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Best Luxury Watches Online

Updated on March 28, 2011

How to Buy Luxury Watches Online

How to start a collection of the best luxury watches online safely with reputable online merchants.

If you passionately want to start your own exclusive luxury watch collection then heading towards the nearest gold watch studded with shiny diamonds will simply result in depreciating duds instead of budding investments. You need to stick to established timepiece manufacturers if you want the best craftsmanship, functions, and potential heirlooms that grow in value over time.

Let's explore some of the best luxury watch brands.

Best Luxury Watches: ROLEX - Status Symbol Timepieces with Rich Horological History

Best Luxury Watches: ROLEX
Best Luxury Watches: ROLEX

One of the most traditional Swiss luxury watchmakers for over a century is Rolex. These watches are made in a variety of materials including stainless steel, white, yellow, and rose gold, etc along with various types of dials that are also embedded with diamonds depending on the model that you choose.

These watches not only look breathtaking but are tough enough to be taken to the highest mountain, deepest sea, through blinding dust-storms or other adverse conditions that can be endured by you. Rolex watches are a must have in any luxury watch collection as select models do appreciate in value and demand over time.

The Oyster Perpetual, GMT, Explorer, Datejust and Daytona are some of the most popular and finely crafted Rolex watches. However the Rolex Submariner is the ultimate reference timepiece chosen by professionals who look to marry style, prestige and the thrill of the deep ocean.

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The Best Luxury Watches Online - Slideshow of the Best Luxury Watches

You can certainly choose from some of the very best luxury watches online when you decide to start a collection that not only enhances your status but also enhances your bank balance over the years.

Certain models of watches do appreciate (but are not guaranteed) over time and thus branded luxury watches do make for excellent investments as well as stylish timekeeping devices. This holds especially true if you buy luxury watches online at highly competitive prices.

Best Luxury Watches: OMEGA - Most recognized watch (James Bond, NASA). First watch on the Moon.

Best Luxury Watches: OMEGA
Best Luxury Watches: OMEGA

Another must have brand is Omega, that signifies durability in tandem with intricacy. Institutions that range from Nasa to the Olympics and even James Bond have all favored Omega to maintain time in true style.

Omega has many popular models for both men and women such as the Seamaster, Speedmaster, Deville, Constellation and their Specialties collection that harbor tremendous value.

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Best Luxury Watches: BREITLING - Aviation/Aerospace-based high-end Chronometers (certified by COSC)

Best Luxury Watches: BREITLING
Best Luxury Watches: BREITLING

Another luxury watch brand that does not cost a small fortune, which in turn can help you establish your watch collection quickly, is Breitling.

Although historically their instrument-precise timepieces were Aviation/Aerospace based models, this innovative Swiss watchmaker also supplies special watches to the famous carmaker Bentley and also has sci-fi watches that can send distress signals during an emergency, a la James Bond.

Their watches start from a few thousand dollars moving upward, and thus make for an excellent addition to your luxury watch collection.

The Breitling Bentley Motors Chronograph, Windrider Chronomat, MontBrilliant Legend, and Galactic Ladies models are all immensely popular watches due to their expert craftsmanship and complicated functions.

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Best Luxury Watches: TAG Heuer - World's First Automatic Chronographs

Best Luxury Watches Online: TAG Heuer
Best Luxury Watches Online: TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer is an Swiss Avant-Garde watchmaker established 1860 that creates some of the finest automobile-centered automatic chronograph watches with early launches such as the Autavia, Carrera and Monaco. TAG Heuer watches are popular because one does not have to spend a small fortune to access their exclusive line of luxury timepieces.

The lines include Formula One, Aquaracer, Link, Carrera, Monaco and Grand Carrera.

If you are looking for the one of the best blends of style and value then TAG Heuer should fall heavily under consideration for your collection.

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Best Luxury Watches: PANERAI - Assisted military operations in WWII. Branded 'Ferrari engineered by Panerai' timepieces

Best Luxury Watches Online: PANERAI
Best Luxury Watches Online: PANERAI

Adding a Panerai timepiece to collection provides an accept of high prestige and class with watches so precise they were supplied as the official watch to the Royal Italian Navy. A favorite of Sylvester Stallone for their stlylish leather bands and durable metal bracelets. Having a Panerai in your collection is said to demonstrate that you have a discerning taste and unusual level of class.

For a limited time Panerai even branded 'Ferrari engineered by Panerai' which consisted of two product lines: the sport/elegant "Granturismo" and the aggressively sporty "Scuderia". This exclusive limted-edition collection consisted of 11 models priced between $5,000 and $30,000 USD

Panerai has four major lines of timepieces, Historic, Contemporary, Manifattura and Special Editions.

Two of the most popular models are the Luminor and the Radomir.

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Best Luxury Watch Brands - IWC, Cartier, Movado, Breguet, Blancpain

Best Luxury Watch Brands Online
Best Luxury Watch Brands Online

There are several other top luxury watch brands such as Cartier, Blancpain, Panerai, Movado, IWC, Bulgari, Corum, and Hublot that certainly need to be included in your collection, if not for their exquisite looks then at least as investments that could blossom after a few years in your care.

The best way to ensure that your luxury watch collection gets off to a good start is to buy such pieces of art from reliable and secure online stores since you can be assured of substantial discounts as compared to pricey glass-and-granite watch showrooms that might be saddled with very high overheads to offer you a decent deal.

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What is your favorite Luxury Watch Brand?

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