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What's the Best Luggage for Traveling?

Updated on February 10, 2021
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How to Choose the Best Luggage for a Trip

Most of us travel throughout the year. I try to get away as often as possible and my luggage means a lot to me. When I show up at the airport my luggage makes a statement. When you have beautiful luggage, your trip will be beautiful. In this article I'm going to help you choose the best luggage for a trip. Function, style and durability are the qualities you should be looking for anytime you purchase luggage. Having great luggage is essential for travel and another one of my many obsessions.

The Overnight or Weekend Trip

If you are only going to be staying overnight you only need one piece of luggage. It can be a small roller bag or an oversized duffel bag. Let's face it, we never wear everything we pack anyway. We always take too many shoes and we always forget one item. So never stress when packing. Start one day, leave it alone and continue the next day. You want your luggage to look sleek not bulkly. Never travel with lumpy looking luggage. You want to feel free when traveling. To some people what you carry is just a piece of luggage, but to others it's a fashion statement. I'm a firm believer that great luggage builds travel confidence!

What's the Best Luggage for Traveling?
What's the Best Luggage for Traveling?

The Road Trip

Road trips may last a couple of days to a week or more if you're having a great time. It all depends on where you're going. Sometimes road trips may even become new addresses. Let's just say you're going to stay three to five days. One medium sized piece of luggage should be efficient with a small duffel bag or carry-on. When packing if you say "I may need this" and put it in your luggage, take it out. You will never wear that "may need" piece. If you are flying a carry-on is the best choice. Do not take a chance on the airline losing your bag. Trust me it happens more than people realize.

Samsonite Luggage Fiero HS 3 Piece Nested Set
Samsonite Luggage Fiero HS 3 Piece Nested Set | Source

The Week Long Trip

Trips that last a week need a little more luggage. You will probably need one or two medium size pieces and a small duffel. You also might consider one large piece of luggage and a small duffel. You don't want to look or feel confused so don't over pack for a week long trip. You've seen those people with too much luggage before, wondering around looking lost. They can barely get one foot in front of the other. Don't be that person, because it's not a good look. When you get to your destination you will probably wish you would have left more stuff home anyway. Be very careful during the colder seasons, because we wear more clothing and tend to pack more. Packing things like sweaters and coats can fill up a suitcase real quick.

The Two Week Vacation Luggage

Here you will need to bring out the big stuff. The heavy duty stuff that can take a beating. You need a full arsenal of luggage when you stay away from home for two weeks or longer. If this is a trip abroad you may also bring tons of stuff back with you. This requires planning and patience. Start packing early. Do not over pack, but make sure you have all the necessary items. Make sure all of your pieces match. You want to travel beautifully and look organized. Matching pieces look better and are easier to keep an eye own. On long trips you should keep a regular inventory of your luggage. You will be looking for a four or five piece set depending on how long your stay is.

Travel safely and have fun!


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