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Best Shoes for Teenagers and Everybody Else

Updated on June 16, 2012

What do you look for?

As parents and teenagers, when you look for a shoe to buy, what do you look for? I would think quality. Something that will last you a long time without breaking and having to buy shoes every couple of weeks.

Price is another one. You don't want to pay through your neck for a regular shoe that is only going to last a month or two.

Something else you would look for is quick delivery.

On this page you will find the long lasting, very reasonably priced and quickly delivered, SUPERGA - The Shoes of Italy

Superga is a shoe made in Italy that has become extremely popular amoung children and young adults. Superga offers a very wide variety of makes with different materials, colours and styles.

These shoes are not only for boys and children but there is also a big variety for girls and adults. Superga was first a tennis shoe that was released in 1911 that soon began spreading it's wings by diversifying their makes.

Image attributes to Wiki Commons

My Shoes

And what I reccomend

Yes I am a fan of Superga. In fact such a big fan that my last 4 pairs of shoes over the last 6 years have been Superga! When you get them they will feel a bit stuff but after a day or two it will be very comfortable and you will just be able to slip it on.

If your child or if you are known for going through shoes very quickly and your shoes attract dirt then I reccomend the black leather pair. The reason is because it does not get as dirty as quickly as the white pair.

These shoes not only last long but look and feel great. I have never looked back since trying on my first pair.

Cleany Weenie

If your shoes are always clean and out of the dirt, maybe the white one will be a good choice. My first Superga shoe was white and I always got it dirty so from then on I bought the black pair.

It all depends on your daily lifestyle and where you go. If your job is playing football, then you should not get the white, you see?


You might be looking for some shoes to go with your clothing or to be fashionable. These Supergas are in fashion and are worn by millions of people around the globe.

You really have a huge variety to choose from. Why not try something different and live a little? Change is good.

Not sure if you want to buy a pair?

Why not bid on a Superga and see how it goes instead? Bidding can either decrease the value or increase it. Maybe you might find yourself in luck?

I have bought the Supergas - Now what?

Here's how to insert the laces so that they look good and feel comfortable. If you rather want your laces tied then ignore this.

1] Remove the lace from the shoe, if neccasary.

2] Take the one end of the lace and thread it through the hole from the top left hand side (tip of shoe facing away from you) and pull it so that it is about 12cm. This lace will lay on on the side of the inside of the shoe.

3] Take the other end and thread it through the top right handside and the take it to the left hand side underneath to top.

4] Take it to the right hand side from top to bottom then the other side bottom to top.

5] Do this until you reach the top, I leave 2 holes open on each side because it looks better. You may choose to thread the lace through all the holes

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    • taryn-bubbles profile image

      taryn-bubbles 5 years ago

      I like the pink pair :)