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Best Rain Jacket

Updated on March 6, 2015

Best Ladies Rain Jacket


Best Rain Jacket Reviews

My Best Rain Jacket Should Be Durable And Provide Comfort And Protection From The Elements

Best Rain Jackets is what we all need, So If you are looking for protection and comfort from the wet and rain then you will need good quality and the best rain jackets, They should be made of water resistant materials and fabric. Top Quality rain jackets are essential for many outdoor pursuits.

One common generally known usage of a lot rain jackets is to increase or build up your body heat temperature, Today most of these jackets have undergone several changes to texture and materials and that makes them more adaptable. Nowadays most rain jackets are very lightweight for the reason that we understand that it is such a burden to be packing cumbersome baggage when you want to go on a trip or journey. So best to at all times to include rain jacket that warm your body and also protect and take care of you from rain.

Women's Marmot Minimalist Jacket

Men's Marmot Minimalist Jacket

The usual scenery when go to the city, the country side or even the latest music festival is lots of folks with good waterproof rain jackets. Even sports people are found to be wearing rain jackets, This greatly benefits them if they want to sweat to lose weight so they will decide on what best suits there needs when picking the materials for there rain jacket or the type of rain jacket. This is the same with people who work outdoors all day long, They use rain jackets on rainy days or any other weather conditions that required them but they don't want to sweat all day. There is also people who want to wear rain jackets that make them look fashionable therefore most rain jacket manufacturers are making them look very attractive, many styles and colors and materials .

Modern and up to date rain jackets are available everywhere now adays. Generally they are not even called rain jackets as they got so many multiple uses.

Since rain jackets can be used often as the end user wants, it is essential that you choose something that can stand every day wear and tear. Think about it you will not want a cheap run to the shops from home rain jacket if your going to some mud fest music festival that its more or lickly that you will be out in the weather for up to 20 hours aday or if your going a camping weekend, So rain jackets had better not only be durable and dependable but also weather strong.

Diverse weather condition can have an effect on many materials, short term or long term depends on to what degree it is utilized. Decide on something that is lightweight and packable, In particular the backpackers or music fest individuals as they might want to take it on and off many times during the day

So with all this in mind I have all the different types of rain jacket you might be possibly looking for, Because I have given this a great amount of thought and have tested many different rain jackets so I could find out just what you guys need in a comfortable rain jacket that will do the job and look cool.

So if your looking for light weight one or the heavy duty kind that is perfect for extremely cold places. For men or women, your kids, large, small, stylish and cool to wear in most places like city or outdoors in the country, or just simple to run to the car from your home, everything is right here. Some of there will blow their mind as there is some real cool colorful rain jackets from some of the top brands and manufactures

Watch Rain Jacket Video Reviews Below - What's The Best Rain Jackets For Men and Woman

Best Rain Jackets For Men and Woman
Best Rain Jackets For Men and Woman

Marmot Minimalist Rain Jacket Video Review - This Is a Great Packable Rain Jacket

Rainwear for the dedicated outdoors person, the Minimalist is a lightweight shell, while Gore's inimitable Paclite gives it guaranteed reliability. One of our best selling Paclite jackets, redesigned with a less-bulky, trimmer fit for streamlined, rainy-day play

Finding a rain jacket that has both the best quality and the fashionable look can be quite a journey because most rain jackets are only made for the purpose and that is for being protected when in the rain and the style isn't a big concern.

Other than that, most rain jackets are known to be quite heavy because most rain jacket manufacturers make them thick to make sure that you are really protected when outdoors. This can be very uncomfortable especially for fashionable consensus women making them not enjoy wearing rain jackets specially the Marmot Precip Jacket, Marmot Mica and the Marmot Super Hero Jacket

However, there are still fantastic rain jackets which will definitely meet all of the women's needs when they have to outdoors in the rain and need to be keeping themselves protected from getting wet because of bad weather and rain while still having the comfort and style that they want and need.

So, when it comes to that type of rain jacket, The Marmot Rain Jackets for women will certainly be perfect. To prove that this is really the right jacket for the women's needs, here are some of its great features. When it comes to protecting you from the rain, it surely will because of the fabulous materials which these rain jackets are made of.

