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The Best Organic Shampoo Ever Created

Updated on July 13, 2010

The best organic shampoo ever created didn't achieve that title just because it sounds good. It's a bold statement, but this product really backs up the title. This particular organic shampoo is also biodynamic, Sodium Laurel and Laureth Sulfate free, and paraben free (not to mention phthalate free). If you're not sure what those ingredients are, they are basically chemicals that help shampoos create suds. Not this shampoo though. The aforementioned chemicals are a big no-no for those looking for a green hair treatment.

Ingredients Proudly Disclosed (Run from those that Don't!)

With shampoo, there's stuff that works, and stuff that doesn't work. Many organic shampoos suffer because they either don't work, or they have nearly the exact same ingredients as their predecessor (many larger companies are guilty of this). The truth of the matter is, you really have to read the label and know exactly what you're getting. If the ingredients aren't disclosed, this is a big red flag. It's practically like saying "please, don't buy my product, I'm ashamed of what's in it!" Finally, one organic shampoo has hit the nail on the head and covered all of their bases. Not only is it good for you, but it's extraordinarily good for the environment.

When using this shampoo, you also won't need a large quantity to wash your hair. A small dime size amount should do it. There are several varieties for color treated hair, as well as organic conditioner and shampoo/conditioner sets.

What is Biodynamic - and How Does it Help the Environment?

When a shampoo is biodynamic, it means that all of the resources and ingredients that went into making the product came from the same farm. It's sustainability perfection. Think of it as a self sustaining farm that doesn't use any outside sources for a single thing - a truly amazing feat in today's world. What this means is that it's a big help to the environment, and you don't have to worry about any strange ingredients in the shampoo.

Natural Ingredients that Soothe and Treat the Hair

The organic ingredients used in this shampoo have been chosen for their known abilities to nurture, soothe, and treat the scalp, skin, and hair. Lemongrass, flower extracts, coconut, cranberry seed extract, and Rooibos tea are just a few of the natural ingredients found in the shampoo.

How to Purchase this Organic Shampoo

Ready to find out more about this shampoo? Visit this page to read more about the Best Organic Shampoo ever (the one you just read about), or click to purchase this shampoo today. Be sure to read about the varieties like Color Awakening Hair Bath, Color Radiance Daily Conditioner, Pure Essential Hair Bath, and Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner. Also available in travel set sizes (perfect if you'd like to try just a small amount, too).

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