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Best Hair Clippers

Updated on July 11, 2014

Best Hair Clippers on the Market

If you find yourself at the barber shop on a regular basis, then you will seriously benefit from owning one of the best hair clippers available. There are some pretty good hair clippers on the market and today I'll help you choose the best hair clipper for your needs. Bear in mind that you are looking for the best hair clippers so we're going for quality and not cheap clippers which can let you down, like die on you in the middle of cut.

A good hair clipper will allow you to cut your hair to varying lengths for very short to just a few inches through an action called clipping or buzzing. It should also be able to cut any type of hair from straight to curly, thin or thick etc.

We will divide the best hair clippers into two categories, cord and cordless.

How I Chose the Best Hair Clippers

One Week of Collecting Information

Before choosing the best hair clippers, I wanted to see what the expert barbers were recommending on their forums and that's how this list was birthed. The main influence in choosing these clippers was that they recommend by many professional barbers and the persons they were recommended to confirmed the barber, recommendations. Some concerns that were addressed include: the ability to cut any type of hair, heating of the clippers, close clipping without cutting especially for balding, cutting power and battery life in cordless models. These recommendations are also great choices when shopping for Christmas Gifts or Father's Day Gift Ideas

What You Need to Know About Cordless Clippers

From the first moment you try a cordless hair clipper, it will be really difficult to start using a corded clipper again. Those of you one a cordless hair clipper already know what I’m talking about.

But what are the pros and cons of having a cordless clipper?


The main advantage of having a cordless clipper is that without a cord, it is easier for you to move around your head to get a proper haircut. you don’t have to deal with a twisted cord.

Another advantage is that it is portable. This is a plus especially if you want to cut your own hair and you don’t want to stick in your room, facing the mirror, you can carry it wherever you want. Not all bathrooms have outlets especially if you will be travelling, having a cordless clipper will ensure that you are always well groomed wherever you go.


The main disadvantage of cordless clippers is that you lose strokes per minutes; meaning you don’t get as much power as a corded clipper, but the best cordless hair clippers on the market are pretty powerful and come pretty close to the corded ones. Batteries also have to be changed from time to time.Another disadvantage is that you must always ensure that your clipper is charged or else you will not be able to cut your hair. Also if the battery is not adequately charged, your clipper could die in the middle of a cut.What makes a great cordless hair clipper?1. A strong motor is a must for a good hair clipper. You need a strong motor because a weak motor will pull your hair instead of clipping it and this can be a little painful. Consider that cordless trimmers lose power as the batteries lose its charge, so you should take into consideration the length of running time you can expect from a single charge.2. A good cordless clipper will have good battery performance. You should be able cut your hair on a single charge. The battery should store plenty of power, and not be losing all the charge when you complete cutting your hair. If the trimmer’s battery life is not enough and you want to buy it, you can consider buying one with a longer battery life or you can purchase an extra battery

Best Hair Clippers Cordless - Recommended Cordless Hair clippers

Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade, Model BGR+, Black (64850)
Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade, Model BGR+, Black (64850)

Powerful rotary motor for heavy-duty use

The clipper is 20% lighter and 10% smaller with its heavy duty high speed motor

Includes #1 CeramicEdge blades

Works with all Andis UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades

Wahl Lithium Ion Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers and Trimmers for men,Hair Cutting Kit with 10 Guide Combs by The Brand used by Professionals.   #79600-2101
Wahl Lithium Ion Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers and Trimmers for men,Hair Cutting Kit with 10 Guide Combs by The Brand used by Professionals. #79600-2101

Easy to follow step by step full color instructions

Detail trimmer, contoured shape and precision edged/self sharpening blades, is perfect for touch-ups

2x the run time 40 minutes typical

15 minute quick charge provides 12 minute run time

Easily cuts the thickest hair with 50% more power than standard wahl electromagnetic motor clippers

