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Best Men's Sunglasses

Updated on March 2, 2015

Top Sunglasses for Men

Are you looking for the best mens sunglasses this year? If so you have come to the right place to find them.

Summer will be here before you know it and if you want to look cool in the sun you ought to be seen wearing a pair of the best fashion sunglasses. With so many styles on the market it can be hard to decide on one pair. But help is on hand with this best mens sunglasses guide, which will provide reviews of the most popular sunglasses available this year.

This page will provide a range of mens sunglasses to suit different face shapes. There will be cool aviator sunglasses for sale. You can choose from the most popular styles made by Oakley, Ray Ban, Gucci and lots more great brands.

The Oakley sunglasses in this pic alongside price, ratings and reviews can be found here on Amazon.

Money Spent on Sunglasses

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Favorite Mens Sunglasses Brand

Oakley or Ray Bans

Best Oakley Mens Sunglasses

Oakley make quality sunglasses and they sponsor top golfer Rory McIlroy, who loves their sunglasses range.

Best Oakley Sunglasses for Men - Oakley Men's Half Jacket Iridium Sunglasses

Is it possible to pick the best pair of Oakley sunglasses?! Well it was hard but I simply picked the bestselling pair on Amazon, which also had a very high rating, as determined by you the shopper.

More Great Oakley Sunglasses for Men

There are lots more Oakley sunglasses for men, and the best ones can be found below.

What takes your fancy?

Are you struggling to find the perfect Oakley sunglasses for you? Well here are some more great pairs which may take your fancy.

Oakley Men's Crosshair 2.0 Polarized Metal Sunglasses
Oakley Men's Crosshair 2.0 Polarized Metal Sunglasses

Another pair of Oakley sunglasses with a 4.5/5 rating. These come in three different colors; Lead Frame/Black Lens, Matte Black Frame/Grey Lens and Polished Gold Frame/Bronze Lens. They are more pricey than some other Oakley sunglasses but well worth it according to those who have purchased these. Here is a snippet from a recent online review, 'These Oakleys are stylish, very comfortable and relieve your eyes of any strain in even the brightest sunlight and most intense glare and UV situations.'

Oakley Men's OO9014 Gascan Polarized Prizm Rectangular Sunglasses
Oakley Men's OO9014 Gascan Polarized Prizm Rectangular Sunglasses

The Oakley Men's Gascan Sunglasses are rated at 4.3/5 on Amazon and like most other Oakleys come in a range of colors; 10 to be exact. These are currently discounted on Amazon and are great value!


The Most Important Thing

It can be difficult to buy sunglasses online without knowing if they will suit you or not! But here's a tip, try them on in your local store and them order online and get them for less. Amazon frequently offer discounts making sunglasses much cheaper than they are being sold at in your local store.

Oakley Men's Jawbone LIVESTRONG Sunglasses
Oakley Men's Jawbone LIVESTRONG Sunglasses

Stand out from this crowd in these yellow/black Oakley sunglasses. Rated at 4.5/5 on Amazon. Here is what a recent shopper had to say about these mens sunglasses, 'Great sunglasses, a high recommendation to any cyclists out there. No wind in my eyes, sweat rolled right off the lenses without leaving any mark. I only got the loud colors I did because it matches my bike and I am a University of Iowa fanatic (which is why my bike was that color to begin with). Anyway, what a great pair of cycling glasses'.


Best Ray Ban Mens Sunglasses

Ray Ban make quality fashionable sunglasses that are seen of something as a status symbol. Like Oakley sunglasses there are way too many to feature here, BUT you can find the best ones below.

Best Mens Ray Ban Sunglasses - Best Mens Sports Sunglasses

These are simply the best Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses available.

Ray-Ban RB 8305 sunglasses
Ray-Ban RB 8305 sunglasses

Rated at 4.4/5 and available in several colors. Online reviews snippet 'Found these at a local sunglass shop for $220 and decided to check Amazon for a better price. Sure enough I was able to save about 60 bucks. They are well made like all Ray Ban's I have owned and super light. I've dropped them a couple times already and I am glad to say they are very scratch resistant.'

Ray-Ban Men's RB3030 Aviator Outdoorsman Sunglasses
Ray-Ban Men's RB3030 Aviator Outdoorsman Sunglasses

Great aviator style sunglasses with high rating on Amazon.


Sunglasses Wear

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Best mens sunglasses under $50

It is possible to buy cheap mens sunglasses minus a big brand name.

Best cheap mens sunglasses under $50 2013

Sometimes you can get branded sunglasses for less, especially during sale periods. However regardless of this there are still some fabulous sunglasses available all under $50.

Best mens sunglasses costing over $200

Best Designer Mens Sunglasses - Expensive Mens Sunglasses

You get what you pay for and if you are looking for some of the finer mens sunglasses, which cost more than the others featured on this page, here you go.

Do you want to share your sunglasses with your gf, then why not buy some unisex ones!

Do you buy a new pair of sunglasses every year? Were you tempted by any of the sunglasses featured here?

Did you enjoy this collection?

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      Blackspaniel1 6 years ago

      Nice lens!

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      JoshK47 6 years ago

      Some very stylish glasses here!

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      Thank you for posting this lens, i'll be in the market for new glasses in spring, so these tips will be very useful.