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Best Leather Sole Shoes for Kids

Updated on March 26, 2015

Barefoot Walking is Best for Your Kids, but What is the Closest Thing to That?

For years pediatricians have been arguing about which type of shoes are most appropriate for young children. So using the right shoes was really a struggle. First they were recommending ankle high, sturdy shoes with rubber soles. They were supposed to give support to little fragile feet. Then after a few years it was the comfortable, thin leather shoe with leather sole. It was supposed to give freedom to those tiny feet.

Now, after years of arguing it seems that they (well, the majority of them) have unified their opinion in that the thin leather shoes with leather sole are the best you can offer to your child when learning his first steps and beyond.

It is estimated that your young child needs new shoes in about every 4 months - this I think goes for infants, for toddlers I would say in 6-8 months if you wish their shoe would fit them properly. This is the reason you need to put a lot of consideration and research in buying that first pair for your little one.

I have been through that (twice) and would like to forward the knowledge that I obtained during my research and also during the use of the shoes that I have decided to finally purchase for my children. So I would like to emphasize, that any recommendation given is based on my personal experience and is in no way the right choice for everyone. You will still have to choose for yourselves - this is just a little helping hand to guide you through the process.

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Robeez Leather Soles

Worlds Leading Brand in Leather Sole Shoes

Robeez leather soles are probably the most well know leather shoes for little children. They have really nice designs and pretty colors to choose from. They are a bit pricy though and as I have found from my personal experience, they are not that much more high quality than one might think. Don't get me wrong here, I love Robeez and have purchased over ten pairs for my two children. Mainly they were all great shoes, but I have had problems with two pairs of them when the soles have ripped after only weeks of using them. But the Robeez people were very nice when I told them that and was given new shoes as replacement. So kudos for Robeez :-)

One more great thing about Robeez. They have developed a special line of leather sole shoes called Eco collection. This collection consists of models that are as cute and as colourful as the rest of their shoes, but made out of green materials: lining and outsole are made of naturally tanned leather, upper canvas is 100% organic cotton canvas and they use only vater soluble inks.

Photo courtesy:

JinWood Shoes

"For The Little One In Your Life"

These shoes I have found when I was looking for a cheaper replacement for Robeez. We entered "money is tight situation" and spending $40 (yes they are more expensive in Europe) was not acceptable anymore. Enter JinWood Shoes. Not as pretty, I must say, but high quality and likable designs. And acceptable price :-) My kids wear them at home and in daycare and for now they work great. I highly recommend them.

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"Simply the Best for Little Growing Feet"

Established in Cape Town South Africa in 1996, this brand has now expanded and they export their shoes to 21 countries. Their soft sole shoes are high quality at a slightly better price than Robeez. Their designs are inovative and cute. I have never bought a pair myself, but have friends who did, and they have only good things to say about this brand.

Source and photo courtesy:

Jack & Lily

"Soles to Grow Into"

Another high quality brand. They use the softest ‘Lamb Touch’ leather available and make very cute and unique designs. You can also design your own and submit them on Jack & Lilly website. If they like your design, they will use to make the shoes for their collection and you will win w free pair. Cool, right?

Picture courtesy:


"Where Barefoot is Best"

Preschoolians are another shoes that I have direct experience with. We have tried those for both my kids, and they loved them. I especially liked their unique fitting system and the fact that you can order any available style and choose your own color combination - there are loads to choose from.

I choose the Preschoolians because of two things. They can send you their Accu Fit measuring device up front, so that you can accurately measure your child’s feet and order the right size shoes. Also they have the coolest invention - the Visu Fit Window, which is a clear panel on the bottom of the shoe and it allows you to see the toes when the foot bed is removed from the shoes. Two lines mark the area where the toe should be. If the toe is outside this area the shoes are either too big (toe is below both lines) or too small (toe is above both lines) - an indication that a new pair is needed. This revolutionary fitting system was named one of Time Magazine's Coolest Inventions of the Year.

Source and photo courtesy: www.

Which Soles do You Think are Best?

Which Type Of Soles have You Chosen for Your Child?

Which Type of Shoes do You Buy for Your Kids? - Do You Agree That Leather Sole Shoes are the Best For Your Kids?

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      100% i agree

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      ara-bella 6 years ago

      I love the Shooshoos models! Nice and informative lens!

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      Nice shoes for kids!

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      I buy a Leather Shoes.