pop-up trimmer to help you trim down your moustache hair and also offers the feature of pivoting the head back and forth or locking at a particular spot. The display on the shaver lets you keep count of how many minutes the shaver has been used for, also showing the battery life and percentage.

Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch Electric Razor

Philips Norelco Powertouch comes in a decent concealed packaging with a quick manual (always good to read about what you have), a head cover/lid, a charger, a cleaning brush and the electric shaver itself. The flexible three head shaver lets you shave precisely (no hair pull at all), to any and every contour of your face. It is made of hard plastic (not heavy at all), at the back and rubber on the front, which gives it a very elegant look.

This shaver might not be the best for thick hair, but let me tell you, with its super-lift and cut technology, it'll provide you the comfort you need while shaving. Again, it comprises of a pop trimmer and as far as the cleaning is concerned, there's a release button towards the top of the shaver, to clip off the head and clean the shaver with running water.

Remington R-7130 Flex 360 LCD Cord/Cordless Rotary Shaver

Remington Flex 360 takes care of the angles, curves and corners of your face by its 360 Flex & Pivot Technology. This shaver comes with a great 60 minute charge time and an LCD showing the battery life.

The blades are coated with titanium, with Teflon protected surface which provides a comfy shave and would let the shaver glide on your skin smoothly, with no chance of burn at all. Its neck pivots in every direction and its three independent heads flex 360 degrees, adjusting to every nook and neck, for an extra close comfortable shave, even under your chin.

Braun 3Series 340S-4 Wet & Dry Shaver

As obvious by its name, this 100% waterproof shaver comes with Braun's new SenseFoil technology and ergonomically designed foil holes, which capture hair consistently providing a more efficient close shave. It's built in skin conditioner provides 30% minimized skin irritation. It can be used with foam and gel and can be cleaned easily afterwards, under running water.

The new improved Triple Action FreeFloat system with three independently moving shaving elements allows the shaver to adapt to any facial contour, cutting both short and long hairs (even works on 3 days beards), more effectively than ever before and providing super smooth skin feeling.

What is Your Favourite Electric Shaver Company?

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    • profile image

      kongton23 4 years ago

      I have been using Braun series shavers for quite some time and it has defintely made my life easier.

    • profile image

      hontonnz1 4 years ago

      In my opinion, Panasonic make more long lasting electric razors as compared to other companies.

    • profile image

      enosnrenr 4 years ago

      Before reading your lens i preferred wet shave but now i am thinking of giving dry shave a shot.

    • profile image

      bonton2 4 years ago

      Very good picks. I like Braun Series 7 Shaver System because it's reliable and you can use it with comfort in different situations.