Andis Ceramic BGRC Professional Detachable Blade Hair Clipper
Andis Ceramic BGRC Professional Detachable Blade Hair Clipper

Andis Ceramic BGRC Professional Detachable Blade Hair Clipper Overview

Don't let the price of this baby turn you off, this clipper has a powerful rotary motor which is 15% faster than traditional clippers. Unlike pivot motors, the rotary motor on this clipper makes it quieter and operates smoother. This motor was designed for prolonged heavy duty use. Battery life is great with one hour operation on full charge. This clipper is fitted with ceremic blades which conducts less heat than other metals such as carbon steel. What this means is that your blade stays cooler and sharper longer. Another why this clipper is a great choice is because it is compact and light. The clipper is about 20% lighterand 10% smaller this makes it a lot easier to maneuver and handle.

Here are some reasons why people love this clipper. The Pros

It's cordless - Provides flexibility so that you can use it anywhere.

Ceramic edge blades -These blades are great because the stay cooler and sharper longer than traditional blades.

Super quiet - You know these clippers that buzz annoyingly in ypur ears? well not this one. This is one of the quietest top end clipper out there today

Detachable blades - This is great since it allows you to choose the length you want to cut your hair without guide combs (although they are included).

Powerful motor - Makes cutting any type of hair a breeze.

Very versatile - Works with all Andis UltraEdge, CeramicEdge, and Oster 76 blades.

Easy use - Blades detach in seconds and clean easily.

No product is perfect, but there are some imperfections that you can leave with. Here are the Cons

The Price - This clipper is a little pricey, the top end of the market but is worth the investment.

The weight - Some people have complained that it is a little heavy but this clipper is 20% lighter, 10% smaller than traditional clippers

Best Hair Clippers
Best Hair Clippers

Philips Norelco QC5130 Hair Clipper Overview

One thing that is really great about this clipper is that it has a 180 degree rotating head which makes it very useful for cutting your own hair. This clipper can run up to 40 minutes on a single charge. You don't have to worry about noise since this clipper runs quietly and smoothly. It is light weight and ergonomically designed. No need to worry about the blades going dull because the clipper is equipped with self sharpening blades, there's no need to oil the blades either since they are maintenance free.

Here's why this clipper is really great. Pros

Integrated Adjustable Comb - Integrated adjustable comb offers 10 precision settings for hair lengths up to 21 millimeters (7/8 inch)

Great Blades - blades are rounded to prevent scratching and skin irritation, and the stainless steel blades are self-sharpening, requiring no oiling or maintenance for the life of the clipper.

Portable - This clipper gives you the freedom to cut and style your hair whenever you want and wherever you are.

Durable - Phillips have made this clipper tough that's why it is backed by a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

Price - For what this clipper is able to do, the price is a steal

Ergonomic Design - This thing is compact and lightweight for easy and less-tiring handling, fits well in the hands of women as well.

Here's what I don't like about this clipper

Does not Have a Quick Charge Feature - Takes 10 hours to fully charge, but when fully charged can run up to 45 minutes.

Battery is not replaceable - Althoough the battery is not replaceable, this unit includes a cord if you need to use this clipper urgently in case battery is low

Best Hair Clippers
Best Hair Clippers

Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium-ion Clipper

Wahl has always been known for excellent products and Wahl 79600-2101 lithium-ion clipper is no different. With lithium ion technology powering the clipper, there's no need to charge the clipper often. You can use this clipper for up to 40 minutes on a single charge. The self sharpening blade are sharp right out the box and they are sharp not pulling on the hair and able to cut even the thickest of hair. For the price, this clipper can't be beat and it comes with all the tools you need to get that barbered look, once you can manage that yourself.

Here's What I liked about the Wahl 79600-2101 lithium-ion clipper. Pros

The Battery - The lithium ion batteries provide up to 40 minutes of cut time and unlike many cordless clippers, only takes about 3 hours to fully charge; the average cordless clipper takes about 10 hours.

