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Best Men's Skeleton Watches 2017

Updated on February 10, 2017
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Watches are truly an artistic piece once their inner parts are exposed. Below I'll take you through a few of my favorite skeletonized watches on the market in 2016.
Watches are truly an artistic piece once their inner parts are exposed. Below I'll take you through a few of my favorite skeletonized watches on the market in 2016.

As a collector of men's watches I have to say that the skeleton watch design is one of my favorites. The revealed inner gears are not only fun to look at, they also look great and are a conversation starter.

Below, I'll list and review a few of the top rated skeleton watches of 2016 and give you a chance to vote on your favorite.

Stuhrling Winchester Featured Below
Stuhrling Winchester Featured Below

What is a True Skeleton Watch?

A skeleton watch is one in which the inner workings of a mechanical watch are exposed through the front or the back of the watch. By revealing a watches inner parts the watchmaker is then able to expose the artistic nature of the mechanism. Wikipedia states that "True 'skeletonization' also includes the trimming away of any non-essential metal on the bridge, plate, wheel train or any other mechanical part of the watch."

Who invented the skeleton watch?

Skeleton watches have been around for many centuries and were made with their parts and movement transparent simply because the covers we see it today's modern designs had simply not been invented.

Top Rated Men's Skeleton Watches 2016

#1 Stuhrling Classic Winchester Elite Automatic Skeleton Watch

Despite having warn watches many times its price this Stuhrling model is still one of my favorites. The open skeleton look is carried from the front of the watch to the back and maintains its dedication to being a true skeleton watch. It has an automatic self-wind movement which is bolstered and wound by your own movements through the day.

Like more expensive watches the dial window is made of Krysterna scratch resistant crystal which leads to increased durability over time. With this particular watch you shouldn't mistake durability and accuracy. Because the Stuhrling Winchester Elite is an automatic self-wind watch you will need to adjust it every once in a while. That being said occasional adjustment doesn't bother me and adds to the character of the watch itself. Keep in mind that even super high-end automatic self-wind watches many times the price of this particular watch still need this same adjustment over time.

Overall: This is a great buy and a great piece to have in your collection. The watch looks good with just about any size of man with a case diameter of 42 millimeters and unlike some stainless steel watches doesn't feel too heavy. At under $200 it receives my full recommendation.

The Stuhrling company has Swiss roots that give it a strong dedication to both accuracy and durability. For Under $200 it's my overall best buy for the money.

#2 Invicta Men's 1244 Russian Diver Quinotaur Mechanical Rose Gold Tone Skeleton Dial Watch

Real men wear rose. In all reality this is one of the best looking watches I have ever worn. This watch keeps relatively accurate time as a mechanical watch and draws attention at just about every sales meeting I attend.

Overall it's solid and a good value for the money at right around $200.

While it has been classified as a divers watch and is water-resistant to 50M this watch is more for appearances than anything else. The skeleton dial with black hands and green hour markers set it apart from any other watch I own.

#3 Android Men's AD520BBU Hydraumatic G7 Skeleton Automatic Blue Watch

I really like this Android skeleton watch because of how mechanical and different looking it is. When I wear it everyone wants me to take it off and show them exactly how it works.

Like Unique Watches?

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As you can see Android's skeleton watch is not only unique in appearance, but also in how it's worn. It adjust to just about any wrist size you need.

#4 Invicta Men's 1089 Russian Diver Stainless Steel and Blue Polyurethane

Here's another Invicta Russian Diver series Skeleton watch I really like. The Blue Polyurethane really sets it apart and makes it a watch I can wear just about any time of the day.

As someone who is 6"4 and 250 pounds I'm always trying to find a larger watch. This watch is somewhat heavy, but it looks great and is perfect for my large wrists.

The watch face is 52mm and it features a flame fusion dial window. For keeping time it uses a mechanical hand wind movement with an analog display.

While it is rated for water resistance of up to 50m and even named "Diver" I certainly wouldn't use it if you were doing snorkeling or even diving. Basically, it's good just for recreational swimming.

Despite the misleading name I do love the look of this watch and get compliments on it all the time.

#5 Stuhrling Men's Special Reserve Emperor's Grandeur Watch

The fifth and final skeleton watch I'll mention is this original watch from Stuhrling I love the look of the internal mechanisms of the watch and the blue hands on the 48mm face. For keeping time, the watch uses automatic self-wind movement and an analog display.

For band, you get a comfortable leather calfskin band with a deployment clasp.

Overall, if you're looking for something with class and sophistication that doesn't cost a fortune, this is a good place to start.

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