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Best 5 Makeup For Teenage Girls To Buy

Updated on May 20, 2013

The adolescence is the period when the interest for the cosmetics and makeup for teenage girls is accentuated.

The makeup for women are not suitable for teens because sometimes the colors does not favor them or make them look older than they are.

In the adolescence due to hormonal changes appear in the face light spots and acne. The most importan at this age is the cleaning and the hydration of the face.

In the adolescence the use of makeup base should be avoided because having increased secretion of oil (sebum) this can worsen with the use of this product.

It is advisable to apply a slight cream blush on the cheeks and a lip gloss in natural color to illuminate the face.

Best Makeup For Teenage Girls To Buy.
Best Makeup For Teenage Girls To Buy.

A color corrector equal to the color of the skin can be applied to cover dark circles under the eyes, spots or pimples.

As for shadows, use pastel colors, among the rosy tones, salmon or soft greens.

The young women should not wear eyeliner. The eyeliner can be replaced with mask for lashes, that it will also frame the eye in black or brown colors.

The lip colors that are appropriate for adolescents are the natural ones as peach, pink and brown. To make the lips look fresher applying lip gloss.

The best makeup for teenage does not affect the skin, but neither is created to remain, for that reason you should take the habit of removing the makeup before going to bed, which will prevent the appearance of impurities, black spots and eventually the appearance of wrinkles.

Amuse Eye Shadow

Comes with 48 eye shadow palette, 3 glitter cream eye shadows, 1 blusher.

All you need for a perfect makeup in one box.

The packaging is nice and convenient for travel. Great quality make-up with a variety of colors.

Shany All In One Makeup Set

Compact set of 3 layers makeup kit with eyeshadow, blush and powder.

This it is a great make up kit for all type of occasion and has a wide varieties of color selection.

100pc Pro Make Up Set

This kit carry almost whatever you may need, from eyeshadows to face powders.

Everything is very pigmented and high quality.

There are beautiful blushers and bronzers included. It is really good quality and well organized.

The Jewelry Box

It is handy and comes with very neutral colors of lip glosses and eye pencils that complement the eye shadows.

The eye shadows are pretty pigmented.

This festive jewelry box comes with a gorgeous Microfiber Bag.

Sophisticated Collection

Folds in as a bubble and opens from all sides.

Comes with the most useful colors for cold and hot seasons, day or night makeup.

The products are long lasting and need no re-application, they are colorful and have a high product rating.

Best Makeup To Buy

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