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The Best Thinning Shears For Salon Professionals

Updated on June 23, 2011

Tips For Owning Thinning Shears

Hair thinning shears are the perfect tool for those of you with thick, curly, or wavy hair looking for less volume. The following tips should come in handy to anyone looking to enhance their ability to style and create the perfect hairstyle for thick, heavy-volume hair. For the best quality thinning shears used by many stylist at an affordable cost, I recommend using thinning shears made by Kamisori and Bonika.

Using hair thinning shears is such a simple and effective technique that the biggest problem most people have is using them too much. Some people actually have doubts about the effectiveness of thinning shears because they feel that it might take most of their time using them, but the opposite is actually true. As opposed to blades, thinning shears have teeth and remove less hair with a single snip. These type of shears were designed to remove bulk from the hair without changing the actual hairstyle by allowing some of the hair to be cut shorter than the rest when hair is resting between the blade's gaps.

Kamisori Black Diamond Texturizer Shear

Purchasing Thinning Shears

If you only need to remove just a little hair, look for a pair that has double rows of teeth. The more teeth the shears has, the less hair is generally removed. This is the best type of shear for simple thinning and blending of layers. A great shear that allows for maximum control for thinning is the Croc-A-Dial Thinning Shears from Bonika. This patented thinning shear is made with a dial-adjustment that allows you to turn the dial based on the amount of hair removed.

For naturally thick or curly hair, shears that have fewer teeth are ideal for removing bulk. This style of sheers is also the best for general purposes. The rule of thumb for the amount of hair thinning shears cut is: more teeth, more hair; less teeth, less hair. One of the best shears around with only 20 teeth is the Kamisori Black Diamond Thinner.

Bonika Croc-A-Dial Thinning Shears

Kamisori Storm Chunker/Texturizer Shear

Tips for Using Thinning Shears

If the hair you will be cutting is long and thick, you will first want to comb the hair smooth, then work in smaller sections to achieve optimum results.

Start by sliding the open shears into the long hair at a point between 1/3 of the way to 1/2 of the way along the length from the scalp. Then make a single "snip", then open and remove the shears. Follow this action by passing a comb through the section where the hair has been cut.

Continue on to each new section and repeat until you've made your way around the head. You can also make a second pass in the hair if necessary, but start from 1/3 from above the ends of the hair - as this will gently taper the fullness of the hair in the style. Always perform the snipping equally or in uniform. Only make additional thinning cuts when you're sure they're needed because removing too much hair will make the ends look stringy.

5 3/4" Kamisori Atlantic Jewel Texturizer

Kamisori Revolver Texturizer

Using Thinning Shears For Styling, Long Thick Hair

For overly thick hair, It is recommended to use hair thinning shears once every 3rd haircut or trimming. Anything beyond this will remove too much hair which risks hair ending up too thin. After the first trimming with thinning shears, its best to trim the hair at the upper portion the second time around because the previous cut was done at the lower portion of the hair. This technique of using thinning shears is best for straight or wavy hair. For curly hair, another thinning step for the third time at the middle length can be added to achieve flattering volume without getting a triangular shape in the hair.

Always remember to open the shears after making each snip. Pulling the shear out of the hair with the blade still closed can create a "poky" looking hairstyle because the scissor is still holding the hair. Instead, take a section of hair from the top, pin it up, then thin the hair below the top section. Use the shears about 1/2 way down the base of the hair for ultra stylish bangs. Using thinning shears is simple and produces a chic look in a snap.

Tips For Using Thinning Shears

Using Texturizing Shears

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