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Best Hot Rollers

Updated on October 14, 2012

Hot Rollers

Hot Rollers will give your hair the tremendous body and shine that you see on all of those television and magazine models! Whether you want big, bouncy curls or small and defined ones, curling your hair with hot rollers as opposed to a curling iron or those ancient pink plastic ones from your mom's generation are guaranteed to give your hair a fullness, body and shine like no other.

Opting for hot rollers instead of that tired old curling iron will also cut down on frizz and hair damage. No more standing for an hour with your arms randomly in the air and getting sore and stiff while you curl every individual hair! Learning how to use hot rollers is quick and easy and the results you get from them are guaranteed to be amazing!

Researching the Best Sellers

One Week of Gathering Data and Reviews

After doing extensive research and information gathering in order to find the best Hot Rollers available for consumer use, I have been able to generate a list of 5 of the beauty market's best. These Top 5 picks are both the shining stars of their product field but, are also some of the best sellers on popular websites such as Finding out exactly what consumers like you were both buying and saying online about the Hot Roller sets that they chose were key to establishing this Top 5 list.

My research included finding individual hot roller sets that had not only the highest number of 4-5 star reviews but, also incorporating the greatest needs and wants of consumers when searching for the best products to buy. Just some of these needs and wants included things like:

-Affordable price,

-The number of curlers that came in the actual set

-The greatness of heat generated by the curlers

-The size of roller case (smaller is better due to desire to travel)

-How easy to use were the curlers themselves

-How well the curlers curled hair and how long curls lasted throughout the day

I picked products that had the most number of positive reviews and I read extensively about both the set's pros and cons that actual customers listed. If the product's negatives only included things such as "I would rather have had the set in the color pink and it only comes in purple," then that was not a serious enough complaint to warrant striking the product from my Top 5 contenders. I also tended to lean towards Hot rollers sets that produced curls that lasted the longest. Producing a beautiful curl is one thing but, if it falls out ten seconds later then the product is not worth the time, effort or expense.

One of my other unique criteria for picking products for my list included whether or not the set would make for an ideal Christmas gift. Everyone is always on the hunt during the holiday season for a gift that both young girl and older women will like and actually use. What makes for a better Christmas gift then a great set of Hot Rollers that you can use not only during the winter party season for fabulous and bouncy curls but, all year round!


Caruso Steam Rollers

Remington 1015

Infiniti Pro/Conair

Conair Hot Sticks

Babyliss Pro Babchv21







Heated entirely by steam, these unique rollers are truly one of a kind and will give your hair a curl like you've never had before.

Heating in seconds, the steam gently permeates through the hair and produces a substantial and long lasting curl. And because this system uses steam as opposed to traditional heat, it is less harsh on your hair and will result in less damage and split ends.

Caruso Steam Rollers Overview

Why the Caruso Steam Rollers Are My Number One Top Pick

A Totally Unique Product That is Easy To Use - The Caruso Steam Rollers are like no other product on the market today. They are simple to use and easy to maintain

These Hot Rollers are really affordable and compact - Where else are you going to find such a powerful product for such a low price and in a size that is both ideal for traveling and won't clog up too much of your bathroom counter space?

These Steam Powered Rollers produce a Fabulous Curl - Ideal for all hair types and thicknesses, these unique and powerful rollers produce a long lasting curl that are perfect for both special occasions and everyday wear.

The Caruso Steam Unit is durable and will last after numerous sessions - Simply clean the unit and use over and over again.

These rollers cut down on Frizz and are actually Good for your Hair! - Using steam rather than more harsh electric heat, these rollers will cut down on the amount of damage done to your hair after multiple stylings and heavy usage.

Great for Busy Moms or Women Constantly on the Go, Go, Go! -This particular set of rollers heats up quickly and will allow you to be dressed and looking your best in no time at all.

Steam and soft, sponge rollers cut down on finger burns - No more burning your fingers on nuclear strength plastic curlers. These steam powered beauties are powerful yet delicate on your fingers

Your curls and volume will last for days! - If you have non-oily hair and don't need to wash every single day, then the curls you achieve with this set of rollers will last for days and days

The not so good things about this product

Does not come with a warranty - Many styling products that are similar to this one do not come with money back guarantees

Not Dual Voltage, despite company claims - You will be hard pressed to find a hot roller set in the United States that is Dual voltage. If that is one of your main requirements, you may want to purchase one from a European company.

Some customers feel that it stopped working to its fullest potential after only a few months - You will want to attempt cleaning the product before swearing it off as "broken". Simply, add some distilled white vinegar and let it degrade some of the build up via steam.

