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Prevent Identity Theft with RFID Blocking Mens Wallets - BiFold

Updated on August 20, 2014

Best Value on Anti Theft Wallets Bifolds to Prevent Identity Theft

These are carefully chosen Best Value RFID blocking mens wallets to help prevent identity theft and give you added peace of mind from this growing crime. Whether for yourself or as a great mens gift idea, these RFID wallets are well made, the best security wallet prices, will hold all your credit cards, passes, identification, gift cards and bills securely and every man needs identity theft protection!

I never knew these simple wallets were one way to safeguard my own financial information until I was notified of lots of new accounts that suddenly appeared on my credit report that I never created. What a shock that was and a terribly long ordeal to correct so much false recordings on my own accounts! I had to research ways to protect myself and my family and that's how I learned about these great wallet designs and hope you'll like what I'll share here.

The bifold is one of the most popular wallet styles and we found them with RFID security built in, in nylon, leather or stainless so you can find the perfect mens wallet for anyone on your gift list. An RFID blocking bi fold wallet is one of the best gifts for men! I've been giving rfid mens wallets to all the men on my gift list ever since I had my own identity stolen - don't wait until it happens to you!

Browse these best rated RFID mens wallets to find the perfect mens gifts or best wallet with identity theft protection for yourself. You'll have peace of mind knowing that the financial information you carry with you day to day is secure any time you leave your home. My family and I have sure appreciated this simple fix to feel safer with our identity and I'll bet yours will too! Get your first line of defense ready before you leave home.

You've heard that commercial for what's in your wallet right? Make sure you stay protected from those pick pocketing thieves. You just never know who's around you and what they might be up to!

Shown is the Travelon RFID Blocking Mens Wallet Bifold (image courtesy of

Nappa Leather RFID Blocking Commuter Wallet - One of the Best Selling Anti Theft Mens Wallets with extra flaps I've Found!

I found this very nice 4 Star Rated wallet for a few of the men in my family for such a great deal, it's worth it to me to keep my cards and id safe and my guys that like a bifold design wallet are now learning more about financial security too. What a win-win!

Nappa Leather RFID Blocking Euro Commuter Wallet, Black
Nappa Leather RFID Blocking Euro Commuter Wallet, Black

This Euro Commuter Wallet with RFID blocking made of napa leather is one of the most popular mens wallet sold. You'll have plenty of space to hold and protect your credit cards and two flip areas for identification or passes all in soft leather. Click to see more details and customer reviews to decide if this is the perfect wallet for you or a gift this year!


Travelon RFID Blocking Mens Wallet Bifold - I know a few athletes that would like this nylon wallet with leather trim. Who do you know?

Travelon RFID Blocking Billfold
Travelon RFID Blocking Billfold

The Travelon RFID Blocking Mens Wallet Bifold is the most popular by customer reviews due to the best value at less than $20, quality construction of nylon with leather trim so it's easy to clean, that lasts long and has plenty of room for credit cards, gift cards, identification, bus passes, bills, receipts with two money slots. Travelon RFID blocking mens wallet bifold also keeps all credit cards safe from scratches, bending and breaking and are firmly held in place while allowing easy access to remove them when needed.


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"With an RFID blocking wallet, You'll have peace of mind knowing that the financial information you carry with you day to day is secure any time you leave your home."

Security Mens Wallets - Bifold - Leather - Get peace of mind with id security and your new RFID wallet

Keep your identification and credit cards secure with any of these RFID blocking wallets for men that will add peace of mind to your daily travels. I love this wide selection of wallets that will help men stop from getting their private info ripped off! It takes a long time to repair a credit rating and credit report when thieves find our info! There's one here in every style and to suit every budget. Identity theft is nothing to ignore or take lightly!

DFIRWear RFID Blocking Flip Side Wallet Leather - Best rated and top pick by other customers

DIFRwear CL-W0078BL RFID Blocking Flip Side Wallet - Black
DIFRwear CL-W0078BL RFID Blocking Flip Side Wallet - Black

This is another one of the most highly rated RFID blocking mens wallet in leather with 9 credit card slots - some can hold 2 cards in each, 2 bill holders, slim design, well made, protects credit cards from identity theft and breakage or scratching, quality construction and makes a great gift for men or yourself.


Anti Theft Slim Wallets for Men - As low as $11 for credit card protection!

I know a few men that really aren't fans of wallets and when they do use them, it has to be a slim one. My husband and dad are both like that. I often see men use money clips instead of bulky wallets too. These are some great options for anyone like that!

RFID Blocking Mens Wallets - Bifold - Stainless - Designer quality Flip Wallets for Men

I really like these stainless design wallets. I'm such a huge fan of anything stainless and am so happy to see this trend in fashion accessories becoming more popular now too, aren't you!

Browse these RFID blocking mens wallets or use the search button for more ideas to find that perfect accessory

Thanks for any comments you have about Identity Theft!

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    • vetochemicals profile image

      Cindy 5 years ago from Pittsburgh Pa

      @anonymous: Your gift will no doubt be much appreciated when your loved ones learn that a simple wallet can help them prevent identity theft Benlwms, thanks for stopping and Happy Holiday:) xoxo

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I try giving this as a gift this year.