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Best Titanium Watches 2014 Review

Updated on December 26, 2013

Read This Review Before You Buy Titanium Watch

One of the best watches are titanium watches. The titanium watches appeared in the age of high technology. This lightweight and durable material gives models a special look. Titanium, just like stainless steel, doesn't need coating; it's hypoallergenic and doesn't cause skin diseases. They are very light and feel warm against the skin. The feeling of warm is caused by the fact that titanium has low heat conductivity.

Most titanium watches have the peculiar matt grey color thanks to the famous and durable PVD coating, but some manufacturers make cases from the polished titanium. When you look at the polished titanium case watches, they look like they are made of steel, but are almost weightless. Titanium cases of watches are sometimes covered with different coatings, the most popular is black which looks really cool. Titanium is also often used for making of watch bracelets because they are very strong and warm to the touch.

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Titanium Watches - The Great Innovation

Nowadays, the hand watches in titanium cases have become classic. They look expensive, are surprisingly light, very strong, durable and, most importantly, look the same throughout many years. Titanium is so strong that it is virtually impossible to scratch.

Titanium watch, or watch with a titanium case, are very light and are almost unnoticeable on an arm. Usually, the case of titanium watch is slightly matt, and doesn't seem as cold as steel. Titanium doesn't cause allergies, resistant to corrosion and is durable. The main reason people buy titanium watches is that they look great and last a long time. This is the reason why titanium watches have been the main hit during many years now.

Titanium - The Best Material for Watches

The titanium is the first innovative material that found its use in watch making and only later come ceramics and carbon. Titanium is the material used also in space industry and high auto sports. Watch cases, back cover, bracelets and buckle straps are made out of titanium. From the practical point of view, this choice of material is not accidental - it weights very little, and thanks to an oxide film on it, it resists to corrosions and harsh chemicals. The titanium is resistant to mechanical impact. However, the hypoallergenic properties of such watch got the most attention. The aesthetic effect of titanium, possessing unusual color and matt surface, has been evaluated by the watch manufacturers, including the most eminent, which make the most noticeable titanium watch case details, for example, the bezel or crown and chronograph pushers.

Titanium Watch Advantages

The titanium watches have a lot of advantages. First of all, the titanium watch qualities are: the strength, accuracy and durability. Otherwise, titanium wouldn't be used by the most famous factories, which have been working in this industry for centuries.

Second of all, it looks recognizable and elegant. Titanium watch bracelet, polished titanium case or even watch with titanium coating, it all looks great on a wrist. Take a look at the men's titanium watch offers - there are great watches to choose from. Women's titanium watches are usually made thin, elegant, emphasizing the tenderness of the skin. A price for titanium watches is determined by the model, brand, coating and other characteristics. Quality is determined by the manufacturer's skills.

Third of all, the titanium has a whole complex of advantages that only this material has. One of the main ones nowadays is the hypoallergenic properties. Citizen, Swiss and Skagen titanium watches don't cause any skin reactions, diseases or irritations. They are absolutely "friendly", so they fit even to the most demanding individuals. The titanium watches are a great gift for him or her if you want to make the surprise. Other characteristic of titanium is low heat conductivity. In practice it means that once warm up from body heat, titanium watch will keep the temperature that is comfortable for a person, regardless of the external temperature changes. You can buy the titanium watch and won't have to worry about your sensations in summer, winter, nor during traveling to the most exotic places. This watch won't let you down.

Finally, one more characteristic of the titanium watches, that is also important - durability and lightness of a case. For example, titanium Citizen watches in a polished case look almost like they are made of steel, but doesn't weight anything. If you wear it for a long time, it becomes important. The strength of the coating - this is a warranty that in a couple of years the coating is not going to peel away and with every movement on the case will appear no scratches, etc. In fact, it means that you can buy a titanium watch and hope that it will look like new for many years.

SKAGEN Titanium Watches

Partners Charlotte and Henrik Jorst have developed a new concept of modern watches. Starting from 1990 begins the story of the Danish brand Skagen. Men's and women's collections of watches are made from high-strength corrosion-resistant materials: titanium and surgical steel but inside is the precise quartz movement.

Despite the fact that the brand Skagen is a little more than 20 years old, the Skagen watches have gained the reputation of luxurious watches. You can see the Skagen brand watches on the wrists of the Royal Danish family. The embassy representatives and government officials also prefer Skagen watches.

The Skagen titanium men's and women's watches represent the quality and reliability that can't be doubted: they are comfortable and extra light watches made of the hypoallergenic titanium. In the heart of Skagen titanium watches are precise Swiss quartz movement. Each model is equipped with ultra strong and durable sapphire glass crystal. It also has excellent water resistance.

CITIZEN Titanium Watches

More than a decade ago, Citizen began development and production of Citizen Eco Drive watches using solar batteries. The movement is put into the titanium case and that's why they are called also Citizen Titanium watches. The Citizen Eco Drive Titanium watches are powered by the energy of solar batteries which makes them completely autonomous. Because of this the Citizen Eco Drive Titanium watches are considered the most eco-friendly one. Light-catching elements on the watch dial use light energy to charge its battery. Citizen Eco Drive watches can be called almost forever watches: solar energy lasts for 6 month of continuous operation and watch movement isn't going to stop, even if it sits in complete darkness.

The Citizen Titanium Men's and women's watches are especially popular. The titanium, these watches are made of, is incredibly light and strong. The unique movement of Citizen Titanium watches will never let anyone down, but the special functions like luminous, chronograph as well the water resistance up to 330 Feet (100 meters) makes it popular amongst people who have active lifestyles.

The Titanium collection of Citizen Watches is famous not only for it's amazing durability and lightness, but also for its' hypoallergenic properties. For that quality the titanium is called the material of XXI century.

The widest range of women's and men's Citizen titanium watch models includes watches meeting the demands and needs of different people, with different tastes, preferences and capabilities.

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