Detailed Trimmer - You get an extra smaller trimmer that is powered by one AA battery so you get the detailing work done like getting those tight corners.

Blades - These blades are amazing. I must mention that they are quite sharp, this is a plus since it will not pull on the hair. The blades are also self sharpening.

Price - This clipper is a great for the price. Bear in mind that it is not the cheapest clipper out there and its certainly not the most expensive and for what you are getting, it's a steal

Quick Charge Feature - If you clipper is dead and you don't have 3 hours to charge up, no problem. This clipper can be charged for 15 minute and you will be able to use the clipper for up to 12 minutes without damaging the battery.

Things I did not like about this clipper

Maintenance - Unlike the clippers listed above, this clipper is not self lubricating and requires you to maintain the blades. The head is also non removeable which makes cleaning a little bit difficult. It does come with a cleaning brush and lubricating oil.

The Attachments - Some people may not consider this to be a con but the clipper does come with a lot of attachments and to me, the ear and eyebrow attachments don't seem to work well. In the end you will find that you only use two or three attachments on a regular basis,

How-To Charge Your Cordless Clipper

You have just bought one of the best hair clippers that are cordless. You can prolong the life of your cordless clipper by simply charging the battery properly. This tutorial will teach you how to do just that. If you follow these steps, you will enjoy your cordless clipper for a long while.

Difficulty: easy


  • Cordless Clipper
  • Clipper Charger
  • Electricity


1. Drain the battery by letting the clipper run until it is completely drained. You can run it without the blade.

2. Place the clipper on the charger and start the initial charge. This first charge is very important.

3. Charge the battery until the indicator says that it is fully charged the stop the charging.

4. Take the battery out of the charger, that way you know for sure that the charging has stopped. If you continue to charge the battery when fully charged, you may overcharge the battery causing damage to the cells and the battery will not be able to hold a charge for very long in the future.

5. Now that your clipper battery is fully charged, you can now start using your cordless clipper

6. Never place the cordless clipper back on the charger after short use as this creates "memory". where the battery cell adjust to the runs of short periods. After a while you will feel like the battery does not hold a charge for very long.Let the battery drain before recharging the battery.

7. Follow all steps for a long battery life of your cordless clipper

Best Corded Clippers

Some people swear by the corded clipper. One thing for sure, most corded clippers are more reliable than cordless ones; although there are great cordless clippers out there. I f you are not ready to make a transition from cord to cordless, here are some of the best corded clippers on the market.

OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010
OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010

Has a powerful, heavy duty universal motor that cuts through thick and wet hair efficently and quicklyThe detachable Cryogen-x blade system allows you to quickly and easily change blade, thirteen blade sizes availableHigh quality valox material makes the clipper housing virtually unbreakableIncludes size #1 and #000 detachable Croygen-x blades, blade guard, blade oil, clipper grease, cleaning brush and instruction sheetMade in USA

Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper #8470-500 – Ultra-Powerful Full Size Clipper – V5000 Electromagnetic Motor – Includes 8 Attachment Combs
Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper #8470-500 – Ultra-Powerful Full Size Clipper – V5000 Electromagnetic Motor – Includes 8 Attachment Combs

An asset for any barber shop or salon

High precision blades.

Contains a Powerful V5000 motor

Lightweight construction

6 color-coded attachment guides from 1/8 inch to 1 inch

Best Hair Clippers
Best Hair Clippers

Oster Classic 76 Professional Clipper Overview

I absolutely love this clipper. I don't think that you can find a more reliable clipper that performs superbly every time than this one. This is one of the best clippers that money can buy and if you think I am showing too much confidence in this clipper, just ask any serious barber. I have yet to walk into a barber shop and not see this clipper at a barber's workstation. This clipper is well built with exceptional power for great performance. This clipper has been around for a long long time and there is a reason for this.

