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Best Travel Pants For Men - Travel In Style

Updated on March 21, 2016
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Enda offers some great advice on buying gifts for men. Here he offers a range of great gift ideas for the man who has everything


Travel In Style With The Best Travel Pants On The Market

Do you ever wonder what are the best pants to travel in? If so, then find out if jeans, khakis or shorts make the list of fashionable pants to move around in. We will have at some time a holiday or a vacation planned. That will of course require some form of travel in a plane, ship, bus or some type of vehicle.

Getting from A to B takes time and for men I believe they may as well be comfortable when they do so. Heavy jeans or pants that wrinkle and crease easily just don't make the cut really. I don't think the need is that difficult to be honest. Most men want to look smart and trendy, reasonably fashionable and be able to travel around in a pair of light and comfortable good looking pants.

This article will hopefully give you a good indication of what is available and I will recommend the ones that I have bought myself. I hope you find that useful and at least point you in the right general direction.

Images: Courtesy of Amazon

Lightweight Travel Pants
Lightweight Travel Pants | Source

Which Pants Are Best For Travelling?

Find out below

Here is a list of the key features to look for when you come to getting the best pants for travelling around. There are a few times when all guys have to travel such as vacation, holidays, going to conferences, playing golf and I am sure many other occasions. These are the key features that I think are very important:

  • Lightweight - cotton or nylon is best
  • UV Protection - over thin pants could allow skin burning
  • Machine Washable - quick and easy to clean
  • Comfortable fit - room to move
  • Durable - long lasting
  • Zipped Pockets - Keeping your travel documentation and spending cash safe.

So just when you thought buying these would be simple? I have included of course the ideal features that you should look for but it will not always be possible to get all of them in one pair of trousers. Different styles will also be wanted by different people as well. Many guys prefer to wear three quarter length pants whereas others like the baggy short look.

At the end of the day it really does all come down to personal taste and what looks good.

Top 3 Quality Travelling Pants for Men - These Are The Best Travel Dress Pants for Men

After some pretty extensive research I found three different sets of pants that do make the perfect travelling companion. These have been specifically designed with the traveller in mind and they are the best ones that are currently available.

They probably are classed as the "smart casual" style, and I wear them myself and I do find them very comfortable indeed. I find that all pants will crease, especially around the backs of the knees, and especially if you are sitting a lot on longer trips.

The pants that I have shown below are from:

  1. Royal Robbins
  2. Izod
  3. Savane

There are of course any number of brands trying to get your hard earned cash. Having read many reviews though, it does become pretty clear, that the three I have shown above do make some of the best quality pants, specifically for men who travel a lot.

Stretch Pants for Travellers

Royal Robbins Men's Global Traveler Stretch Pant
Royal Robbins Men's Global Traveler Stretch Pant

Great lightweight pants that stretch and are comfortable. They are also very resistant to wrinkling and they dry very quickly when washed.

They have two zipped pockets for extra security.

They also offer UV protection which I think is great.


Video on Wrinkle Free Pants

Straight Fit Pants for Travelling

IZOD Men's Ultimate Travel Straight Fit Pant
IZOD Men's Ultimate Travel Straight Fit Pant

These are machine washable and virtually wrinkle free.

They are ideal for the travelling business man who needs to be out and about and still look very smart and presentable.

Also ideal for hotels who insist on long pants in their dining rooms in the evening.


Best Travel Dress Pants for Men

There will of course be times when a guy has to attend various events, where dress pants will be required. That means either wearing those when travelling, or packing a pair of pants to bring with them.

These would be for occasions such as a business conference, perhaps on a cruise or something of that nature. These could be of the slim fit variety and they are many men who will need pants of different sizes and shapes. Some men are of course short, tall, overweight and many have big thighs that need to be catered for.

Then we also have to consider colors as well. Some guys like to wear black pants and others white pants and a whole range of other colors. That is why I have included a couple of different selections which you can see.

Ironing Free Travel Pants

Savane Men's Travel Intelligence Slim Fit No Iron Comfort Flat Front
Savane Men's Travel Intelligence Slim Fit No Iron Comfort Flat Front

Unique polyester pants that are wrinkle free, and the wrinkles that do develop simply fall out after travel.

Great stretch fabric and these have been made to be very comfortable.


Video of Top Fashion Trends For Men

This short video takes you through the top fashion trends for men who need to travel. This includes a section on packing and what clothes to wear and includes a section on slacks or pants. This is certainly well worth a look if you are a guy who travels on a regular basis.

You will pick up a few great tips here that are very useful for a man on the go.

Some Other Useful Travelling Attire - Fashionable and Practical Clothes To Travel In

Above you have seen a list of pants and thought it would be helpful to recommend a few other garments that I have found very good when I am out and about. These also have been designed to have all the required features that just make these choices perfect for travelling.

One such thing is a travel bag and for me this is a "must" for any guy who has to travel regularly.

Two Seconds Of Your Time Please

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Colored Cargo Shorts


Best Pants for Travelling in Europe

If you are going to be travelling in Europe, then what are the best pants to bring with you. My best advice here is to always check the weather conditions for the time that you plan to travel. Many of the countries such as Spain, Portugal and Italy are warm for most of the year.

On the other hand countries like France and Germany can be cold in the winter months from November through to February. The type of pants that you will need will of course be determined by the weather.

In the main though men throughout Europe wear pants such as Chinos and jeans. Most of the pants worn in Europe are made of cotton and are lightweight. Italy as you might imagine is the heart of European fashion and there you will find a whole array of pants including corduroy, Armani and many other branded styles.

You will also find that many of the hotels and even motels in European countries will have a dress code that states long pants must be worn in the dining room. This will also apply if you are considering taking a cruise.

The main decider though will be the weather. In the UK & Ireland for example long pants are always recommended as the weather is only really hot in August through to September. In the evenings though the temperature still drops considerably. So although shorts may be worn during the day you will notice a distinct difference in the evenings.

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