They are made of Nylon which is perfect for keeping you dry even if it's raining heavily and also, This material makes this Marmot Rain Jackets very durable. In addition, it is made of a unique Precip Dry Touch Technology which makes it breathable and waterproof at the same time to make it more comfortable. For your convenience, It has large Pack Pockets to put some additional items in it or simply put your hands in it for additional warmth.

You won't even have to worry about uncomfortable rain jackets anymore because it is very light in weight and it will feel just like you're not even wearing any jacket at all. The Marmot Rain Jackets come in different stylish and many colors for a fashionable cool look. Definitely have a look at the Marmot Destination Jacket, That is a fantastic looking rain jacket and looks fab. So if you want both comfort and style when it comes to wearing rain jackets especially for women, the Marmot Rain Jackets for women has really proved its quality and style.

Marmot Aegis Rain Jacket Video Review

Marmot Aegis Rain Jacket Video Review 2 - Rain protection from Marmot.

Grab the Marmot Aegis Jacket when the weather really starts to move in. This lightweight rain jacket will keep you dry with Marmot MemBrain Strata waterproof breathable fabric.

MemBrain fabric is highly compressible, waterproof, and breathable

DriClimb-lined cuffs and collar feel comfortable all day

Fully taped seams and storm flaps keep moisture at bay

Hood fits over a helmet or stows away during times of pleasant weather

Hand-warmer pockets keep your digits warm during a cold rain

Unzip the shell's underarm vents to regulate your temperature

Angel-Wing Movement increases arm mobility without causing the jacket to rise up

Elastic drawcord hem allows for adjustability in inclement weather

Material: nylon, [membrane/laminate] MemBrain Strata

Center Back Length: 28.75 in

Pockets: 2 front handwarmer

Seams: fully taped

Venting: underarm vents

Hood: yes, stowable

Weight: 14 oz

Recommended Use: camping, hiking, outdoor play

Manufacturer Warranty: lifetime

Marmot's Aegis jacket combines the company's most advanced waterproof, breathable fabric technology with a number of convenient design touches. MemBrain Strata fabric sheds water and breathes easily to keep you dry from rain and perspiration alike. Additional features includes hand warmer pockets with water resistant zippers, a DriClime-lined collar and cuffs, PitZips to help you regulate temperature when your heart rate picks up, and an adjustable hood that rolls into the collar.

Women's Marmot Minimalist Rain jackets
Women's Marmot Minimalist Rain jackets

Best Rain Jackets For Women Review

Women's Marmot Minimalist Rain jackets

Running to the nearest shop door and waiting for the rain to stop is something we all have done, but its best to have a good rain jacket instead specially when the spring rain begins and every day the rain is off and on. Some folks think there are romantic notions associated with walking in the rain, but these notions do not apply especially if you have an important business meeting or on weekend outing or our with friends wherein you have to put your best foot forward. In regions where spring is defined by rainfalls, it goes without saying that keeping a decent good quality rain proof jacket is more than a must specially down my town, One moment the sun is out then the next its poring with rain.

The best raincoats for women come in an endless array of designs and cool colors, but if you're thinking about fashion investment you should stick to "Women's Marmot Minimalist" Jackets they are gorgeous rain jackets comfy and look great and do a good job even if you're in the rain for long periods of time or also good for your casual Friday night out

The Women's Marmot Minimalist Rain jackets are made of high quality, lightweight nylon can really do a fantastic job protecting you and they have PitZips that's Underarm zip that extends into the body for aggressive venting, Women's Marmot Minimalist is also GORE-TEX Products with Paclite Technology 100% Polyester with Zippered Hand Pockets and Attached Adjustable Hood, The other cool this is its so Functional and lightweight for hiking and packing in bag or the car for when needed and on top of that the colors available for the Women's Marmot Minimalist Rain jackets is amazing, I love the green envy like in the photo above.

