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Best 5 Little Girl Makeup Set To Buy

Updated on May 10, 2013

The makeup has such a special magic in the feminine world that provoke in the girls an almost intuitive attraction.

One can hardly have a more beautiful skin than the skin of the childhood, before the adolescence and the hormones, in addition to the natural aging process, start to cause havoc such as the acne.

The girls do not think of the makeup the same way as the teenagers or women do, as a way to hide imperfections and to accentuate the beauty.

The little girls like the lipsticks the shadows, the bright colors that they see that their mothers use, in the same way that they imitate the jobs or the housework.

The girls like to imitate their mothers applying makeup at a young age, playing with her friends to makeup or to be models.

Best Little Girl Makeup Set To Buy
Best Little Girl Makeup Set To Buy

Sometimes the makeup for girls to play are provided by the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins or older sisters.

The makeup is not just to get beautiful, is also to dress up and kids can use it.

The mistake that the adults sometimes make so that their daughters do not use an expensive makeup, it is to buy them cheap cosmetics for adults, but this can be counterproductive, because they are usually of low quality.

For that reason it is advisable that the girls play with makeup designed for them, specific little girl makeup that are not aggressive to their skin.

Barbie Fashion Case

32 Piece Make-up Set. A nice looking product and rather original, the color selections are great.

For girls over five years. Everything a young girl needs to look fabulous.

Fun tools and glamorous case add to the fun.

Pinky Cosmetic Set

A little girls dream. The set includes a mirror, face powder, eye shadow, lipstick, nail polish and makeup brushes in a cute fabric cosmetic bag.

Packaging is made from at least 70% recycled paper.

Rainbow Face Painting Kit

Includes great designs with easy to follow instructions.

The paints held up well, cleaned off easily at the proper time and caused no skin irritation.

Kit includes eight color paint palette, brush and application sponge.

Fashion Traveler Makeup

Comes with over 25 pieces of cosmetics and accessories.

The make up and brushes are just like real make up, easy to put on and take off.

Reusable travel case.

Hello Kitty Cosmetic Set

For little girls who love Hello Kitty.

Contains lip balms, lip tubes, lip pots, lip compact, press-on nails, nail stickers, a nail file, nail polishes, a mirror and toe spacers.

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