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Best Smelling Cologne For Men 2013

Updated on November 20, 2013

Hot Men's Colognes For 2013-14 - Picking The Best One For You

Cologne is a very personal choice for men. Just like for women. Being a woman I know that I can appreciate a nice smelling guy. I think of colognes as being fresh and clean smelling, or sporty and fun, or hot and sexy to name a few. There's definitely something enticing about walking by a guy wearing a great scent.

So, how to find a scent that you can make your own? If you are like me, after picking up a few samples and spraying them on, they all start smelling the same. So, oftentimes people walk out with the same scent that they have been using for years.

What about coming up with some new ideas? I have been reading about some of the new, hot scents for 2013 and heading into 2014.You might check the popular website AskMen for yourself and read about the newest and most popular mens colognes.

What I like to do is find a site where I can read some of the customer ratings. At least it can give you a good place to start. If you are buying for your man, like me, and want to surprise him, this can be very helpful.

I've shared with you here the results of my research. Check out the recommendations if you are looking for a brand new scent or maybe wanting to get your guy a special gift.

5 Top Rated Men's Colognes

Hottest Colognes for 2013

Guilty By Gucci EDT spray for Men, 3 Ounce
Guilty By Gucci EDT spray for Men, 3 Ounce

Very popular cologne that women like - crisp and clean with sweet tones.


5 Ways to Tell If a Cologne Works For You

The base scent of almost all men's cologne consists of either citrus, sandlewood or citrus. After that it can get very confusing. Men's cologne bottles tell of scents like tobacco, wood and leather. I've read of colognes with mint and lavender smells and lots of citrus scents as well. You may find all of this somewhat confusing, I know I did, so check out the tips below.

Colognes consist of layered scents called notes.Here's some general tips to help you choose a cologne suited for you:

1) Remember that top notes are the first impression you get when you first smell the cologne. Usually the more potent extracts are in included in the top notes, but they also dissipate the quickest.

2) Softer scents, like floral are often used in the middle notes. They will soften the smell of the stronger, harsher top notes. Though these usually last a fairly short time, about half an hour.

3) The lasting scent that will remain from the cologne comes from base notes. These are subtle scents designed to last a long time. You may not notice their fragrance until 30 or 60 minutes after applying the cologne.

4) Test cologne on your own skin to tell how it actually smells on you. Beware of trying too many scents when testing colognes, so they don't all blend together.

While picking a fragrance is an individual choice, you might consider getting your girlfriend, wife or other friend's input. Women can be a good sounding board of what smells, nice, fresh, attractive or sexy.

Why Shop For Mens Cologne With a Girl

I know that this is just my story of cologne shopping for men. My husband hadn't worn cologne for years but I had been asking him to try some out. So, one day I snagged him and dragged him off to the shopping mall. Horrors!

Of course, as a girl I have had lots of experience trying different colognes and perfumes out. I shared my expertise (LOL) with my hubby so he could get a good idea of what he liked. And me, as well, of course. We tried out three different brands - just three scents total. I thought that any more than that would be too confusing to our noses.

So, what did we pick? Guilty by Gucci. I loved that it was somewhat sweet smelling, yet very fresh as well. My husband said it was "nice enough", which is high praise for him.

I just wanted to share my story and recommend that you take someone with you when you do shop for cologne, it makes it a whole lot easier.

No No's to Avoid When Wearing Cologne

What to avoid:

1) Stay away from the strong and overwhelming fragrances. Those with really strong base notes will last through the day and most likely bother you until you can shower it off.

2) Don't mix strong smelling deodorants with cologne. Unless you really love the two scents together, consider using unscented deodorant when you wear cologne.

3) Certain base notes called patchouli sometimes change their scent during the day to smell like camphor. This is another reason to try a cologne for several hours before picking one. Patchouli often comes in a woodsy scented fragrance.

4) Overspraying is common when you really want to smell your cologne. If you can smell your cologne likely you've overdone it and it will bother those around you. So, less is definitely better.

How To Choose A Good Guys Cologne

There are a lot of colognes out there to choose from. Follow these helpful hints to pick a fragrance you will be happy with!

Share Your Favorite Mens Colognes

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