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Best RFID Blocking Checkbook Wallets in 2014

Updated on October 15, 2014

Best Value on RFID Checkbook Wallets in Leather, Faux, Nylon and Stainless Steel

Looking for a new mens or ladies wallet with RFID Blocking security? That's a smart decision since Identity Theft is growing every day and is the number one crime in America right now with no end in sight! I've been buying rfid wallets for myself and my mom and sisters ever since I had my own identity stolen. Buy the perfect gift this year - the Best RFID Blocking Checkbook Wallet - a superior wallet that also prevents identity theft!

Don't buy just any wallet - get RFID protection. Here you'll find a wide selection of the best value checkbook wallets to keep your cash, bills, checkbook, identification and credit cards all in one place and most importantly, secure from identity thieves. Find a sharp, chic and designer quality wallet here with the best feature of all - RFID blocking for security!

RFID Blocking Checkbook Wallets don't have to cost more than your typical wallets and are often a better value as they become more and more popular and more companies are making them. We'll continue to update this page with the newest and latest designs and styles. There are plenty of great options now to choose from so start preventing identity theft today.

Thanks for looking!

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Very Lightweight RFID Checkbook Wallet Black #RFID156
Very Lightweight RFID Checkbook Wallet Black #RFID156

If you're tired of your heavy, weighed down wallet that only gets heavier after you fill it, check out this very lightweight checkbook wallet in black and it has RFID blocking to protect your identity! What a win - win. It has room for a few credit cards, identification, bills (just what you really need to carry so a great wallet to downsize your current wallet) and with a slim design and sleek finish in classic black so this wallet is very suitable for women and men. Makes a great gift idea too.


Very Lightweight RFID Checkbook Wallet Black - 4.5 Star Rating and is a great value for protecting your identity!

Basic Black Leather Checkbook Wallet perfect for men or women that need RFID blocking to prevent identity theft.

Contains a blocking chip so that scanners are unable to read the financial and personal information in your purse or wallet.

If you are looking for identity theft protection, a new wallet holds a checkbook, this could be the one.

Do your holiday shopping all year with gift ideas that are smart and help you save money!

The Most Important Thing About a Wallet

is that it contain the RFID Blocking feature to Prevent Identity Theft no matter what type or style of wallet you choose! Scroll down for lots of choices, you're sure to find the perfect one to suit your needs.

Stainless Steel Checkbook Wallet with RFID Blocking - Great Checkbook Wallet for Men or Women on Sale

One of the hottest looks in accessories this year is stainless steel. Check out this option for yourself or a gift for someone special! Financial security never goes out of style and always makes a great gift for everyone.

Stainless Steel Checkbook Wallet
Stainless Steel Checkbook Wallet

The Stainless Steel Checkbook Wallet offers RFID blocking and is not only fashionable, sleek, slim design, lightweight and super soft but, also offers a very durable and well made product.

The stainless design resists stains with 12 credit card slots, bill holder, area for checkbook, receipts area and easy to use snap closure.


Best Value on RFID Blocking Checkbook Wallets - These are some of the most popular and highly rated RFID wallets for women!

We live in a new age where we always need to pay attention to those around us and think about how we can keep ourselves safe. Not only from physical harm but, now it's about keeping all our financial information safe too. These are some of my top choices to help you and those you care about:

Customer rated 4.5 stars for the quality workmanship, dozen color options makes this wallet easily visible inside your bag.

Mundi Neon Pink Big Fat Wallet Organizer Clutch
Mundi Neon Pink Big Fat Wallet Organizer Clutch

I love the color selections in this RFID checkbook wallet - pink and red are my favorites! You'll love 13 slots for credit cards, checkbook area, two separate zippered areas for coins, keys, passes or receipts and a snap closure. Use it as a clutch or wallet and feel secure knowing your identity is protected from scanning thieves!


RFID Checkbook/Clutch Wallet in Red, Pink and More! - 4.5 Star Rating from customers on this pretty checkbook wallet with security protection!

A bright and colorful accessory is easier to locate quickly in your bag and one of the reasons people love this one!

Red Wallet - RFID checkbook wallet

RFID Blocking Women's Clutch Wallet by Identity Stronghold - Red
RFID Blocking Women's Clutch Wallet by Identity Stronghold - Red

This beautiful bright red wallet with RFID protection makes a great gift with ample room for credit cards, receipts and keep your own checkbook in one of the pockets. Snaps shut to carry as a clutch too!


RFID Blocking Womens Black Leather Wallet - Keep everything you need for your shopping and business needs all in one place with this large wallet with lots of p

11 Gorgeous color or style options to choose from makes this a great pick for all the ladies on your gift list. Check out the croc, ostrich and python textured looks.

RFID Blocking Mundi File Master Safe Keeper - Checkbook wallet and more, see more views and details

For anyone that loves red accessories, this one shows up easily inside your bag and is easy to access.

Mundi RFID Blocking Wallets for Women - File Master Safe Keeper - Also Fits Touch Screen, Blackberry and Android Phones - Green
Mundi RFID Blocking Wallets for Women - File Master Safe Keeper - Also Fits Touch Screen, Blackberry and Android Phones - Green

Manufacturers are adding new technology with more features in RFID checkbook wallets all the time. One of my favorite checkbook security wallets is this one from Mundi that works not only like a checkbook wallet but, also a labeled file organizer for coupons, receipts, cash, has 13 credit card holders, two clear window areas for any identification you need at the ready, accordian style opening large enough to hold a smart phone. Plus, you get an outside zippered compartment which I love for keys, coins and parking passes. Mundi features this security checkbook wallet in faux snake red leather. This is a perfect gift of security and peace of mind for the busy mom, traveler, business person or college student, me or YOU!

Mundi File Master with Safe Keeper in Smooth Pebble (Silver)
Mundi File Master with Safe Keeper in Smooth Pebble (Silver)

What a great price for a sleek wallet that will help you keep your financial info safe from anyone trying to get it from you. Less than a few cups of your favorite gourmet coffee for this smooth finish wallet.


RFID Checkbook File Master Wallet - Great gift for women!

Be totally organized with this handy wallet that includes two id windows, separate areas for bills or receipts, zipper for keys or coins or passes, lots of room for credit cards and a sleek design. Plenty of room to also hold your smart phone.

I hope this article has helped you to recognize that identity theft is on the rise and one of the ways we can all protect our important personal and financial information inside our wallets is the RFID technology . It's a wise investment that will give you peace of mind when shopping or traveling.

© 2012 Cindy

Do you already use a checkbook wallet and need the RFID blocking or is this a gift for someone? - Thanks for sharing!

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    • vetochemicals profile image

      Cindy 5 years ago from Pittsburgh Pa

      @tricomanagement: Thank you quester, I hope this article will help people to protect their financial information for themselves and for great gift ideas. xoxo

    • tricomanagement profile image

      tricomanagement 5 years ago

      I think they are great for gifts - protect your ID - once again with a simple idea - clever Lens