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Best Mens Cologne: Top Ten Fragrances

Updated on March 31, 2013

Find the Best Fragrance for Men, Top 10 Eau de Toilette

Short list of the best mens colognes available in 2013. Pick your poison and you will smell irresistible and interesting to the opposite sex. Many great smells that range from masculine and fresh to mild and sexy.

Note that a smell is different from person to person and a perfume I might think is slightly less interesting could work very well for you. Make a judgement call based on your past experience with fragrances. If woody doesn't work for you, it probably doesn't work in the bottle of another brand. Try out a perfume with fruity notes instead.

What is the most important quality in a cologne's smell for you?

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#1. Versace pour Homme

This Versace is an absolute top cologne for men. The fragrance is very intricately layered and smells both fresh and masculine. Versace uses high quality ingrediƫnts and it starts with top notes of citruses, neroli, bergamot and petiti grain. The heart is made up of hyacinth, clary sage, cedar and geranium. The base notes of the cologne are tonka bean, musk and amber.

A very original and surprising mix that blew me away. You will most likely get your share of compliments from women when wearing this. It lasts for a good time too. Absolutely one of the best colognes for men.

#2. Escape by Calvin Klein for Men

Escape by Calvin Klein for Men is a perfect daytime fragrance. It makes you smell like fruit, rose and sandalwood. The intensity is just right, don't apply too much, to wear this anywhere and the fragrance is calming yet fresh and romantic. Women tend to love this smell on men. I got several positive remarks when wearing it.

#3. Hugo by Hugo Boss

"Hugo" is the classic Hugo Boss fragrance favored by young men. Although there are older guys who swear by "Hugo" as well. Perfect to wear during the day at work or at home. The cologne hs notes of spicy leaves with woods and fresh citrus in it. The cologne tends to have a very good decay factor. Meaning it will last a long time, which is always a good thing. You will still smell great at the end of the day. This was my first cologne and over the years I've tried many others but I regularly turn back to trusted "Hugo."

#4. Top Mens Cologne Armani

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men is a light and fresh fragrance which is my top choice for the summer. Especially on warmer days this remains a very light and delightful smell. It contains notes of Jasmine, Rosemary, Persimmon, Cedar and a little light patchouli. The patchouli initally scared me but it's nothing to worry about it smells great.

This has been a classic of the Armani fashion house and a bestseller since 1997. Well deserved accomplishment by them for creating one of the best widely spread fragrances in history.

#5. Best Mens Eau de Toilette (for me)

To be honest I've worn this fragrance for years. Keep in mind that I might be a little biased in a positve way about this one. Although fragrances smell different on everyone and this might have been my lucky strike. It's very possible this will not be as good for you but another fragrance, I don't particularly like, will smell fantastic on you. Part of the search for the perfect cologne is to try new ones regularly. You never know what you will find.

This is a fresh fragrance that also has a wooden tone to it. It starts of fresh and sparkling but later evolves to a more sensual smell as the day or evening goes on. It has notes of Bergamot, Ginger and Vetiver. The contrast in the fragrance is very exciting and I never get bored of L'Homme by YSL. Highly recommended.

#6. Crisp Fresh Cologne for Men

This is a fantastic scent for the preppy boy. It is clean and crisp with fresh floral notes. You wouldn't think so but later when the heart of the fragrance opens there is tueberose and then vetyver, suede and cedarwood and that gives the smell a more masculine and romantic kicker.

Great for nights at polo field or when lounging at a cocktail party. It's casual enough for work or most daytime and evening events.

#7. Manly Spicy Cologne for Men

This is a manly spicy smell that is great for evenings or if you apply it very lightly you can wear it to work as well. It's a blend of fresh and fruity with spice and woody tones. It lasts a decent time. Not the best duration nor the worst on this shortlist of the best colognes for men. Great gift for a boyfriend or husband if you like him to smell manly, spicy and sexy but not in a cheap way. In a good way.

#8. Classy and Sexy Cologne for Men

The English are a weird bunch of course. They make some interesting things though, and this Burberry cologne is defintely one of the better works of the Brits. In a way it is very original and classy almost gentlemenlike and that's how I view the English as well. It has notes of Green Mandarin, Ginger, Bergamot, Wild roses, Cedarwood, Nutmeg and Oriental Woods. Definitely an interesting mix that ends up being quite sexy in a crisp, fresh and gentlemenlike way.

#9. Sexy Fragrance for Men

This fragrance by Bvlgari gets you a lot of compliments from the opposite sex. Not an unimportant quality in the best colognes for men. That defintely made me rate this perfume a little higher. The "Aqua pour homme" is a very mild, fresh and sexy eau de toilette. Great choice for every day wear and evenings.

#10. Masculine Fresh Fragrance for Men

Clean, fresh and masculine scent. Nautica has been a favorite of many men ever since they introduced this quality scent. It has notes of Amber, Apple, Mimosa, Cedar Wood, Water Lotus, Moss, Musk and more.

This mixture ends up being a very interesting fresh perfume that lasts very long. The longest lasting smell on this list in my experience. If you regulary pull long days or all nighters this is definitely one to consider. It will keep you smelling good into the wee hours.


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