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Skinny Jeans For Women Reviewed And Compared

Updated on November 11, 2011

The best skinny jeans are the one's that fit and flatter your shape. Whether you're a plus size, with curves in all the right places, or slim - or even pregnant, there's a size, style and color to fit you.

If you also want to know what to wear with skinny leg jeans - head over to how to wear skinny jeans, a collection of tips and fashion related advice that will help you look great and feel fantastic when you're wearing your supper slimming skinny leg jeans.

For those looking for the best jeans featured below are the best selling, the most popular and the most flattering jeans currently available. And of course ... they're all great value for money!

Levi's Junior's Too Super Low Skinny 524 Jean

These are the best skinny jeans - period. They're Levi's for one thing, always guaranteed to fit, flatter and last better than most brands. For another they're a great price. You can pay less for jeans but then again - for a trusted brand name you can pay a heck of a lot more. I have these and they're awesome. Levi's always manage to create denim that hugs the shape yet feels so darn comfortable to wear.

As ever they run true to size and come in a range of sizes and colors - from dark denim through grey and stonewashed. They're also low waist jeans - which is a great cut if you have a little extra round the middle but you're generaly slim/athletic everywhere else. Super jeans, super popular and super skinny.

Dickies Girl Juniors' Classic Five Pocket Skinny Jean

These are the most popular skinny jeans for curvy women - and they're also affordable. The jeans go up to a size 13 so they're available for the skinny and not so skinny - plus they're in a gorgeous classic dark blue denim that's all important when it comes to slimming down the figure and flattering a few extra curves.

The cut is prefect for a woman's body - if you're slim and need a smaller size they'll fit - if you're curvier they'll cover you just as beautifully. They're a low rise pair, low in the back and the front, which is good for avoiding the dreaded muffin top look. The inseam is long enough to gather up at the ankle (unless your legs are super long) and makes them look on trend no matter what you wear on your feet. Great jeans - cheap and good looking.

Levi's 512 Women's Petite Perfectly Slimming Skinny Jean with Tummy-Slimming Panel

These black skinny jeans are a big favorite, and again they're perfect for curvy girls. They're similar to Not Your Daughters jeans - in that they have a tummy slimming panel that's incorporated into the design and ... it works.

They're a great cut for anyone that carries around the tummy, hips and waist and both the cut and color are extremely forgiving. They can run a little short (if you have a long leg) as these are designed for petites. Still - there's plenty of petite women out there that need a little extra help around the tummy area and many find that being petite is a little tough when it comes to buying clothes! If you're small yet not quite perfectly formed - these are a great choice.

Southpole Junior's Plus Size Low Rise Color Skinny Jean

These are a great pair of plus size skinny jeans as they will fit and flatter women up to a size 20. They're available in either black or grey, though I'd advise the black as being the better color choice. It's also advisable to order two pairs - one in your usual size and one above, as they can run on the small side, so it's better to make sure you have the right choice.

Don't worry if you end with the size above as that doesn't mean you're bigger than you thought, rather that it's the cut with these particular jeans. They have a nice quality to them, enough stretch to make them comfortable and the fabric is a 98/2% denim/spandex mix. Low rise but with enough cover around the rear of the waist, they're a great pair of jeans - as well as being nice and affordable.

Motherhood Maternity: Loved By Heidi Klum Under Belly Super Stretch Slim Leg Maternity Jeans

These are great maternity skinny jeans and they go up to a plus size. They're a fun and fashionable denim, accommodating for your growing belly, well cut and affordable. As a rule maternity wear costs more than we usually like to spend, more so because you only wear maternity clothes when you're pregnant.

Happily this pair won't cost twice or three times the price of a standard pair and you will love how great they look and how comfortable they feel. They're a cotton/spandex blend, so they're breathable and able to flatter your shape as you grow. The inseam is also nice and long at 32", so you get the ever fashionable gather at the ankle. A wonderful pair of skinny leg jeans for pregnant women.


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    • profile image

      Dhuggs 6 years ago

      I wear the Miley Cyrus skinny jeans, they look great, fit well and they are the only pair of skinny jeans I don't have to keep pulling up all day. I have some Arizona skinny jeans that I love, but I do have to keep pulling them up all day long. I wish Walmart still sold the MileyCyrus/MaxAzria still, but jcpenney sells the Arizona brand and they are also just $20 bucks. Another prob with Arizona brand is they only come in one color and they are strategically torn.

    • Julie2 profile image

      Julie2 7 years ago from New York City

      I heard jeggings are comfortable too.

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 7 years ago

      Thanks mysisters - I love them too. I tried jeggings but I just feel a bit ... young. And I'm not lol!

      Julie - have fun. I hope you find the perfect pair of skinny jeans :)

    • Julie2 profile image

      Julie2 7 years ago from New York City

      I want to try the Dickies, I'll see if I go this weekend.

    • mysisters profile image

      mysisters 7 years ago

      Great Hub. I love the look of the Dickies jeans.There are also jeggings which are a great addition to your wardrobe. They are so comfortable!

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 7 years ago

      Minnetonka - thanks for that and yes I have to agree - skinny jeans rock at slimming you down :)

      Randy - go get some girl! I'm actually wearing a gray pair right now. My daughters - formerly mine and now I'm borrowing them :)

      cheaps8chick - gotta agree ... I love me some Levis!

      Julie I love the look of the Dickies. They're kinda similar to my Levis skinny jeans. The fit and feel are awesome. Thanks for the tip about where you bought your daughters jeans too :)

    • Julie2 profile image

      Julie2 7 years ago from New York City

      WOW, the Dickies jeans look so cute... I wish I knew about those Heidi Klum ones when I was pregnant 4 years ago, they are hot!

      My 16 year old daughter wanted skinny jeans but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on skinny jeans when teens don't really take care of there clothes or just grow out of them so fast. I went to walmart to see if I could find them there for a lower price. I got my daughter skinny jeans by Miley Cyrus from Walmart.

      They run in womens sizes. They are about $20.00 but we have even gotten them for $15.00 when they are on sale. She wears them out and they are soft too. Just in case anyone may have wanted to check them out.

    • cheapsk8chick profile image

      cheapsk8chick 7 years ago

      love love love Levi's. great hub, vote up!

    • Randy Behavior profile image

      Randy Behavior 7 years ago from Near the Ocean

      Been want'n me some!

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 7 years ago from Minnesota

      Thanks for the great ideas on jeans. Gotta love jeans that make you look slimmer.