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Diamond Engagement Ring For the One You Love

Updated on March 22, 2016

Love is Forever

Let the love be forever. Love is about loving and support in the times or good and bad. Let the ring say all the feelings in your heart towards her. Let your feelings and the ring touch her heart and soul. Show her your love and surprise her with the one special ring which contains all your feelings for her.

If you love her then give her a ring

Engagement ring for the one that you love, it is also a good idea to give her a surprise and she will love you for your thoughtfulness.

Some Great Ideas

I suggest you can take her out to a romantic dinner and when the timing is right then give her a surprise engagement ring. Another good idea is after dinner when you and her are alone listening to romantic music at home then you can give her the ring. You can also sing a song first about marry me and see her reaction, if she seemed happy then you know she want to marry you. You can also take her for a trip to some place near you and give her the ring when you are in the hotel and give her a surprise. I think if you wait too long then she might lose interested in you, so I suggest not to wait too long and when you find the right timing then ask her to marry you.

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