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Modern, Stylish Laptop Backpacks for Business Travel

Updated on May 28, 2013

Free Your Hands and Shoulders From The Pain of a Separate Laptop Bag in 2013

If you have to travel for work, then you already know what a pain it can be to juggle several different bags at once - especially if you have to fly and go through airport security regularly.

At my last job, I had a company-assigned laptop that I had to take with me on business trips. It came with its own dedicated carrying bag in the style of a messenger bag or briefcase, but I found that it was not the best way for me to travel with the computer. Either my hands would be too full from carrying it by the handle or it would kill my shoulders and back with aches and pains from being awkwardly heavy while walking through the airport.

Since I was already traveling with a bag for my clothes, I decided to see if I could consolidate and get one bag for my things and the computer. After a lot of research and window shopping, I discovered that a bakpack was the perfect way to keep the machine safe, carry all my things and not end up with extra aches and pains.

If you have to travel for business too, you might want to check out my favorite options for business backpacks that can hold a small notebook computer or tablet for travel. Keep reading for more info on my top picks for this purpose.

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If your company thinks bigger is better, then you will love this Targus Drifter II model. It has plenty of space for that over-sized computer that you have to lug around because that company you work for haven't felt the need to update in years!

When I first got my laptop at work, it was a behemoth of a machine. I mean, I did not even know that they still made them that big and heavy. Guess what? They did not - it was just an old, large machine! That being said, it really killed my back until I got one of these to lighten the load. Check out the features of this Targus Drifter II model below.

Fits Largest Laptops - Comes in two varieties - 16-inch computer or 17-inch computer compartment.

Dedicated Separate Space for Computer - Zippered laptop compartment keeps it separate from everything else.

Water Resistant Bottom - Don't worry about sitting your bag in something wet on the train or elsewhere cause this bag keeps everything dry.

High Quality - Designed with rugged, durability in mind to stand up to the harshest treatment and last you for many years.

Comfortable to Wear - Padded shock-absorbing and anti-fatigue straps for comfort.

No Sweaty Backs - Mesh panels on the back help it breath so your shirt or suit isn't sweat-soaked when you show up.

Lots of Compartments - Plenty of space for files, clothes, sunglasses, MP3 player, cell phone, keys, etc.

Water Bottle Holders - You even have two side water bottle holders, which can help you save some cash at the airport, or at least give you a hands-free way of carrying any beverage you buy.

If you are not really interested in always carrying the pack on your back, then getting one with wheels, like the High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled, is a good options. It offers the versatility of pulling it along behind you or wearing it on your back.

There are a lot of different wheeled backpacks out there with dedicated computer compartments, but this High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled one of my favorites. It is priced a lot cheaper than most but still offers high quality and a good amount of space.

Holds A Large Laptop - The padded sleeve can handle up to a 17-inch laptop.

Durable, High Quality Design - Made from material designed to take a beating, so you don't have to worry about it getting banged up.

Inline Wheels - Rolls smoothly and easily goes where you want it to go.

Telescoping Handle - Easy to grasp and easy to control.

Multiple Compartments - Places for all your gadgets, accessories, files and clothes. Even a side water bottle holder.

Multiple Color/Design Choices - Show a little personality with the color or design of your choice.

Corner and Reflective Guards - You don't have to worry about running into corners or about people not seeing you in low light situations.

Decent Warranty - Limited five years on the bag and wheels.

If you don't need to carry around a lot of extra stuff with the laptop, then you likely won't need one of the larger, bulkier options. Instead, I suggest this smaller pack from CaseLogic.

The Case Logic DLBP-114 is compact laptop backpack and is perfect for smaller computers and people who don't need to carry extra items in with the computer. Check out all the great features of the Case Logic DLBP-114 bag.

Perfect for Smaller Laptops and Tablets - If you don't have a huge computer, then this is great because it holds up to 15-inch in size.

Multiple Compartments - Space for your keys, pens and other small items.

Dedicated Sunglasses Compartment - Special pocket with scratch-resistant interior for sunglasses.

Water Resistant - Material designed to repel water and keep your laptop dry out in the rain.

Confy Straps - Breathable straps keep you comfy. They are also adjustable for comfort.

Different Colors Available - Choose from one of 3 colors for your pack.

PVC-Free - Less toxic than other options, if that matters to you.

If you do a lot of flying with your electronic gadgets and computer, then a TSA checkpoint-friendly bag is a MUST. And the Targus Checkpoint-Friendly Air Traveler TBB012US is a good choice. It helps speed you through the line since you do not even have to remove the computer from the bag.

There are several different great TSA friendly bag options out there that are TSA-approved, but this one is my favorite. The Targus Checkpoint-Friendly Air Traveler TBB012US is inexpensive and gets the job done.

Fits Large Laptops - The dedicated compartment will take up to a 16-inch computer.

Lots of Compartments - Plenty of space for everything that you need on your business trip - including a side water bottle holder.

Product Warranty - Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Durable, High Quality - Made out of material to withstand even the roughest treatment from the TSA.

Leather-wrapped Handle - Pain-free carrying handle on the top made out of leather.

Designed for Comfort - Ergonomic shoulder straps and breathable mesh panels on the back.

Still Looking For The Perfect Bag?

If you did not find a good match above, why not see what else Amazon has to offer? Get started with your search below.

Are you stuck with one of those old, heavy ones? Are do you get to carry around smaller, newer option that does not cause as much shoulder pain? Got any tips for traveling with it that you want to share? Do not be shy! Leave your comments here now! Thank you!

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