These Women's Marmot Minimalist Rain jacket will keep you dry when choosing raincoat jacket designs, make sure that they have Zippered Hand Pockets on the front so you can have convenient storage cases for valuables like mobile phone, media player, lighter, organizer, and wallet, good ventilation like I said above and lightweight of-course

I remember one time I got a raincoat and I was in a real hurry at the time, So it was not a good rain jacket to be honest and I was totally soaked after 30 mins in the rain its was awfall, So next time I spent some time and listened to a good friend that's why I went and invested in a Marmot Minimalist Jacket and that was top quality and I even looked so cool in my Marmot jacket, Its now that's my favorite even for just casual wear for a wind breaker when its windy

When choosing or deciding what's the best rain jackets for you be careful. Although woman are clever in choosing the best rain jackets, Because most women will understand that fashion is important to them, and they know its got to do the job at keeping them dry but it must look pretty too. I am sure you most woman would understands this.

Marmot Precip Rain Jacket Video Review - These Ladies RainCoats Can Be Put Into a Bag When Folded Into Its Self

Now more waterproof, more breathable, and more comfortable against the skin, the Marmot PreCip is a lightweight, easy-to-pack rain jacket for backcountry and urban travelers alike.

MARMOT Men's PreCip Rain Jacket

Also See These Marmot Rain Jackets For Woman - These Are Light Weight and Fold Up Into a Small Package, Which Is Great To Have In Bag Or In The Car

Marmot Rain Jackets For Women

Have a look at the Marmot Minimalist Rain Jacket video just below for a more detailed review

Women's Columbia Rain Jackets Video Review - These Fantastic Lightwaight Columbia Breathable Rain Jackets For Woman

Women's Columbia Arcadia Rain Jacket: Keeping You Dry In The Rain

When it comes to a rain jacket with great quality, you will never go wrong when it is made by the Columbia rain jackets for woman.

Columbia has been making high quality rain jackets for a very long time which makes them a trusted brand which will guarantees to fit the needs of woman especially when it comes to protecting you from the rain.

One of the best high quality jacket of Columbia is the Columbia women's arcadia rain jacket. This particular jacket is made of materials which are proven and tested in protecting you from getting wet in the the rain. It is made of 100% nylon which is a known material for keeping you dry and it doesn't absorb water so you will have a dry feeling.

It has a zipper closure to completely protect you from heavy rains. It can be machine washed for easy and more convenient cleaning. Columbia Arcadia Rain Jackets are very light weight so that you can easily take it anywhere and use it anytime you want.

In addition, it can be easily be packed to a small size so that you can place it in your hand bag or car glove compartment . When wearing this Columbia women's arcadia rain jacket, it will feel just like you're not wearing it at all because of its lightweight design. It is definitely a comfortable jacket which provides you with complete protection from the rain and keeping you dry anywhere and anytime.

There is also many styles to choose from for all occasions or just to keep handy whether your going away for the day or for the weekend

Find Out More Below Video

Columbia Has Great Colors and Casual Lightweight Rain Jackets - Very Comfortable To Wear

North Face Rain Jacket Video Review - The North Face Rain Jackets For Men and Woman

North Face Rain Jackets Video Review

Rainy days are coming and you have to keep yourself dry to avoid getting sick caused by getting socked due to rain. You have to protect yourself by using or wearing decent rain jackets. But, you shouldn't just choose any kind of jacket because it really depends on where you live or were your going or if your out doors a lot and you need a jacket made of materials that will really keep you dry even if you're walking in the rain for long periods of time like hill walking. In addition, you can also keep a very stylish and fashionable or be a a cool cat even if you're wearing a rain jacket. One great quality brand jacket which will surely meet those requirements for me is the NorthFace rain jackets for men.

The rain jackets from North Face for men are designed with high quality materials which will certainly keep you dry when in rain for long periods. The materials which are used in making the NorthFace rain jackets are guaranteed to prevent the rain from entering inside the jacket. It has no small holes and these rain jackets are made of 100% nylon which is a great type of material for rain jackets because it doesn't absorb water and it will just let water slide down from the jacket to easily clean the jacket and keeping it dry.

What's even better about the North Face rain jackets is that they have a very fashionable look. The bottom of the sleeve is usually designed with garter which fits your wrist and preventing the water from entering to inside the jacket.

Other than that, if it isn't raining yet, you can easily lift the sleeves up to give more style and get some air about you while wearing a rain jacket. These rain jackets have deep and fantastic vibrant plain colors which are almost shiny.

