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Girls Rolling Backpacks Reviews - 2013 Best Backpack With Wheels

Updated on April 24, 2013

What About Rolling Backpacks For Girls

You know what it's like trying to pack up the kids for an overnight stay at grandma's house. You need a little suitcase for clothes and another one for toys. If they're old enough they probably also want to carry a little purse and maybe you're sending along a little bag of treats.

That's all well and good if grandma just lives across town. But when you're trying to hightail it through the airport that's a lot of luggage to juggle.

And have you seen how much homework and how many books kids drag home from school these days? We used to just use a pillow case with a drawstring but they don't make pillowcases sturdy enough to hold everything kids have to tote back and forth to school nowadays.

It's a cold, cruel world out there and there's absolutely nothing wrong with getting rolling backpacks for your girls all those heavy schoolbooks to school or pull their own luggage through the airport every time they want to fly off and visit grandma.

In fact, if you get them one of the adorable backpacks you find further down this page, they'll probably beg you to let them be big girls and take care of it themselves.

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What To Look For When Choosing Rolling Backpacks For Girls

  • Wide padded straps to help distribute the weight and prevent injury to your little girl's back or shoulders.
  • Durable, sturdy fabric that will hold up under the weight. Look for fabrics that are either wipe clean or machine washable.
  • Quality construction is important. Look at the stitching where the straps are attached to the bag and check for loose threads or poor construction - especially if your daughter is going to be carrying a lot of heavy books or toys.
  • Look for quality construction in the wheels, too, to make sure they're securely attached to the backpack. Wheels mounted on the corners, instead of in the middle of the bag, will provide greater stability.
  • Does it have an easy-to-use handle? Some handles are difficult to retract. Look for a handle that operates easily and locks into position, and it should have smaller grips to fit your daughter's hand.

Hello Kitty Large Rolling Backpack Roller with Wheels

Ever little girl loves Hello Kitty and this backpack is adorable!

It has wide, padded straps so your little one will be more comfortable and the wheels make it easy for her to tote books, toys, clothes and all the trappings little girls consider so necessary.

Has 2 side pockets - one made of mesh for a water bottle and the other has a velcro closure to keep hold of the house key or other valuables. And two zippered front pockets for homework or fashion magazines.

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Kids Purple Rolling Backpack With Elephant Stuffie

For younger girls this purple rolling backpack with Elephant Stuffie makes an ideal gift. The Elephant is removable so your little girl is actually packing her toys and overnight things inside a toy!

More important, it has removable wheels so she can use it strictly as a backpack if you don't feel confident letting her pull it along behind her yet.

There's a zipper pocket on the back of the elephant for jammies or secret treasures and plenty of room inside the backpack for extra clothes and a few toys.

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Are you looking for a backpack for school or travel?

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