Here are the reasons. The Pros

Powerful Motor - This clipper uses a 45 watt motor that cuts through any type of hair; wether thick, wet dry , you name it this motor can handle it.

Durability - This thing is built like a tank, built to last. The motor is serviceable and the blades can be changed. The power cord is very sturdy.

Does Not Over-heat - Even under heavy use, this clipper remains relatively cool.

Warrany - Not like you need one but the clipper does come with a one year guarantee.

Blades - The blades are very strong and sharp. Because of the process used in creating the blades, they last longer and stay sharper longer. You won't have to change these blades for at least 2-3 years.

Although they are few, there are some Cons to this great clipper

Weight - The clipper is a bit heavier than the average clipper out there, about 1.6 pounds. This is so because the clipper is made to last.

Loud - This baby has a powerful motor so a little noise is expected from this clipper. Although it is a loud clipper, it's comparable to that of cheaper clippers; not unbearable.

Require Skill to Use - But don't let that shy you away from this great clipper. If you are a beginner, trust me you will love this clipper and with practice you will get better.

best trimmers for men
best trimmers for men

Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper Overview

The Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper is a step down from the Oster Classic 76 but is still a very powerful clipper and a worthy opponent. Unlike the classic 76, this clipper is quieter and lighter. This clipper will not disappoint, the blades are sharp and glide effortlessly while cutting. It is also built to last, you will have this clipper for years to come.

Here's why I think you should absolutely love this clipper.

The Motor - The motor is quiet but very powerful pivot motor which has twice as much power as a magnetic motor.

The Blade - The blade is specially designed to allow hair to flow into the cutting blades for fast and accurate cutting. These blade is sharp and will remain that way for a long time. It was designed to cut through the thickest of hair whether it's dry or wet. The blade is also easily adjustable so you can get a good range of close shaves from very close to medium length.

Design - Light weight and compact design make it easy to hold and use.

The Package - Includes the fast feed adjustable clipper, size 000 to size 1 blade, blade guard, 4 guide combs, blade Oil and cleaning brush.

As great as this product is, it has a few quirks

Runs a Little Hot - The machine runs a little hot but mostly in a commercial setting such as a barber shop or a salon. I f you intend to use this clipper at home this would not really be a problem.

No Case - This is not a real deal breaker but some people can be disappointed not receiving a case for their clipper.

best clippers for men
best clippers for men

Wahl 84701 Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper

You can't go wrong with this clipper, whether you cut your own hair or want to furnish your salon or barber shop. It has a powerful motor and comes with and many attachments that you can use to achieve any style you desire. The motor is powerful enough to cut through the thickest of hair and is able to give a close enough shave.

You should consider getting this clipper because

Great Price - This is a great clipper at a great price. Compared to the higher end clippers, this one is right up there in terms of performance.

Powerful Motor - The motor powering this clipper is a powerful V5000 motor. The motor has twice the speed of pivot motors knocking down thick hair in quick time. It has the ability to cut to cut through wet hair as well.

Blades - The blades are very sharp preventing tugging of hair

Design - The lightweight construction makes this clipper easy to use.

You may not like this about this clipper. Cons

Maintenance - You have to occasionally clean and oil the blades. included is a brush and oil.

No Case - There are persons expressing disappointment that this clipper does not come with a case but that should not be a deal breaker for such a

good clipper.

Noisy - This clipper is a bit noisy but nothing that's unbearable about the same level as a cheaper clipper.

Best Hair Clippers Videos Reviews

Check out some of these videos of these clippers

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I love these two clippers, the Brg+ is the cordless version of the Bgrv and is one of the best cordless clipper. The Oster Classic 76 is one of the best corded clippers so I thought I'd make a comparison of the two.

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Which Clipper do You Think is Best

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Which do You Prefer, Cord or Cordless?

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      Best I have ever used is the Karmin

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      Karmin makes the best in my opinion!

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      I liked this lens I really liked the Pros and cons of this product. You give us the good as well as the disavatages.


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