This will add up to its elegance and people will immediately see them as high quality rain jackets. It has a very comfortable features in the inner part of the jacket and is never itchy compared to other rain jackets that can sometimes be itchy and sweaty. These rain jackets are very light in weight which makes it more comfortable to wear.

All in all, rain jackets made by North Face for men is capable of protecting you from the rain and keeping you comfortable while still keeping you in with the style bragrade. North Face rain jackets for men are sold in at reasonable prices for top quality.

Quality Rain Jackets For All The Family

Find Out More Below

The North Face Rain Jackets For Men and Woman - Quality Rain Jackets For All The Family

Rab Latok Alpine Waterproof Jacket - 100% waterproof

This is an excellent solid waterproof jacket, Its well designed, and also has great large pockets and a big adjustable hood

Alpine climbs and treks can sometimes get very cold and very wet. As most other rain jackets deal with either the nasty wetness or the extreme cold conditions, The RAB Women's and Mens Microlight Alpine eVent Down Jacket will deal both wet and cold.

Product Features

Material: [membrane/laminate] eVent (2-layer)

Insulation: 750-fill European goose down

Fabric Waterproof Rating:

Fabric Breathability Rating:

Hood: yes, helmet-compatible


Center Back Length:



Powder Skirt:

Pockets: 2 side zippered

Seams: fully taped

Wrist Gaiters:


Weight: 23 oz

Recommended Use: ice climbing, alpine trekking

Manufacturer Warranty: lifetime

Rab Microlight Alpine Event Down Jackets - Men & Woman's

Guaranteed Waterproof

Jones New York Rain Jackets For Women - Fashionable Rain Jackets For The Trendy Women

Women really want to look at their best at anytime or any occasion because it is their dynamics. Women also like to be more elegant than men. They want to look good in all whether types no matter if its sunny out or a rainy weather. Luckily, The Jones New York Rain Jackets for women are very fashionable and suit all needs just to wear as a casual jacket or when caught in the rain.

The Jones New York Rain Jackets for women are made with great quality components to make them look good and keeping them dry and protected from the rain. With over 40 year history, the Jones Group puts emphasizes product innovation. When it comes to the costs of woman's Jones New York Rain Jackets, they are very reasonable priced and will also most likely depend on the materials which the jacket is made of. The Jones Brand have been very popular with ladies because of the fashionable garments that they make and they have been satisfying the hunger for outdoor fashion of ladies with various styles and have a great choice with some of the best rain jackets on the market for the fashion followers

Jones New York definitely have all types elegant rain jackets to choose from which are made from unique high quality products. Another great thing is their rain jackets don't even look like rain jackets but they are very stylish jackets which will make women look more elegant for sure. They have many products to choose from including sleeveless to long sleeve jackets. What's great about these jackets is that they can even be worn even when there's no rain and they can be stylish jackets for different events. This is a great idea specifically when rain comes unexpectedly and your wearing your Jones New York rain jacket which will give immediate protection and looking sophisticated, warm and very durable with a sleek fit.

Yellow Raincoat #yellow raincoat - Justin Bieber

Best Yellow Rain coats - Rainwear

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      I have a Columbia jacket that is pretty rain resistant. I love how warm it is... Today was very rainy so I was all bundled up in it. You gave some good information and rain jacket options in this lens!

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      Such a helpful lens.. I really love it. Please check my lens also, hope you can get an inspiration from my lens.

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      Very nice lens, very well done.

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      I dread the time of year when we need these, but they are a must have! Thanks for great lens.

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      Great choices of winter wear! G+/Tweeted/ Liked & Pinned

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      Nice assortment of jackets.

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      Very cool rain jackets, thanks!

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      @cynthiannleighton: Thanks for comment Cynthia, Ye its been real bad here this week with rain...lots of floods

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      @MaartjeJepsen: Thanks Maarje for coming by my site, Good luck in your search

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      You've really done your research on rain jackets - just in time for the fall rains.

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      Thank you for cool ideas! Been looking for a new rain jacket recently.

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      Timely! As Fall begins so do the rains. Nicely done. Good job.

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      Excellent and stylish jackets. Enjoyed to visit this lens.

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      So many choices of rain jackets(I prefer double-side jacket to a PVC raincoat).. Its easy to catch flu and fever when its raining, so a rain jacket is a must! Thanks for sharing about rain jackets =]


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