Caruso C97953 SalonPro 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter with 30 Rollers

Caruso Professional Molecular 30-Piece Multiple Size Steam Hair Setter
Caruso Professional Molecular 30-Piece Multiple Size Steam Hair Setter

The Caruso C97953 SalonPro 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter with 30 Rollers is like no other beauty tool on out there on the market today. This product has literally hundreds of 5 star reviews to its credit and up until recently has only been known by those who frequent small beauty retail shops. Again, you will NOT find this set in mainstream retail stores! But, I suppose that is no surprise considering that this set is almost guaranteed to blow most of their commercially sold items out of the water!


A more traditional Ceramic heat set of hot rollers, this extremely affordable hot roller set from Remington is ideal for both everyday and travel (fits perfectly inside of any standard sized suitcase).

Remington H-1015 Overview

The Best Reasons to Buy the H1015 hot rollers by Remington

Set comes with 10 rollers in various sizes - A variety of curler size will allow you to increase or decrease the size and tightness of each one of your curls. Whether you want beach-like waves or tight spirals, this hot roller set can do it all!

Gives hair great bounce and shine - The amount of heat emitted from this small and compact set of rollers is perfect for anyone wanting to add more body fullness to their hair and they work well on all hair types (especially fine, limp hair struggling to get lasting volume)

Set comes in a small. compact size - This particular hot roller set is ideal for travel. Numerous customers have raved about it being the perfect size to fit into a suitcase

Practice makes perfect - Learning how to correctly place and set hair rollers can be a challenge but, these rollers are easy to use and with a little perseverance on your part they are quick and painless to use.

Very affordable - A good set of rollers from some companies can set you back a pretty penny but, these are very affordable. So much so that if you wanted to buy two sets it would cost less than one from an upscale beauty supply store.

Not just small enough for a suitcase - This adorable and compact little roller set can easily fit inside of your suitcase when you travel but it can also fit inside your purse or gym bag, making them extremely convenient.

Good for all Hair Lengths - A set of hot rollers is virtually useless if they cannot accommodate women with longer hair. The reviews of this set seem to indicate that all lengths of hair (short or long) work well and produce beautiful curls

You choose: pins or clips - For some women, it is a matter of preference whether or not they like to use metal pins or plastic clips with their curlers. This set works with either choice.

The Not So Good Parts About the Remington H1015 Hot Rollers

This particular set is not dual voltage. - Again, if worldwide adaptable voltage capacity is a major purchasing factor, I recommend buying from a European company.

The plastic Clips seem to slip - For women with finer hair, the curler tend to slip out of place more easily with the plastic clips. It is highly recommended that they purchase more stable metal pins for their set.

Rollers are very, very hot. - A higher temperature in hot rollers does make for a better curl but, it can be tough on your hair. Try spraying your hair before usage with a heat resistant guard spray. This will lessen the damage of your hair and keep it looking healthier and brighter longer.

Remington H-1015 Ceramic Compact Rollers:

Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Worldwide Voltage Hair Setter, Hair Rollers, 1-1 ¼ Inch, Pink
Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Worldwide Voltage Hair Setter, Hair Rollers, 1-1 ¼ Inch, Pink

The most adorable set of Hot Rollers that you've ever seen which also pack a powerful punch! The Remington H-1015 Ceramic Compact, Large and Medium Roller set is ideal for travel and will fit in any sized carry on bag or suitcase and will give your long and limp hair a long lasting, definitive curl that will last all day! These curlers are extremely affordable and the perfect purchase for any woman on the hunt for the best hot rollers on the market today!


Infiniti Pro by Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Ceramic Rollers are truly the Luxury Vehicles of Hot Rollers. They are extremely well made and will give your hair that added curl and bounce you have been longing for!

What Makes the Infiniti Pro by Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Ceramic Rollers So Special:

  • 20 Ceramic Rollers
  • 4 different curler size ranges.
  • Comes with sleek and stylish carrying case.
  • -Comes with Super clips to hold curlers in place
  • -Bonus: tube of anti-frizz lotion and Argon oil
  • -Quick and Easy to Use
  • -Heat in as little as 85 Seconds
  • -Numerous 5 star Reviews

Conair infiniti Pro Hot Rollers Overview

Why Conair Hot Rollers are Superior

Ceramic hair rollers that are fast and easy to use - These 20 ceramic rollers heat extremely fast (in as little as 85 seconds) and are both durable and well made.

Anti-frizz and longer lasting curls - These rollers use ceramic ion technology which distributes heat evenly and cuts down on both frizz and static.

