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The Best Rain Boots Ever? Bogs!

Updated on January 13, 2014

Why Bogs Rain Boots Are My Favorite

You know what I most wanted for Christmas this past year? Rain boots! That probably sounds crazy, doesn't it? Don't get me wrong. It's not that I'm always this practical. Of course, I like receiving meaningful, personalized gifts or ones that are more luxurious than anything you'd ever buy yourself. This past Christmas I really wanted rain boots because I was fed up with buying cheap boots and having them crack or get leaks in them within a half year of purchase. I knew the boots I wanted may cost a bit more than the pairs I had been buying but I wanted them to last for once. Well, I got what I asked for and have been so happy with my Bogs rain boots I decided to share my experience with you.

Why Do I Love My Bogs Rain Boots?

First of all, I want to start out saying that I am in no way affiliated with the company that markets Bogs rain boots or have received anything in compensation from them for writing this article. I'm writing it because simply, I love these boots! Why do I love these rain boots you may ask?

Here is my list of reasons:

- they keep my feet dry as they are completely waterproof

- they keep my feet warm apparently in temperatures as low as -40°F (thank goodness it doesn't get that cold in Oregon!)

- they make for an excellent snow boot as well since they do well in cold, wet weather. I actually even used them to go snowshoeing this past winter. They worked a lot better than the leather hiking boots I wore in the past.

- they are very comfortable and don't feel "sloshy" like the typical rain boot since the top is made out of flexible Neoprene

- they are easy to put on since they have little handles on the sides

- the designs are very fashionable and attractive

Do You Live In A "Rain Boot" Climate? Why Do You Wear Rain Boots?

Do you live in a "rain boot" climate? Why do you wear rain boots?

Life In Oregon

So you may be wondering if I have really put these rain boots to the test. Well, maybe all I need to say is that I live in Oregon. I walk our 88lb. dog every day - yes, rain or shine. In winter, the days can be really gray and dreary. We don't always get a lot of rain in terms of the amount but the drizzle can last all day so no avoiding it. By the time spring rolls around, you are so ready for better weather but spring is rainy season in Oregon. Sort of lasts until mid-June... Summer and fall are great though so that's why we can put up with it! Ha! Needless to say, there are plenty of opportunities to wear rain boots here. For walking the dog, playing with the kids in the puddles and even the ordinary run to the grocery store. Heck, Bogs boots have such attractive designs that it would not surprise me if someone hasn't shown them off in downtown Portland as a pure fashion statement. After all, you can go to a five star restaurant here in blue jeans.

Getting out of downtown and into nature, they work like a charm too. I recently brought them with me on a trip to Mt. Hood. They kept my feet warm and comfortable as we went snowshoeing and walking on the woodsy trail covered with snow near the cabin. My son tried skiing for the first time and being the anxious mom I waited at the bottom of the chair lift to make sure he was coming down the mountain safely with a smile on his face. My entire body got chilly waiting for him but my feet were toasty. Now that's worth something!

Were You Familiar With Bogs Rain Boots Before Reading This Review?

Were you familiar with Bogg rain boots before reading this review?

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    • I-sparkle profile image


      7 years ago

      Yes. We get "flood" type weather lately in San Diego. Good lens. Thanks for the helpful info.


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