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Best Hairstyles for the Office

Updated on April 20, 2013

We'll take a look at some fashionable hairstyles that are perfect for the office.

Going to the office is not as easy as it seems. Especially when you are in a hurry on a Monday morning or getting late for a presentation on a Wednesday, it becomes difficult to try on different hairstyles to look your best. Nonetheless, you donât have the choice to get gaudy in office. Therefore, the more you try to keep it simple, fast and easy, the better results you get. Here is a list of some easy to try hairstyles which would not take more than 10 minutes to prepare.

Textured Bob.

A plain bob works best for office. However, being a working woman does not mean you have to part ways with fashion. Go for a layered bob and avoid too much texture. This is so because layers can grow aligned, while textured or unruly cuts will look very bad when they grow in the next month. Shoulder length layered bobs are the favorites for many public authorities around the world. Give it a shot.

Fishtail Braid

This is one hairstyle that is ideal for any office. Though it takes a little more time that the others on the list, once you get the hang of it, you will never want to try any other style. The best part about a fishtail is that it is trendy, glamorous and simple at the same time. You just have to knit the hair strands together in a beautiful pattern that goes through the complete length of your hair and you are ready to make an impact. Moreover, if you have to go to a date or a party after office, you would just need to change clothes. Your hair is just too perfect to be changed.


Whether tight and high or a little loose and low, a pony tail is ideal for office going ladies. The simple reason behind adopting this hairstyle is that it shows off your long locks elegantly while giving you a straight forward no-nonsense look. Pretty much what is needed at office, you would appear a feminine but confident personality. If you wish, you can leave a few bangs lose in the front, but make sure that don’t too messy or interfere with the way you work. If you have to tuck them behind your ear again and again, you should better avoid it.


The classic favorite works for every hair type. You simply have to blow dry your hair and apply some mouse or hair spray so that the hair stays in place. Then you can easily make a bun at the middle of your head and get straight to business. For younger ladies who want some glitter, try to leave the last 1/4 of your hair loose while the rest of the hair forms a beautiful bun. Use some beautiful hair pins to complete the look.

Side pony with a twist

This hairstyle should be tried by all ladies no matter what hair type they have. If you have shoulder length hair then you can make a side pony and accentuate your facial features with the help of loosely side swept bangs. This gives you a great look without getting too boring at the hairstyle's end. Office hairstyles don't have to be boring. Add a little more flair and excitement to what can be an other wise drab environment.

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