Curlers come in four different sizes that produce several types of curls - These conair hot rollers can create everything from soft wave to tight ringlets. For loose waves, you will need to remove the curlers sooner then tighter curls. But, both styles can be produced in as little as 10 minutes.

This set of hot rollers comes with an instruction manual for how to achieve different hair styles and curls -You won't have to struggle with finding which size curler will work best for which style that you want. Just follow the handy manual and its easy to follow instructions for the perfect curls!

An Easy set to Travel with - Numerous reviewers have commented on how light weight and compact this set is and how easily it fits into a suitcase.

Ceramic and Ion Technologies are better for Your Hair - Using this set of hot rollers will actually improve the overall quality of your hair. Even with repeated use, the distribution of heat is less harsh (especially to fine hair).

The Clips are Superior - Many customers have commented on this set's plastic clips that hold the curler in place without tugging at their hair or scalp or causing discomfort like other curlers they have used in the past.

A versatile hot roller set - Can give you a combination of looks by using alternating the sizes of rollers placed on the scalp during one styling session. For example: You can achieve more volume underneath while having more relaxed waves overall.

The Not So Good Parts About These Conair Hot Rollers

Set does not come with a bag for all of the plastic clips - You may want to invest in a travel bag for your plastic clips prior to usage

Clips are made of Plastic - They tend to break (especially if accidentally stepped on!) But, replacement clips can be found at any beauty supply store or online.

Not enough rollers in specific sizes - Depending on the thickness of your hair, you may want to have a curling iron in addition for curl touch ups.

Conair infiniti Pro Hot Rollers:

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers, 20 count
INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers, 20 count

This set of hot rollers is truly top of the line. Sleek, stylish and producing a long lasting curl, this set of hot rollers by Conair is worth the investment.


Hot Sticks by Conair are the truly the wild card in this bunch! I can say from personal experience just how superior these curlers are. Hot in minutes, these flexible tubes roll easily into any length hair and produce a curl that is better than any curling iron. Depending on the type of curl you want, you will need to plan accordingly while getting ready in the morning. For a wave curl, only leave these curlers in for 1-2 minutes tops! For a more intense, spiral curl, you can leave them in for much longer. This hot roller set is ideal for creating huge body for pageant hair and formal up-dos! Hot Sticks by Conair create both a fabulous curl and immense body/volume that will last for the entire day. This product has my personal seal of approval.

Conair HS18WPK Hot Sticks Hairsetter Overview

Why Hot Sticks are Superior!

Extremely Flexible and easy to use - With just a little spritz of hair spray beforehand, these curlers instantly cling to hair and roll up easily.

Hot and Ready in Minutes - They aren't called Hot Sticks for nothing. These curlers are hot in minutes and produce a superior curl.

Create Ideal Body for Formal Hairdos - These are your hair dresser's best kept secret. This hot roller set creates HUGE amounts of body that are ideal for the base of any up-do or Pageant hairstyle.

Small and Compact - Hot Sticks come in a small and convenient case that is perfect for travel. They fit perfectly in any suitcase and take up very little space.

Heat is evenly distributed - Whether you opt to use hairspray when styling or not, Hot sticks don't really require hairspray prior in order to achieve a fabulous curl.

Well made product and really affordable - Ditch that expensive beauty store set that never really gave you perfect curls and order a set of hot sticks. They are typically sold at an extremely affordable price.

Great for all hair types - Whether you have long and thick hair or short and fine, hot sticks can give you a curl. They even work on aging, thinning hair!

A product you will stick with over the years - Customers keep going back to their hot sticks. Loyal fans of these hot rollers eagerly recommend hot sticks to anyone who will listen.

The Not So Good Parts of Conair Hot Sticks

Extremely Hot Sticks! - Like any hot rollers, Hot sticks can heat up quickly and get very hot indeed. So be careful during every styling session to not burn your fingertips or scalp.

Not enough hot rollers in the set - Some customers have felt that they need to purchase two sets of hot sticks in order to achieve the look they wanted. However, buying two sets can still be cheaper then buying one overpriced set.

Grabs some hair on the way out - These rollers are extremely powerful so it is always advised to unroll as opposed to yanking the curler out of your scalp. But, this is probably a good rule of thumb for any hot roller set that you use.

Hot Sticks by Conair:

Conair HS18WPK Hot Sticks Hairsetter,14 rollers
Conair HS18WPK Hot Sticks Hairsetter,14 rollers

I can personally recommend these hot rollers because I have been using them for years! They produce the most amazing curl ever (especially for someone with fine hair like me). They instantly produce huge body or ringlets depending on how long you leave them in for and whether you brush out the curls or manually take them apart. They are perfect for formal hairstyles, pageant hair or just every day elegance!


A top of the line product from the Babyliss Company, this is a more traditional set of hot rollers that heat up in minutes and use long lasting Ceramic based heat to create the perfect curl, body and bounce.

Babyliss Pro BabchV21 Overview

Traditional Curlers with Optimum Results

A stylish yet traditional set of hot rollers - Comprised of 20 ceramic rollers, they are soft and easy to roll and create a dependable curl.

Rollers come in 3 Different sizes - Ideal for creating multiple sized curls or hairstyles

Comes with 2 types of clips for positioning - Depending on your personal preference, these Babyliss hot rollers come with both plastic and metal clips for styling purposes.

No Horrible Hair Creases - Creates a consistent curl without leaving behind that dreaded crease line.

Heat Quickly and Efficiently - This set heats up within minutes and depending on how long you leave them in, you can achieve either loose or tighter curls fast.

Easy to travel With - Comes in a sturdy case that will fit easily into any travel bag or large suitcase.

Great for all hair types (especially fine hair) - Ideal for finer hair, the velvety cushioning grasps nicely to less thicker hair and produces full body, curls and optimum shine.

You hair will look healthier - Ceramic rollers as opposed to more harsh plastics are known for more evenly distributing heat throughout your hair during styling. This will prevent damage and leave your hair both healthier and more luminous.

The Not So Good Parts of Babyliss Hot Rollers

Color of case was not as expected - Expecting a blue case and receiving a grey one instead is disappointing but, not a substantial enough reason to return a product or reflect on it negatively.

Curls didn't last in Extremely High Humidity -This result can be expected from any roller set that you use. Human hair and curls just cannot withstand high temperatures and large amounts of humidity and sweat.

Curlers don't have a ready "dot" - Older models have a "readiness dot" to tell you when they are heated but, newer models don't. I'm afraid that is just an issue with the times as opposed to the product itself.

Choosing between Traditional and Non Traditional Hot Rollers

Which style is right for you?

Picking the right hot roller set can be difficult. There are so many choices, styles and price ranges that it can easily become overwhelming! But, what you need to keep in mind when researching your next set of hot rollers is what exactly your specific needs are. Your individual hair needs could include: getting more body and volume, getting a long lasting spiral curl or simply, having a hot roller set for special occasion up-dos. So whatever you needs are, they always need to be the motivating factors behind your final purchase.

Breaking it Down:

1. If you have fine hair and you just want to add more body/volume and you've never used hot rollers before: You will most likely want to choose a traditional set of ceramic hot rollers. These are easy to use and will give you more body instantly.

2. You want more volume as a base for Pageant hair or Formal Up-dos: Hot sticks by Conair are your best option.

3. You've used traditional rollers in the past but, have never been that impressed with the results: You are the perfect example of someone who should use newer models like Steam rollers!

4. If you are worried about the overall health of your hair after frequent heated style sessions: You should investigate either steam rollers or ones that use Ion technology. These hot rollers tend to be less harsh on your hair.

Tip: No matter what set of hot rollers you choose to buy or use, you should always opt for a heat resistant spray in order to cut down on the amount of damage to your hair. Heat in any form will cause some damage and beauty companies worldwide provide styling sprays that minimize its effect on your hair as a whole.

Caruso Steam Rollers - Why they are my Number 1 pick!

Have a Question? Leave it here...... - And thanks for stopping by!

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    • sarah911 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @debnet: I am so glad that you found my lens to be helpful! I do periodic beauty product related lenses so check them out as well!

    • debnet profile image


      5 years ago from England

      Good selections and advice. I was googling for roller pins and found your lens!

    • sarah911 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks for the Question! I checked online again and I can't honestly find a huge difference between the two models besides the coloring in the newer model (CP7958) and the shape of the system itself. The newer model seems to come in the original white/red as well as gray/red and the newer model comes in a smaller size. Either one would be a great buy!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      What's the difference bet. Caruso c97953 and C97958?

    • Laura45 LM profile image

      Laura45 LM 

      6 years ago

      Great selection of hot rollers! I recommend the conair ceramic rollers, they have been my favorite!

    • BillyPilgrim LM profile image

      BillyPilgrim LM 

      6 years ago

      Good lens - well done!x

    • ClassyGals profile image

      Cynthia Davis 

      6 years ago from Pittsburgh

      Great product review. I like Caruso too. Angel Blessings**


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